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Fatty had left for at least a month.

There was not a single impurity in this month's spring water. Furthermore, it was so clear that the bottom could be seen. There must be something strange about this water...

The Yan Huang ancestor idea moved and said: "Spirit Spring Water, this mountain is hiding this Spirit Spring Water, no wonder it is a wasteland of grass, the Spirit Qi here is extremely sparse, it is impossible, now I know, all the Spirit Qi here is absorbed by this Spirit Spring Water."

"Not just this god's fire hill."

"I'm afraid... All the spirit energy in the entire Xuanjian sect is being absorbed by this spirit spring water. "

"Good heavens!"

"This is an incredibly good item."

Long Fei was secretly shocked in his heart, "As expected."

At the same time, he asked, "What special use does it have?"

With just it and the true qi, ten points of true qi could be ignored by Long Fei who had a value of over three hundred thousand true qi s.

Thus …

Evidently, the recovery of the true qi was not its speciality.

The Yan Huang ancestor said, "This spirit spring water contains a dense amount of spirit energy. If I'm not mistaken, it should be an Elemental Spirit Spring that is cooled from tempering."

"Tempering Cooldown?" Long Fei was a little doubtful.

He had not upgraded his Refining Technics.

He wasn't very clear about the basics of refining.

Yan Huang ancestor explained, "When refining, many people would care about fuel, hammers, crafting furnaces, as well as the experience of artificers, but they had ignored the tempering and cooldown. They had only used cold water to cool the weapon, but when the fiery red weapon came in contact with cold water, the weapon would frantically absorb it."

"In the Chaos Realm, the Grandmaster Blacksmith would definitely look for good mountain spring water, especially for those spring water in the dense spirit forests. Because they are rich in spirit energy, they can increase the level of spirit treasures."

"If you use this spirit spring well, you can raise the level of the Magic Weapon by several dozens of levels. Moreover, the chances of you refining a top grade spirit treasure is very high."

Hearing this.

Long Fei was a little dumbfounded, "Isn't this just too heaven defying?"

"Then why did Fatty Niu …"

"No reason."

If the Spirit Spring Water was so sharp, Fatty Niu's Artifact Forging Hall wouldn't be so embarrassed.

If he could not even refine a Profound Ranked Magic Weapon, how could he refine some top quality spirit artifact?

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Firstly, that fatty did not discover the secret of the spirit spring. Secondly, he was unable to control the dense spiritual energy in the spirit spring at all."

"Once you are unable to control yourself, it is extremely easy for you to fail. This is also the reason why he was unable to even forge a Xuan class Soul Treasure."

Long Fei was silent.

His Space Ring had a lot of materials.

soul locked chain, Sturdy Blood. These two materials could be used to refine Magic Weapon.

Long Fei looked at Yan Huang ancestor and said, "Ancestor, I would like to give it a try."

Yan Huang ancestor said slightly: "Refining and Alchemy are completely different, there are more things to master in refining than Alchemy, but … "Rest assured, with me here, any refining will not be a problem."


"However, Ancestor, I do not need your help right now. I will first comprehend the Refining Technics myself." Long Fei slightly said.

Yan Huang ancestor did not say anything, "Just tell me when you need me."

Long Fei's cultivation method was different.

He knew it long ago.

Not only was the breakthrough different, the cultivation method was also different. If Long Fei did not say it, he would not ask either.

The two of them seemed to have formed a tacit understanding.

"Refining Technics..."

Long Fei let out a light breath, "It's better to raise the proficiency s, and stabilize the foundation of the Refining Technics."

At the same time.

He saw that there was another 'Skill Level + 1' attribute in the system that was useless.

He had not made a choice yet.

Logically speaking.

It was the best, most reasonable choice to add whatever skill proficiency had. However, Long Fei had not made his decision yet.

He wanted to use it at the most crucial moment.

"It's starting!"

Long Fei moved his true qi, he immediately ignited the fire and poured the fuel into it. Then, he casually took out a low grade black iron stone, picked up a hammer and started hammering.

Half a minute later.


"Refining failed!"

"proficiency + 1"


"Refining failed!"

"proficiency + 1"

… ….

Half a night passed.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up to Refining Technics, currently at level 2."

"Second grade yellow rank is simply not enough!"


Long Fei continued to beat them up.

He did not care about whether he succeeded or failed at all. What he wanted was the proficiency, he just wanted the level of the Refining Technics.

Niu Dahai had been sleeping for half the night, when he heard the sounds of equipment forging in the backyard, he immediately became spirited and rushed over to the Artifact Forging Workshop. Seeing Long Fei frantically hitting a lump of metal with his bare upper body, and with his eyes clouded, he asked: "Boss, what are you refining?"

"A refined dart?"

"It's even an iron refining ball?"

He didn't understand.

Long Fei also did not bother about him.

Niu Dahai looked at Long Fei's serious expression and said: "Boss, this is not how you forge artifacts. Let me teach you."

"No need, you should just get some rest." Long Fei replied.

Niu Dahai muttered: "It's impossible to succeed in refining like this, you don't even know the most basic of things?"

Long Fei said: "I told you to go rest, you don't have to worry about me."

He did not have the time to explain anything to Fatty Niu.

Niu Dahai sighed, and said: "Alright."

He wanted Long Fei to join the Xuanjian sect and then revive the Artifact Forging Hall with him, but... Seeing Long Fei's method of refining, he gave up.

Inherent skills were needed to forge equipment, Alchemy, or inscribe formations.

From how Long Fei took out the hammer, how he controlled the fire, and so on, Niu Dahai knew in his heart that Long Fei was not a material for refining. He did not have any talent in smithing.

Niu Dahai left.

He left with disappointment.

Long Fei didn't care about him as he continued to practice desperately.

Unknowingly, a new day had begun.

It was also at this time.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up to Refining Technics, currently Level 4!"

"Yellow Rank Level 4!"

"Huff, huff …" Long Fei was drenched in sweat as sweat rolled down along his muscles. Although the muscles on his body were bulging and bulging, they were filled with explosive strength, and his body had a gold ratio. Adding the scars on his back, he gave off a manly and masculine vibe.

A woman would be enchanted by a single glance.

"It should be impossible to raise the Refining Technics by five levels." Long Fei said to himself.

And then …

He walked out of the artifact forging workshop and stood on the hillside, breathing quietly. He breathed out the foul air in his body.

Three minutes later.

Long Fei's heart was as calm as still water, he turned and entered the Artifact Forging Workshop. 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

The idea moved.

true qi sprayed out violently, and transformed into a large group of soul locked chain.

Yan Huang ancestor had been paying attention to Long Fei the entire night. Seeing him take out a large pile of soul locked chain, he could not help but ask: "Refining a blade, the sword does not even need this much material. What are you refining with so many soul locked chain?"

Long Fei smiled mysteriously …

Chapter 10

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