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Chapter 823 - Don't submit, just do it

Long Fei got up very early, and wanted to go over to qiu wandao's place to take a look.

qiu wandao was the contact point for Long Fei, Chen Tianfei and Man Tuoluo.

Before he could even walk out of the courtyard gate, he was stopped by wang qingshan.

"It's over, it's all over!"

wang qingshan grabbed Long Fei, his face full of panic, and said: "Long Fei, you've gotten into big trouble."

Long Fei was puzzled: "senior fellow apprentice Wang, why are you singing today? "I brought me to Oya's place yesterday, what do you want to do today?"

"I'm telling you, I'm really not gay."

wang qingshan said in a serious tone: "You're still in the mood to joke at a time like this?"

"Let me ask you, are the rumors outside true?"

Long Fei didn't know what kind of rumors were going around, nor did he know that the entire god emperor academy was in an uproar. Almost half of the people in the god emperor academy were looking for him.

He had to skin Long Fei alive.

Just like that, they took down the cold goddess in their hearts. Did they even need to live anymore?

Long Fei asked: What is the rumors about the outside world?

"You still don't know?" wang qingshan slapped his brain, and said: "I really admire you, what happened in Teacher Ao Ya's courtyard yesterday afternoon, you forgot so quickly?"

"Tell me the truth, did you really do this to Teacher Oya?"

Long Fei replied: "Nothing, just a beating."

wang qingshan's gaze darkened as he looked at Long Fei as if he was looking at a monster. If Long Fei had not said it himself, he definitely would not have believed it.

"Oh my god!"

wang qingshan's little heart could not take it any longer, and she continued: "Let's not talk about this anymore."

The fight had already started and what had happened was already happening. wang qingshan was truly regretful and should not have brought Long Fei to Teacher Ao Ya's courtyard.

He was full of regret now.

wang qingshan continued: "Do you want Teacher Oya to be your woman? And you even agreed to it in front of Ouyang Jian? "

Long Fei nodded her head: "Right, that's right, why isn't Ao Ya here? She said that she's here to learn sword techniques with me, why isn't she here?"

wang qingshan's body shook, and started to tremble lightly.

He looked at Long Fei and said, "Young Master Long, this time you've really gotten into a lot of trouble."

Long Fei said: "senior fellow apprentice, please be clear, how did I get into big trouble?"

wang qingshan said: "Do you know who Ouyang Jian is? What's your identity? "

Long Fei did not mind: "What does his status have to do with me?"

wang qingshan said: "He is a teacher for the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training, and the son of the Azure Dragon's Principal. This is not even the most important thing, the most important thing is that he is the school's recognized Oya's fiancé, a match made between him and Oya, a perfect match made in heaven. Moreover, I heard that he is already at the stage of discussing marriage."

"You stole Oya away from Ouyang Jian. I, I, Long Fei, I have to say, I really admire you." wang qingshan was truly impressed.

However …

Long Fei had truly provoked someone he shouldn't have.

At this moment.

Han Xueji, Dao Feng, Zheng Qingsong had also rushed to logistics department.

"Hahaha …"

"Young Master Long is powerful and domineering. Even Goddess Ao Ya was taken by you, you are too overbearing, hahaha … …" I really admire you so much. " Zheng Qingsong said excitedly.

Dao Feng's physique was exceptional, and after a month of recovery, he had more or less recovered.

The reason he was doing so well so quickly was because he wanted to use the two blades that Long Fei gave him to cultivate as soon as possible.

Dao Feng walked forward and asked: "Long Fei, is all of this true?"

Han Xueji began to giggle, "My man is mighty, he is domineering."

Long Fei looked at their nervous expressions and asked, "Is the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training that strong?"

To provoke Ouyang Jian, it was equivalent to provoking the entire Azure Dragon college of martial arts training.

Azure Dragon college of martial arts training.

The strongest college of martial arts training in god emperor academy was even stronger than the White Tiger college of martial arts training in terms of combat strength.

The Azure Dragon Battle Team of the first battle squad.

The Sword Spirit Battle Group of the second group, these two groups were from the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training.

In the team rankings, the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training had always been in the top two. His fighting strength was extraordinary, a terrifying existence.


Ouyang Jian's face was now swept across the floor. His own woman had been snatched away by someone, how could he take this lying down?

They would definitely suppress Long Fei.

This was also because of Long Fei's' darkness'. For a moment, no one recognized him.

Dao Feng said: "Strong, strong, ridiculously strong. The disciples of the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training s are the top existences in the entire god emperor academy, and out of the top ten teams, four are formed by the disciples of the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training s."

"There are only six members of the Azure Dragon Squadron who are ranked first. These six are the best among the students."

"Moreover, they are all Ouyang Jian's students."

Listening to Dao Feng's words, Long Fei said blandly, "Damn, then we've really gotten into trouble."

wang qingshan said: "I did get into big trouble."


Long Fei took out an exquisite little dagger from his chest pocket and handed it over to Han Xueji, saying: "Senior Sister, this time I didn't get any good stuff, this dagger is very compatible with you, so I left it for you."

Han Xueji looked at the Scorpion King Dagger in Long Fei's hands and was shocked. "For me?"

The dagger was clearly no ordinary item.

Han Xueji lacked this kind of dagger, and upon seeing this dagger, he immediately liked it.

Long Fei replied: "This is for you."

Han Xueji was moved, and said: "Damn you, saying such words will make me fall in love with you."

Following that …

Long Fei took out the Scorpion Queen's egg and gave it to Zheng Qingsong: "You're training in an array, close combat is your weakness, with this egg, you can hatch and train, I should be able to help you fight."

Zheng Qingsong was also deeply moved.

Dao Feng had dual blades, Han Xueji had daggers, Zheng Qingsong had scorpion king war pet.

wang qingshan asked: "Young Master Long, what about me?"

Long Fei said, "You... Didn't you always want to cultivate the Insight into Sword Skill? "When Oya comes, I'll teach you together."

wang qingshan was also instantly moved.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said, "Do you still think that the Azure Dragon college of martial arts training is powerful?"

With these things, their overall strength would increase, and …

If it was really as they had said, Long Fei had to make some preparations to summon the super tank, Fatty Chen, into the Arrogant Dragon Squad.

There were still two months until the academy's tournament.

They needed to make proper preparations.

Long Fei became excited and said: "No matter how strong he is, no matter what their identity is, do not be afraid, just do it!"

"What Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise … they all have to lie on the ground and become dead dogs in front of me." Long Fei was extremely arrogant.

Azure Dragon?

Even the Azure Dragon Ancestor was within his body. Arrogant?

Isn't he courting death?

Everyone's blood began to boil.

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