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This time, Chen Xiang wanted to buy nine profoundbing s at once. If he could get something out of them, then all the profoundbing that Golden Yang Building had previously earned would go back to Chen Xiang.

Everyone also understood why Chen Xiang bought so many at one go. Wasn't it all for the sake of flipping a book? This was very normal. In the gambling den, many gamblers did the same thing, but not many succeeded.

Elder Wan was too complacent, he forgot the identity of the Demon Empress, and recalled how he interrupted Lv Qinlian earlier. He could not help but be worried.

Lv Qinlian was also a little angry in her heart. She glared at Elder Wan: "This young master is giving you guys so many Spar for free. Are you afraid now?

The people of Golden Yang Building were indeed worried, if Chen Xiang really got lucky and managed to get anything out of the profoundbing, they would really die.

"We agree. Since this little friend is so generous, how can we be so petty?" An old man with a white beard and white hair walked over and spoke with a booming voice.

"It's the Golden Yang Building of the Golden Yang Building, Shi Fengrong!"

"He's finally appeared, no wonder. After all, this is a huge matter!"

"If that stupid big guy turns the tables, Golden Yang Building will cry!"

This old man was the Dan King in charge of Golden Yang Building, so his authority was naturally lacking.

The fact that Golden Yang Building agreed so readily was outside of Chen Xiang's expectations. He had originally planned to let the Demon Empress step out and think of a way to make the Golden Yang Building gamble with him.

"If you want to bet, fine, but you have to first buy these profoundbing for us five hundred billion, then prove that you have five hundred billion!" To be honest, he didn't want to bet at all.

Chen Xiang laughed and threw out two Storage bag, each holding 500 billion Spar. One was used to buy the nine pieces of profoundbing, the other was used to gamble. This was exactly one trillion Spar. If he lost, it would be equivalent to giving everything to Golden Yang Building for free. However, if he won, not only would he get the best things from the profoundbing, he would also be able to win back everything he lost previously.

"Alright, let's begin then!" At the same time, he said to Lv Qinlian, "Wait a moment, I still have the Demon Empress to be our notary to check on the powder."

Lv Qinlian nodded in agreement. She knew a lot about profoundbing, and there was a group of them who did not break it. Furthermore, there was an Ancient Treasure within the profoundbing, which was something that many great powers had obtained from the profoundbing.

Li Baojun focused his Sky Fire on his finger, and at this time, Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to him: "Elder Li, leave that disc shaped green profoundbing for last!"

Li Baojun immediately understood that the profoundbing must have something inside.

After the first profoundbing was broken, there was nothing inside, which made everyone very disappointed. Many rogue cultivators looked forward to see Golden Yang Building suffer a big loss.

The second piece was light purple in color, but it still contained nothing.

Third, fourth, fifth …

It was only until the eighth piece that Lv Qinlian let out a long sigh. Many people thought that Chen Xiang had definitely lost this time, although there was still one more, but no one believed that there was anything inside. They had heard Lv Qinlian mention it before, there were some large powers that had broken through hundreds of profoundbing, and there were no items inside.

The last piece! The people of Golden Yang Building were also very excited, because the last piece of the green profoundbing's cold Qi was very weak. It looked like there was nothing inside, and it was relatively small.

In the eyes of many, this was a piece of inferior profoundbing. The people present did not think that this profoundbing would have anything good, and many people sighed.

Just as everyone's eyes were focused on Li Baojun's finger, Chen Xiang suddenly said to Lv Qinlian: "Big Sis Lu, I'm Chen Xiang, do me a favor! Immediately bet on your participation! "

Lv Qinlian's shoulders trembled slightly, she was extremely shocked inside, but she immediately calmed down and did not look at Chen Xiang, but instead shouted out: "Wait!"

Li Baojun had just extended his hand out when he immediately stopped, because Chen Xiang had already greeted him.

"What's the matter?" Chen Xiang immediately asked, he knew that Lv Qinlian had already understood his thoughts.

"Young master, I want to gamble with you too. Do you have any more Spar?" Lv Qinlian said faintly.

Li Baojun immediately laughed, "Demon Empress, you are in the wrong. I am about to lose right now, then you say you want to bet."

"Exactly!" The White Tiger quickly added, "I also want to join right now, but that's not too kind!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "How about this, since I have already gone all the way, if I lose, I will compensate you with half of the wager, and if I win, I will take all of yours, what about that?"

"Little brother, don't do such a stupid thing, you can't be so wasteful even with so many Spar!" Li Baojun tried to dissuade her.

"What does your old man know?" Why would this little brother reject the Demon Empress, this peerless beauty? "

"Since ancient times, it has always been a hero feeling sad for a beauty! Even if you want to lose, you can't refuse a beauty, haha! "

"It's a pity that we're not beauties. Otherwise, we could still take part in the bet!"

Chen Xiang immediately shouted: "Everyone, if you want to bet, that's fine, but I will only accept stakes that are over two hundred billion."

Lv Qinlian laughed: "Young Noble is straightforward indeed, I bet 500 billion!"

Chen Xiang immediately transmitted to Li Baojun and the White Tiger, "Brothers, smash him hard for me, Golden Yang Building will definitely follow you!"

Just like Chen Xiang had guessed, Shi Fenggrong and the other higher ups of the Golden Yang Building couldn't hold it in anymore, and started to discuss whether they should follow him!

"Little brother, that means this old man only needs two hundred billion?" Li Baojun smiled: Then I will not be courteous anymore, people die for money, birds die for food, even if little brother lost, from today on you are still the old man's friend, it is rare to have a gambling friend like you! I will also bet 500 billion, I wonder if little brother still has a Spar on you? "

"A little more, it should be enough!" Chen Xiang laughed, it seemed that he planned to lose to the end, he was not worried at all.

"Only a little more?" It seems that I was too late! " The White Tiger shook its head and sighed.

Everyone was shocked. These guys were truly spendthrift, but these people were powerful. This was normal.

"Although there are no Spar, you can use something to replace them. I can take a Eternal Dan!" Chen Xiang said.

"Let's add another one trillion and bet on your Eternal Dan." Shi Fengrong shouted loudly, "Whether you win or lose, little friend, you are a VIP guest of our Gold Sun Saint Realm!"

"Regardless of victory or defeat, young master is still a distinguished guest of our Demon Charming Association!" Lv Qinlian's charming and gentle laughter was extremely soul-stirring, causing people to be unable to help themselves from envious of Chen Xiang.

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