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Chen Xiang fell asleep inside the dragon pearl, and mysteriously, perfectly fused with the dragon pearl. When he woke up, he discovered that he had appeared on the dragon's mouth, and his dragon head had moved, facing the sky.

Just as he was aware that something bad was about to happen, a surge of power gushed out from the dragon vein and pierced through the ground, forming a white light beam. Chen Xiang was sent flying into the sky by the power.

"God damn, why did so many people come here?" Chen Xiang arrived at a high place in the sky and saw that it was densely packed with people. He could not help but scold them.

"Let's go down first!" Chen Xiang followed the white light and slowly descended. From a one meter wide hole, he stood between the two dragon horns on his dragon's head.

Chen Xiang stood at the center of the dragon's horn and still felt that the two dragon horns were two strange shaped huge mountains. With a light leap, he flew towards Tie Li who was running over.

"The dragon fountain has truly been born. That was the signal the dragon fountain gave to the heavens and earth!" Chen Xiang was their savior, and now they could easily dig out the Spar s.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "The seal's power below has been removed, but we have to keep it on top, if not someone will come in soon."

"So you can control the even more powerful barrier?" Tie Li asked.

The center of the Evil Dragon barrier is empty. If you guys get tired of staying down there, you can go up and take a breather at any time. If you want to leave, then we can act after the group of people outside has left.

Tie Li shook his head: "It's not like we won't migrate, you were able to gain the approval of the dragon vein and save us, our Earth's Core Race will only serve you in the future!"

There were a large number of Spar here, which was enough for Earth's Core Race to eat here for many years. Every time they moved, it was extremely dangerous, and many clan members would die along the way.

Chen Xiang sighed, and said: "Alright then, I also need your help. In the future, we will be friends, and help each other!"

Tie Li smiled and nodded: "Now, we will establish a Transmission array that will lead to the ground level, and let our clansmen go up to take a look."

Chen Xiang said, "Clan Leader Tie, can you help me build some houses on the top of the mountains?"

"No problem, leave this to us. We are the ones doing these things the most!" Our Earth's Core Race only wants Spar for food. We will give you all the Spar we mine for you, we will go straight for a portion of what we need. " Tie Li said.

Although it was an oral agreement, Chen Xiang trusted them a lot.

What made Chen Xiang depressed was that the Evil Dragon Graveyard was being watched by a group of people.

"Then I'll leave first. I might come back later." Chen Xiang flew out from the hole that was pierced by the energy just now.

This was enough to build a city here. From the outside and the high altitude, he could see that this place was surrounded by the body of a black dragon, but the sunlight was able to shine in and he could see the dark blue sky.

However, the surroundings were surrounded by a black energy. Chen Xiang closed his eyes, allowing himself and the underground dragon vein to sense the light, and then, he controlled the black mist to block out the sunlight. This was because the Earth's Core Race was afraid of the sunlight, so they could only come out at night to build a house.

Chen Xiang stepped on the Shrinking step, and rushed into the black mist, he was unobstructed, and if it was anyone else, they would be bounced back the moment they touched the black mist, and if they were to come in contact with it from the outside, even if they didn't die, they would be heavily injured.

"It's good that so many people have come. I'll let them know that this place has been taken over by the Dragon Subduing School!" Chen Xiang calculated in his heart. He wanted to let the people guarding outside know of the existence of the Dragon Subduing School.

With the real killing god, White Tiger, accompanying him, even the strongest dragon would be annihilated. He was still hoping that someone would make a move against the White Tiger, and at that time, he would be able to enjoy the show.

The Demon Empress, who originally wanted to leave, was no longer leaving. She no longer dared to have any ideas about the dragon fountain. That one strike just now had almost taken her life.

Someone had appeared in the Evil Dragon Graveyard, causing many big shots of great powers to lose their cool. They were worried that a new Ten Heavens Supreme Lord would be born.

"Who the hell is this guy?" He had actually acquired the dragon fountain. Chen Xiang is such a pity! It's all White Sea Imperial Land's and Feng Clan's fault for chasing him to the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain. Their whereabouts are unknown. " Duan Sanchang muttered.

"Didn't someone use a secret method to calculate that he was still alive? Those traitors are even more worried about being able to survive in the Ten Heavenly Holy Mountain. " Duan Kong laughed.

The Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain was the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb, many people thought that, if Chen Xiang could obtain the true inheritance from the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, it would be the same as gaining the dragon's vein.

Upon hearing Duan Kong's words, all the old fellows glared at him, wishing that they could annihilate the people from the Duan Clan.

"Chen Xiang being attacked by the Ten Heavenly Holy Mountain is not a good thing at all. The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword he controls is a huge threat to us. I hope he really tells the Super Martial School that he will not kill the innocent." As long as they were fiendish demons, there was no one who was not afraid of the divine blade that could slay demons.

"The Demon Empress can be at ease, I have come into contact with Chen Xiang before. He isn't an evil person, it's just that the evil person would provoke him and make him do many things that seem like he's guilty of. Furthermore, some of them used their sinister intentions to discredit Chen Xiang's image and killed him justifiably. " Duan Kong sneered at the group of elders.

"No matter what, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword cannot fall into his hands!" of the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect, Jiang Tianlu said while gnashing his teeth.

This guy was lucky enough to soar, but in order to take revenge on Chen Xiang, he chose to stay behind.

"Let's talk about this Three Realms Talk." The patriarch of the Devil Race said.

"Hmph, Three Realms Talk? In short, I warn all those who did not offend Chen Xiang for the time being, you all better not be dragged into the water by others. It's not like you all do not know the outcome of being retaliated against by this little demon, Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan are good examples. " Duan Kong sneered.

The Blood Wolf Monster Clan was in the most miserable state. All of their members with the purest bloodlines died because they had accidentally entered the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain to chase after Chen Xiang and killed him.

Chen Xiang could hear the conversation outside from inside. Furthermore, the voices of the big figures were very loud, so much so that everyone in the world would want to hear it.

"What kind of background does the Demon Empress have? She seems to be injured. The little beauty's appearance is really pitiful, I really want to love and love her. " Chen Xiang looked through the black mist and glanced at the Spirit Demon in the Demon Charming Association. He was standing at the edge of the Evil Dragon Graveyard.

"Isn't your good brother over there? Use your God Power to ask him. " Long Xueyi said.

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