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At first, Long Xueyi was a little worried that Chen Xiang would not be able to take care of these Holy Saints, so when she was fighting, she had always paid attention to Chen Xiang's situation. She did not expect that Chen Xiang would actually use such a move that she had never seen before, and one that was so powerful at that.

Especially now, this technique was producing a strange suction force that was pulling the Saint realm experts over bit by bit, making it difficult for them to break free …

Seeing that the Holy Knights were about to be annihilated, the Great Saint Leader s who were fighting with Jiang Sheng in the distance anxiously released a ball of Qi that shot towards Chen Xiang, but before it could even get close to him, it was stopped by Jiang Sheng.

"Your opponent is me. It's very rude for you to interfere in the battle of others." Jiang Sheng laughed and used the divine furnace to block the power of the Leader.

Not only did the Great Saint Leader take note of the battle on Chen Xiang's side, the Thunder Emperor and the rest had always been paying attention to it as well. The Holy Saints that could follow them were all very outstanding, they were a part of a very strong force within their forces and although they had surrounded and attacked Chen Xiang together, they did not feel much pressure from them because they did not expect Chen Xiang to use such a strange method, and it was extremely terrifying as well.

When they saw the taiji diagram beneath Chen Xiang's feet revolving like a whirlpool and devouring the Saint Saints around him, they became anxious. From Chen Xiang's previous actions, if they were to be sucked in, they would most likely turn into a pill.

"They're hopeless."

Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a few waves of energy coming from afar, he sneered, and watched as the Tai Chi Diagram Array suddenly grew in size, its rotation speed became even faster, and just before the energy could reach them, it enveloped the group of Saint Rulers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a few explosions, the attacks of the Strong of Lord Stage s fell into the Tai Chi Diagram, smashing into the ground. After a few explosions, there were no more sounds.

"Infinite refining."

The runes inside the Tai Chi Diagram Array suddenly flashed brightly and floated up from the ground. They then replicated themselves and formed many of them, forming many vertical flickering Spirit grain beams of light.


Terrifying cries kept on appearing, and the bodies of the Sacred Masters started to gradually melt, becoming pure energy. After that, they surged towards Chen Xiang's head, condensed into a ball of light, then quickly shrank, and turned into a pellet.

Just like this, the Holy Masters who besieged Chen Xiang were all refined into pellets after a round of interaction with him.

The others were still fighting, no one expected that Chen Xiang would be the first one to finish the battle. It was so easy, and there was even a huge gain, even if he refined a lot of Saint Masters into pills, it was obvious that the quality of the pills wasn't low.

Chen Xiang ended the battle, which gave the Hell Prince and the others quite a bit of pressure. This was because if Chen Xiang participated in their battle, they would very likely be defeated, and even killed.

However, after Chen Xiang refined all the Holy Saints, he did not take the next step, but sat cross-legged on the ground and entered into a state of cultivation. At this moment, he was still trying to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy, he did not want to stop himself from doing other things.

There were still some incomplete Emperor level divine souls in his Divine Deity. If he were to completely digest them, his soul would be closer to the Emperor soul.

Seeing Chen Xiang calmly cultivating, Thunder Emperor and the others almost exploded out of anger, because the pills Chen Xiang had just consumed, were the Holy Man they brought with them. These were all their hard work and effort, yet they had turned them into pills for someone else to cultivate and raise their strength.

Although Qi Shi and the others were happy, they were not happy. It was because they were fighting so hard, yet Chen Xiang was just sitting there cultivating.

Although Chen Xiang was cultivating, he was still on guard. He could immediately regain his senses if there was any movement, so he did not need to care whether this was a battlefield or not.

Right now, he was using the cultivation method inside the Heavenly Alchemy, he had previously been using other cultivation methods for many years, but now that he had suddenly changed his cultivation method, he needed to find a method to quickly adapt, and now that he was relying on the mystical Philosophic stone, he could slowly adapt to it.

Long Xueyi used the White Dragon Sword and fought fiercely against the Dragon Emperor. Although it looked like they were evenly matched, Long Xueyi knew that if she continued to fight, it would be extremely disadvantageous for her. Her current strength was not weak, just that she was not as powerful as when she had Divine Deity.

Right now, she only hoped that Chen Xiang could quickly finish his cultivation and help her. Right now, it was a good opportunity to kill Dragon Emperor, she didn't want to miss it.

"What can my Emperor soul be? Xue Yi said it has a lot to do with the cultivation technique I cultivate, as well as a firm cultivation direction in my heart." At this time, Chen Xiang had already decided to wholeheartedly focus on cultivating Heavenly Alchemy, and he was even more looking forward to his own Emperor soul power.

Time slowly passed, and the battles between the experts were still extremely intense without any signs of weakening. These past few hours had already passed, and during the course of the battle, both sides were injured. However, there weren't that many problems, and they could still continue fighting.

Chen Xiang who had been meditating on the Heavenly Alchemy had already started to slow his cultivation, more and more of his attention was focused on the battle.

"The Heavenly Alchemy is not only used to refine pills, it can also be used to refine people and make them stronger. This is the most important part of the Heavenly Alchemy."

"There are too many methods of the Heavenly Alchemy, they are all-encompassing. Looks like I have to go and study them often."

Chen Xiang let out a light breath, and a faint black mist could be seen exhaling from his mouth, it was the impurities from the Heavenly Alchemy that came out when he was training.

He slowly stood up and looked in the direction of Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi was currently struggling a little, because that Dragon Emperor had teamed up with other Dragon Emperors to kill Long Xueyi and bring her back to life, and that Dragon Emperor had even obtained a portion of a Supreme Dragon blood. In the past ten thousand years, he had become even more powerful, and the Long Xueyi after his rebirth, although he gave birth to a Supreme Dragon blood, was still not that Dragon Emperor's opponent.

The extent of Long Xueyi's recovery had long since surpassed the Dragon Emperor's expectations, causing him to be even more anxious to kill Long Xueyi. Because, once Long Xueyi had enough time to grow, he would definitely surpass him in the future.

"I didn't expect that without Divine Deity, you would have such strength." Dragon Emperor frowned: "Today, no matter what, I will not let you live. This time, I will completely kill you."

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