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She also secretly wished for Chen Xiang's success. Right now, she did not have that much of a prejudice against Chen Xiang, but just like Su Meiyao had said, Chen Xiang was a very cute little bad boy, with unlimited potential. He was someone with a high hopes of becoming a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord!

"Sister Ziqian, where do you plan to go from now on? It's very safe for you to be with us right now, and you can still be with Huan Huan! " Su Meiyao said.

"Revenge, my enemies shouldn't be any less than you!" Now that I have Drunk god scent, I must let that group of people have a good look! "

Bai Ziqian was extremely confident, not only did she have Drunk god scent s, she also had a large number of Magical corruption gas s, and these priceless treasures were all gifted to her by Chen Xiang, so she really wanted to repay Chen Xiang with all of his gifts, but with her personality, it was definitely not just with words alone.

"If you have the chance in the future, go to Di Tian. Come to Dragon Subduing School. Join this kid's Dragon Subduing Legion. Maybe he'll give you an elder or something!" Su Meiyao laughed.

"I still can't do it. I'm used to wandering alone. I'll think about it when I'm really tired in the future!" Bai Ziqian was indeed like that, and she was a person that was hard to get together with, because her entire body was poisonous, and her surname was Ge, and her temper was strong.

Chen Xiang had already reached the Core Formation stage, and from start to finish, he had been very successful.

"Done!" Chen Xiang used more than six hours of time to carefully proceed forward, and finally succeeded.

Opening the pill furnace, he saw a familiar Relive Dan, and it was of high quality! Although he had a few Relive Dan, he had never refined them himself!

Bai Ziqian also came out from the Yin Yao Ring, looked at the three high quality Relive Dan, and then looked at the exhausted Chen Xiang. Now that she had personally witnessed Chen Xiang's Inherent Skill in refining pills, she couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, She was once a weak person as well. At that time, Relive Dan were considered treasures to her, but Chen Xiang had only refined three of them in one furnace.

"Sister Ziqian, do you want to try it?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"No need, I will only waste it!" Bai Ziqian gave Chen Xiang a piece of paper, and said: "On it are the experiences I had in refining Drunk god powder, the Drunk god flower you have given me these days is more than enough for me to use for a long time!"

Chen Xiang kept the piece of paper carefully. It was true that he had produced a lot of Drunk god flower, but he had given the majority of them to Bai Ziqian.

Bai Ziqian was a little reluctant to part with them because they were both very happy to have Bai Ziqian with them for the duration of his stay. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were even more reluctant to part with them, it was just that Bai Ziqian had many things he needed to do.

"I will remember your kindness. When I finish my business, I will come back to find you!" You have the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Heaven Earth Killing Method and Dragon Veins … I believe that you will one day become a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. At that time, I will do my best to help you! " Bai Ziqian said very sincerely.

"Then, I will thank Sister Ziqian first!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Bai Ziqian gently caressed his face, revealing a slight smile: "Don't die, whether my sister and that little demon will recover her strength will all depend on you!"

After Bai Ziqian left, Chen Xiang tidied up his mood, took out the Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients and continued refining. Previously, he did not use the accelerating array inside the Yanlong furnace, so it was a little slow.

Originally, he had planned to keep Bai Ziqian alive for a period of time and refine a few super Relive Dan for her. However, that would take a very long time, at least a year or two.

"Little Scoundrel, why are you still not thanking me? Bai Ziqian has already fallen for you!" Su Meiyao secretly said to Chen Xiang, she did not know that Su Meiyao and Chen Xiang had plans to harm her sister.

"No way! I'm just thanking you! " Chen Xiang did not believe that a female poisonous demon like Bai Ziqian would fall for a kid like him. Even though he had been together with Bai Youyou for so long, it had only barely moved Bai Youyou's heart.

"I am a woman, I know a woman better than you do! Don't look down on yourself, I've taken a fancy to you! Do you really think that this sister is playing with you? " Su Meiyao scoffed, "I knew it, your sister You You You is the only one in your heart!"

Su Meiyao was very clear about Chen Xiang's desire to conquer this kind of ice beauty.

"Of course not, when I first saw you, I deeply imprinted you in my soul!" Chen Xiang said.

"It's such a cliché, but I'm still very happy!" Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "If it wasn't for the fact that I'm still recovering from my injuries, I would definitely be your real woman. But if there's a chance, big sis would still be happy to bathe together with you."

Chen Xiang secretly sighed, he decided that after returning to the Evil Dragon Graveyard, he would thoroughly wash up with this demon.

Ten days later, Chen Xiang had completely grasped how to refine a Relive Dan. What he needed to do now was to obtain the ingredients for a high grade Ground level pellet, and then find a way to get some of the ingredients for the Heaven level Pellet from those large powers. He had ample time to complete all of these.

Chen Xiang went to a palace in the Sacred City called the Sacred Pill Palace. To take the test, he would need to register inside the Golden s, and then someone would arrange for the test, and all they needed to do was refine a batch of high grade Ground level pills.

"The registration fee is already over ten thousand Spiritual crystal s, f * cking expensive!"

When Bai Ziqian left, he gave Chen Xiang twenty thousand Spiritual crystal because he did not have much left either. She had even used up all of the poison flowers and plants that Bai Ziqian bought.

"You're here just in time for the assessment in the afternoon! You can take it. When you come here in the afternoon, someone will arrange for you to take the exam. " The old man handed over a proof to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang stayed inside the palace until the afternoon. Only now did he know that when he participated in the exam, he was in the same place as a large group of people.

Chen Xiang followed that group of people into a quiet hall, and then, everyone sat down according to their respective seats.

"Everyone, please wait a moment. Someone will bring the medicinal herbs and pill furnaces you requested!" An old man said.

When Chen Xiang signed up, he said that she was refining Relive Dan, he did not expect the Sacred Pill Palace to provide her with medicinal ingredients, which surprised him a little.

Just at this moment, an old man sent a sound transmission to him. It was the old man from the invigilator, "Kid, place a Storage bag in front of you. If it contains a hundred thousand Spar, we will give you a good pill furnace and a good quality medicine!"

Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that there would be such a unwritten rule during the assessment!

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