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Chen Xiang only came to this city to use the Transmission array s inside, and was teleported to the city closest to the Super Yuan Mountain.

"I want to go to Super Yuan Mountain, I am not here to cause trouble, I am here to use the Transmission array."

Hearing that, Du Hai's eyes became round: "Are you crazy? Are you really going to look for that Leader? Even I am no match for that fellow. If I were to achieve a breakthrough, that would be even better! "

The Leader s were indeed very strong, even Du Hai had said that. However, Chen Xiang believed that the Super Yuan Mountain attached great importance to that treasure, otherwise, they would not have treated the people from the ancient powers as guests.

"I'm not going to look for that Leader. There's a group of people that went there, I want to look for that group of people." Chen Xiang also wanted to go take a look at the mysterious treasure deposit. The ancient powers had spent a lot of time and effort to come here just for the mysterious treasure deposit.

When they came here, they had already said that they would find resources for the Demon and Devil Realms. However, the Demon and Devil Realms would definitely not be able to find them now, so when they return, there might even be a war, however, the ancient powers did not seem to care about this.

Du Hai asked: "Are you talking about that group of people who want to bring them to search for treasures?"

Chen Xiang looked at the guards at the city's gate and said: "Hmm, I came to Sacred Dan Realm with them. This matter, it can't be that a cloth is so long, you won't be going to the city, right? I want to use the Transmission array inside to go to the Super Yuan Mountain."

Du Hai knew immediately that Chen Xiang was going to go to the treasure deposit. Seeing that Chen Xiang was so familiar with the Chaotic Mountain, he guessed that he must have made a lot of preparations. If you see Yanyao, tell him that I'm fine. "Also, don't let her marry that bastard's grandson."

"Don't worry!" Chen Xiang had already planned to kill the guy who wanted to marry Du Yanyao. He felt that it wouldn't be a difficult matter as long as he didn't face that Leader.

It required a fee to enter the city, because there was a large formation in the city that specially gathered the purple immortal energy. Every day, it required many Spiritual crystal to maintain it, so handing over the Spiritual crystal in the city was a given.

The immortal qi inside was extremely dense, but Chen Xiang did not stay in the city for long, and immediately rushed towards the Transmission array after entering the city.

The city was at the edge of the Chaotic Mountain, and the Super Yuan Mountain was located near the center. From the memories he had gotten from the city, he knew that the Super Yuan Mountain was even bigger and taller than this mountain, and the mountain they were in was equivalent to a Chen Martial Continent. At the top of the mountain, there were even a few huge cities.

When he came to the side of the Transmission array, he realized that teleporting to the Super Yuan Mountain would require a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal. This was extremely expensive for regular people, but in the eyes of the deities, it was indeed a piece of cake.

"I still have ten thousand top-grade Spiritual crystal. I can exchange that for quite a few ordinary Spiritual crystal." Chen Xiang wandered around the city for more than an hour before finally finding a place to exchange for 150,000 ordinary Spiritual crystal. If he was not in a hurry, he would definitely go peddle some medicinal pellets or something like that to earn more.

Stepping out of the Transmission array, Chen Xiang and more than a dozen others followed. Through the Transmission array, they arrived at a city on top of the Thousand Yuan Mountain.

At this time, the sky had already brightened, and the sun was rising behind a towering palace. That palace was the Tai Yuan Great Hall, which was also a place the Super Yuan Mountain s had opened to the outside world.

At this time, the incomparably large mountain that Chen Xiang was on was called Thousand Yuan Mountain, and on top of the mountain was a mountain. That was the Super Yuan Mountain, and the Tai Yuan Great Hall was right below that mountain.

"You want to go as Chen Xiang? This can be very dangerous! " Bai Youyou said. This was a world of such high level as the Heaven Realm, she was very clear on the strength of the experts there. Furthermore, Chen Xiang did not have a single expert following him.

"Prince Imperial Dragon is also here!" Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Thinking about the Prince Imperial Dragon, Chen Xiang couldn't help but clench his fists. Back then, the Prince Imperial Dragon brought people to kill him, putting him in a dangerous situation. However, he didn't let them off the hook, Chen Xiang didn't expect them to actually come out of the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest.

"However, there aren't many dragons around him anymore. There are only four of them. Even the Emperor Dragon Guards that followed him down have all died." Long Xueyi gloated while laughing.

The Prince Imperial Dragon had two Emperor Dragon Guards, one of them had been exterminated by the White Tiger, and the other was obviously at Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest's place. Back then, Chen Xiang had angered a very powerful Poisonous beast, he did not know how that Poisonous beast was doing either.

"Leader? Is it really you? " A voice suddenly came out from Chen Xiang's mind. It was Ji Meixian's voice!

Chen Xiang was walking on the streets, heading towards the Supreme Ocean Palace. He had originally planned to first try and use the Master-servant Contract's connection to find out where Ji Meixian was from, but he didn't expect to reap his rewards so quickly.

did not know what stage Ji Meixian had grown to now, but in short, Ji Meixian's special spirit sense was extremely strong, and she was a Ranker who had been reborn, so she would definitely become an even stronger existence in the future.

"little maid, it's me!" Chen Xiang was extremely happy, at least he could now understand the situation of the ancient powers in detail.

"Sigh, you still came!" Ji Meixian sighed lightly: "Prince Imperial Dragon is here, and that guy has a very powerful black faced big man by his side. Once that guy hears your name, he will be very excited, and say that he wanted to swallow you whole, as if he hated you to the bones! When did you offend such a powerful guy again? "

Chen Xiang pondered for a while, then said: "I have never provoked this guy before, tell me more about this guy's situation?"

Ji Meixian said: "He's here with the Prince Imperial Dragon, he's not someone from the Prince Imperial Dragon. Furthermore, he's on equal footing with the Super Yuan Mountain, he seems to have said that he lived in some Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest for a period of time!"

Chen Xiang's body suddenly trembled, he knew who the black faced man was, it was very possible that he was the Poisonous beast that he had angered before!

That Poisonous beast was cultivating inside the dragon's pearl of the Poison Dragon. Back then, Chen Xiang was chased by Prince Imperial Dragon and the others, so he split the dragon pearl in one slash and woke up the Poisonous beast inside. Then, he ran far away.

Previously, he had planned to reveal his identity and go to the Tai Yuan Palace to talk with the big shots of the ancient powers about the treasure, but now that he found out that the Poisonous beast had changed to its human form and allied with the Prince Imperial Dragon, he didn't dare do it even if he were beaten to death!

Chen Xiang said: "I know who that guy is! The world is so small, I never thought that I would meet him here! "

"little maid, I found out that these traitors are going to look for treasures. Tell me about it, this is the reason I'm here right now."

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