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Feng Yujie's technique was very powerful, she had used her inherent strength to attract others' attention and disturbed Chen Xiang's mind. This way, Chen Xiang would definitely be affected while concocting pills, and if she was unable to use her strongest ability, she would be able to win against Chen Xiang.

did this because she was acting a little shamelessly, and in front of so many people at that. It seemed that in order to not be ravaged by Chen Xiang for even an hour, she did not even care about her reputation.

"Let's rest a bit longer and start refining the Dragon Blood Saint Dan. This time, we'll continue with another ten batches." Feng Yujie chuckled, looking at Chen Xiang who had his eyes closed, his smile became even sweeter.

Even if Chen Xiang did not open his eyes, he could still refine pills. In order to prevent Feng Yujie from using his charm to disrupt his state, he decided to refine pills with his eyes closed.

As long as she did not read it, everything would be fine. Chen Xiang thought so! But who knew that after he closed his eyes and meditated for a while, Feng Yujie's half-covered face, as well as her beautiful body that was dressed in a light pink dress, were still unforgettable in his mind. He had already used the Demon Subduing Heart Art, but the effects were not too obvious.

"How could this be?" Chen Xiang was a little anxious. If this continued, he would definitely not be able to focus on concocting pills.

"Your Demon Suppressing Heart Mantra is used to deal with Mei Emperor, but Feng Yujie is different from Mei Emperor, she seems to be much more powerful! Right now, she is using her Charm to attack you. However, this attack is very strange and cannot be discovered by others, even you are unable to detect it. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang's beautiful and alluring body always appeared in Chen Xiang's mind, she was dressed even less, half of her breasts were exposed, her face revealed a mesmerising shallow smile, her entire body was filled with seductive charm, and even worse, she was currently performing a kind of seductive dance. When she changed her posture, she would always reveal a bit of a spring light, which made Chen Xiang unable to stop.

Chen Xiang had already closed his eyes at this time, but the captivating images kept flashing past his mind. Gradually, he heard Feng Yujie's coquettish smile, and from time to time, she would even let out a soft moan that captivated him.

At this time, in everyone's eyes, Chen Xiang seemed to be enduring a huge amount of pain, his head was covered in perspiration!

"Aunt Feng, you are pushing yourself into a pit of fire! Originally, I wasn't very interested in you, but now … " Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Feng Yujie. He hoped that Feng Yujie would stop, otherwise he would not be able to refine those ten batches of Dragon Blood Saint Dan.

Feng Yujie did not reply, she just sat there cross-legged and stared blankly at Chen Xiang. She was rather surprised at Chen Xiang's calmness, she had already attacked for such a long time, yet Chen Xiang was still able to endure.

Seeing that it was about time, Feng Yujie immediately retracted his hand.

"You can start now!" Feng Yujie smiled sweetly. Her eyes were extremely enchanting as they flickered with Xia Bo, as if she was smiling.

Chen Xiang let out a long exhale, Feng Yujie's suicidal flirtatious dance finally stopped, and gradually disappeared from his mind.

The Blood ginseng was also out of Feng Yujie's possession, she seemed to have the ability to copy Holy level's medicinal herbs, but after Chen Xiang received the Blood ginseng, he realized that the quality of the Blood ginseng was not good, so he thought that Feng Yujie's copy of the Blood ginseng's spirit liquid was not as good as his.

"This might be copied by sister Meiyao." Chen Xiang carefully examined the ten Blood ginseng, then released the nine.

Just as he was about to begin, Feng Yujie suddenly threw a Meiyao towards him, causing his entire body to tremble.

"Is this woman planning to disturb me while I'm refining pills?" Chen Xiang's heart thumped. If that was the case, then the next test would be extremely harsh, and he might fail halfway.

Chen Xiang comforted himself in his heart. As long as he could endure through this ordeal, defeating Feng Yujie would be the time for him to take revenge!

"This woman clearly only used her powerful charm power on me, so no one else was affected." Chen Xiang did not start. Instead, he frowned and looked at Feng Yujie, both her beautiful and enchanting eyes, and her delicate body which was covered by a pink long dress. It was as if he wanted to carefully observe every inch of her body.

It was not the first time Chen Xiang looked at her in such an unbridled and unbridled manner. At this moment, she was still trying to please Chen Xiang, and would blink her eyes and smile charmingly at him from time to time.

"Is there any way to deal with this woman?" Long Xueyi also knew the reason why Chen Xiang had yet to begin. If Chen Xiang did not have a way to deal with Feng Yujie's enticing power, he would most likely lose in the beginning.

Chen Xiang said: "I am currently looking for a method from the Heavenly Alchemy, there is definitely a method in the Heavenly Alchemy, but I need to understand it myself, and that will take me some time!"

In order to successfully refine pills, Chen Xiang had to first find a method to cultivate and stabilize his mind through the Heavenly Alchemy.

Refining a Dragon Blood Saint Dan would require a bit of time, and it was the same even for Feng Yujie. But in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was something that could be refined very quickly, so he was still calmly searching for a method to counter Feng Yujie within the Heavenly Alchemy.

"Aren't you going to start? It's been an hour! " Feng Yujie frowned slightly and asked softly.

Chen Xiang really wanted to scold her for a bit. He still hadn't started it yet because he was worried that Feng Yujie would use that kind of enticing power on him midway.

Everyone frowned, because Chen Xiang was using perverted eyes to stare at Feng Yujie, as though he had fallen into Feng Yujie's seductive trap.

But everyone understood that if Chen Xiang had started, at the critical moment, when Feng Yujie had launched that formless charm attack, something would have definitely happened to him.

"It's more important to look at beauties. If you can take off the gauze covering your face, it would be even better!" Chen Xiang smiled faintly, although he looked like a miscreant on the outside, but he was rapidly analyzing the Heavenly Alchemy in his mind, searching for what he needed from the profound chants.

"Are you trying to deal with me? I am not a Mei Emperor, I am not that easy to deal with! " Feng Yujie laughed tenderly: "You can only blame yourself for being too weak. Look, everyone here is fine, you were the only one who almost lost to it."

Chen Xiang cursed in his heart. The other people were fine, it was because she did not concentrate her attacks on others but had instead used all her strength on him.

It had been two hours and Chen Xiang still hadn't started. Feng Yujie's progress on the other hand, was extremely smooth, because she was currently in a very good mood and was displaying it very well.

"Got it!" Chen Xiang finally found a way out of the Heavenly Alchemy.

"I wonder if this Soul-Lock technique will work. I can only try it out now." Chen Xiang immediately understood the incantation he had found and then began to circulate it silently.

Chen Xiang suddenly closed his eyes, but he was not refining pills, which caught his attention, as Chen Xiang had been staring at her the whole time, but now he was staring at her instead, as if he was training.

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