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Although he could successfully sneak in, he was still worried that he would be discovered. If he alarmed the experts here, they might let the experts take the profoundbing back, and at that time, it would be very difficult for him to get hold of it. He did not want to miss this chance.

This passage was very wide, so walking along it side by side with seven or eight people wasn't a problem. Based on Long Xueyi's state of mind when he went out to explore, he could see that there was a deep pit at the end of the passage that led to the underground palace, where he could directly jump into it.

Halfway through, there was suddenly someone in front. Chen Xiang immediately turned into a small stone, quietly sitting on the ground.

"What kind of people entered the profound Cold Ancient Realm and actually annihilated one of our squadrons? That group of people are considered very strong in the current Di Tian's eyes, and they even brought a group of Ice Demons with them, they were all exterminated. Based on the situation with the Life Pearl splitting apart, they all died in batches." A person walked out of the tunnel and said.

It should not be them. There are also a few that have that kind of strength, but I have a feeling that if it wasn't them, for example, Zuo Zhenxuan who is going to guard the Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang who is going to guard the Devil-subduing College, he probably won't come here right now. His wife's Divine Weapons Heavenly Country is currently being harassed by the Devil Race.

"Forget it for now, since there's such a guy in profound Cold Ancient Realm, we shouldn't go out during this period."

Tap, tap, tap.

Chen Xiang who had turned into a small stone was kicked by one of the fellows, rolling on the ground.

"Bastard." Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. According to the conversation between the two, Fire Divine Palace already knew that the group of people were dead.

Fortunately, he did not impersonate that group of people. Otherwise, he would have been easily discovered.

After the two of them left, Chen Xiang turned into a small worm and continued moving forward.

This pit is very deep, and you can tell that it was built to allow for a large number of people to enter and leave. At this moment, he guessed that there should be a large number of people or ice demons in your underground palace.

It was not easy for Chen Xiang to descend either. There were many layers of formations around, and they could not be touched. Fortunately, his formation could be considered passable as well, as the formations laid along the way could be easily avoided.

From this, it could be seen that this underground ice palace was extremely tight, but Chen Xiang still managed to sneak in.

Chen Xiang roughly estimated that it was at least 2000 meters deep. If it continued, there would be over 300 array formations, and if there was anyone that wanted to enter, there would be a special array master that would control the closing of the array formation, allowing those people to pass through.

When Chen Xiang went down, there were already a few people coming up from below. These people were all patrolling back and forth, and one could tell that they protected this place very well.

"Judging from the traces of digging, this must have been built more than ten years ago." Long Xueyi said.

More than ten years ago, the Fire Divine Palace was already here. Chen Xiang did not expect them to arrive so early.

Arriving at the underground, it was yet another vast passage, but it was not very bright and was very suitable for Chen Xiang to enter stealth. There were many people guarding here, although they were not very strong, but if this group of people worked together, Chen Xiang was not confident in being able to kill them in one strike, even if he could exterminate all of them in a short period of time, it would cause a huge commotion.

If he did not have absolute confidence, Chen Xiang would definitely not make a move, so he had already missed out on two people who possessed Fire Soul.

They had to pass through this passage to reach the underground palace.

Chen Xiang went through a narrow crack at the middle of a thick metal door and arrived at a very grand hall. Even though it was very dark here, Chen Xiang could see it very clearly.

"What is the Fire Divine Palace trying to do, to build a palace for their Emperor in the future? But they shouldn't build an underground palace. Chen Xiang thought in his heart. He carefully flew towards a door based on the memories he had swallowed.

Behind the door, was the road that led to the huge warehouse. That place was located at the center of the underground palace, and was just below it.

On one hand, these array formations were to prevent people from barging in, and on the other hand, if anyone touched those array formations, they would alert the experts guarding this place, so Chen Xiang was extremely careful, he had already walked a large portion of the way, and definitely would not fall short.

There weren't any guards patrolling this path, but there were many extraordinary formations and they were all very powerful and very difficult to break through. If a very powerful formation master were to enter, it would take a few days to silently break through the formation.

But Chen Xiang only used more than six hours to pass it. He only understood how powerful the power of the Ancient Code was when he was here, otherwise he would not have been able to come here so easily.

Of course, his current strength was still too weak and he was still unable to fully display the power of the spatial profound pearl. Otherwise, he could have easily gone to that warehouse.

"This warehouse is very powerful, I can feel that the terrifying Icy cold power is being transported to a certain place, could it be that there's something extraordinary up there?" Long Xueyi said in shock.

"Can you check inside?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I couldn't detect it, but it's filled with the strange Icy cold power that the profoundbing released. It's very dense, and you know that my consciousness can't see through the profoundbing, so my consciousness was blocked by the dense Icy cold power." Long Xueyi said.

In front of the warehouse, there was a huge sealed iron door. Chen Xiang could only go through space to enter.

"I hope there's nothing powerful inside. Even if there is, it's best not to discover me." Chen Xiang said in his heart.

He, who had transformed into a mosquito, did not lose any strength in his body. Therefore, he could use the power of the laws of space to allow him to traverse the space through this door.

Under normal circumstances, traveling through space would cause fluctuations in space, which could be easily felt by others, but he wouldn't. This was because the law of space he grasped was one with nature, so traveling through space was very natural.

"There's actually someone here." Chen Xiang was shocked. Although he couldn't see anything from here, he could feel it.

This warehouse was filled with profoundbing of all sizes. There were many different kinds and colors, and most of them could release light.

Chen Xiang estimated that there were at least five thousand profoundbing here.

Such a large number of profoundbing, and they were all of good quality. The released Icy cold power were all extremely dense, which showed that the profoundbing that could be put into this place were all meticulously selected.

As for whether or not there were any treasures inside, Chen Xiang did not know right now, he did not have the time to check it out. What he needed to do was to wait for the people inside to leave, and then quickly move the profoundbing inside.

Even if the profoundbing did not have any treasures, they would make him salivate just by looking at them. If he were to sell them, they would be of sky-high prices.

"These two fellows are very strong. I never thought that the Fire Divine Palace would actually hide such a powerful guy. Seems like they are at the Late period of human immortal, or perhaps at the early stages of the Immortal Monarch." Chen Xiang could feel that the two fire attribute Innate Qi s inside pierced through the dense Icy cold power.

However, even if these two Rankers were powerful, they would need to use the power in their bodies to protect themselves from the Icy cold power at all times.

"I wonder when we will be able to complete the orders from the higher ups and revive the Ice Emperor. Sigh, why did we have to do it when the Ice Emperor was revived? The two of us came here and obtained quite a few Fire Soul s, but none of us received any rewards." From the sound of it, this was a young man.

When Chen Xiang heard his words, he was extremely shocked. They actually wanted to revive a fellow called "Ice Emperor".

"Little Naughty Dragon, do you know who this Ice Emperor is? He can't be as powerful as you, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"How would I know? But I think it should be related to this profound Cold Ancient Realm. Didn't that big white cat say that this place was filled with snow and ice before?" Long Xueyi said.

"The White Tiger did indeed say it again, but at that time, this place was also very dangerous. Even Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the White Tiger did not dare to enter deeply, so what's with the appearance of the Ice Emperor here?"

Chen Xiang started to think of a plan to move the profoundbing away without the two of them noticing. If he could get half of it, that would be good enough.

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