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The White Tiger spoke very easily, but Chen Xiang's heart was in turmoil. It seemed that the White Tiger's heart had actually been grabbed and broken before.

"I've discovered that the Killing-god heart has a very strong soul. Would that affect me?" Chen Xiang immediately spoke out the thing he was most worried about.

"Oh? You actually discovered it? You've only been fusing with it for a few days! It took me a long time to realize it back then, and it was the same for Qi Shi. " The White Tiger was extremely shocked. According to his experience, Chen Xiang wouldn't have discovered it so early.

Chen Xiang was even more shocked than the White Tiger. The mysterious soul of the Killing-god heart had actually existed for such a long time.

"Then how did the Killing-god heart form?" Chen Xiang continued to ask: "Why are there two in White Tiger Divine Weapon?"

The White Tiger stroked its chin and said: "Let's put it this way, at that time, there was a guy who knew that there was a very strong soul within my Killing-god heart. When that guy saw through the origins of that soul, he proposed to refine both the Killing-god heart and the soul into a Divine Weapon."

"You don't need to know who that guy is!" When the White Tiger saw that Chen Xiang wanted to ask questions, it immediately stopped him. Then, it continued: "But at that time, more than half of the mysterious soul in the Killing-god heart was devoured by me and assimilated into my body. That fellow refined my body into the Slaughter God's Hand, then refined that heart into a Killing-god heart! At that time, I gave the Killing-god heart to my first disciple, Qi Shi. I hid it away, and after I reincarnated, I took the Slaughter God's Hand out to wait for others to retrieve it. "

"Why did you give the Slaughter God's Hand to someone else? That was refined from your own body! " Chen Xiang touched his chest. He already knew that the soul inside the Killing-god heart was extremely mysterious and even the White Tiger did not know about it.

"There was another reason why I was reincarnated. It was to get rid of that mysterious soul. At that time, I also felt that guy was very dangerous." The White Tiger said in a low voice.

Seeing the smile that was not a smile on the White Tiger's face, Chen Xiang really wanted to take out the Killing-god heart s. He felt that he had obtained something extremely dangerous, and it was at the location of his heart.

"Hehe, to be honest, Heavenly Alchemy and Heaven Earth Killing Method were both extracted from that stone by me. I feel that the stone is very special, and then I used it to differentiate my own heart!" The White Tiger said again.

"What?" Chen Xiang was shocked yet again, "The Heaven Earth Killing Method was actually spread out from you!"

"That's right, I shared it with the other three guys. Those three guys passed it down to their disciples, and then evolved a lot of powerful martial skills. Many of them could be considered divine skills, but only the lowest ones."

Chen Xiang now understood why the divine arts of the Four-phase Magic Kungfu, Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and those Imperial Dragon Race s were so similar.

"That rock is very powerful! I'm afraid of the guys inside! But you don't have to worry, you're different from me! You already have the three Four Symbols Divine Weapons s in your possession. As long as you collect the last one, you will be able to find out the origins of the soul inside the Killing-god heart! "

Chen Xiang said: "Senior, you should also know that Suzaku Divine Weapon is on Elder Sister Meng'er, it seems like he won't be able to fuse with me anymore. Elder Sister Meng'er and that Suzaku Divine Weapon already have feelings for each other, I understand the relationship between the two of them."

"But I have the Vermillion Bird's skeleton."

The white tiger slightly opened its eyes and said, "Back then, that guy separated the Vermillion Bird's feathers from its bones. He first refined the feathers into Suzaku silk and he succeeded on his first try, so he didn't refine the Vermillion Bird's bones!"

"The Vermillion Bird's bones are for reserve. That fellow is worried that the feather refinement will fail!" I remember he said he was going to make a bow out of the skeleton. " The White Tiger rubbed its nose.

Chen Xiang was very curious about who that fellow was. He actually refined the bodies of the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird? He suddenly thought about the mysterious divine book that had many divine formations recorded within, and Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er even found the blueprint of a bow!

Now, he was sure that the Divine Book was left behind by the "fella" that White Tiger spoke of.

"Senior, I also have the blueprints, please help me refine the Suzaku bow!" Chen Xiang said excitedly.

"Unfortunately, I'm not that guy. I can't refine it!" The White Tiger sighed: "I also want to know what medicine that guy bought from the bottle gourd. The reason he created the Four Symbols Divine Weapons is to suppress the soul inside the Killing-god heart.

"Find that fellow!" Chen Xiang said again. If he did not ask the White Tiger about the Killing-god heart before, he would not be this worried. Now that he knew that even the White Tiger was afraid of the soul inside the Killing-god heart, he was even more afraid.

"I can't find it." The White Tiger shook its head, before consoling Chen Xiang, "Don't be afraid. With this Killing-god heart, your comprehension of the Heaven Earth Killing Method will be twice the result with half the effort. This is a good item, and it's only because of this that Qi Shi and I were able to obtain such powerful strength in the past."

The White Tiger patted on Chen Xiang's shoulder: "Maintain a good attitude. If that soul is going to be deceived, I believe you will be able to restrain it. Right now you should be worried about Three Realms Talk.

Chen Xiang sighed, then sternly asked: "What are they trying to do? Are they those ancient powers? "

I'm not sure for now, but it's definitely not a good thing for them to gather together. Back then, when they betrayed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, they all received benefits from that mysterious power, and they all had something in their hands. If they put that thing together, I wonder what would happen, but it's definitely not a good thing for you all.

"Are we going to stop them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, you won't be able to stop it anyway! The best is to urge them to do it in front of us. If they were to do it in the dark, we will not know or be able to stop them when they come up with something powerful! " The White Tiger seemed to know something.

When Chen Xiang and the White Tiger walked out of the secret room, Li Baojun had already made the arrangements. Afterwards, the three of them went on their way and went through a simple disguise, so they didn't want to cause too much trouble in advance.

Chen Xiang, White Tiger and Li Baojun travelled to Heaven Thunder City through the Transmission array.

"Maybe the place where Heaven Thunder Purgatory appeared was hiding something. Otherwise, Heaven Thunder Devil Lord would not choose to heal there." The White Tiger said in a low voice.

"Could it be that this is also the reason why they chose to hold the Three Realms Talk here?" Chen Xiang activated Heaven tour method, he wanted to find something to do, since there was still some time before it would begin.

"Brat, keep a low profile. I don't want to be scooped up by you to be a super fighter." The White Tiger was very clear about Chen Xiang's intentions. If someone came to attack them, the White Tiger would definitely attack.

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