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Suddenly, a very strong old man appeared in this place, causing Chen Xiang to jump in fright. This was the bottom of Evil Dragon Graveyard, there was actually someone here, and there was more than one of them!

"I am... "How did you get up here, sir?" Chen Xiang replied politely, because he saw that there was no hostility in the place.

"Next? Wasn't that the core of the earth? You actually came up from below! " The old man was even more surprised.

"It's a long story, I entered the earth's core from a place, to be able to come here would be a narrow escape." Chen Xiang did not explain it too clearly.

"I am the patriarch of the Earth's Core Race, although we are Earth's Core Race, we have never been there. We have been living in the depths of the Earth's Core Race all year round, and we cannot be exposed to the sunlight, so we moved here many years ago. As time passed, this place slowly became like this, and we even formed a Transmission array, Dragon Transformation Sparite vein!"

"We were happy in the beginning, it was beneficial for our survival. Our Earth's Core Race relied on eating Spar to grow stronger, but later on, when the dragon veins formed, we knew that it was not a good thing, because the dragon veins knew how to protect themselves!"

As he said this, the old man sighed: "The great formation created by the dragon veins also trapped us here. Fortunately, there are still many Spar here, and we don't have to use the dragon veins to survive.

In the Earth's Core Race, there actually existed such a strange race. Long Xueyi did not know of such a race.

Chen Xiang came here to find the dragon vein. If he failed to excavate it, then wouldn't his journey here have been in vain? Moreover, it wouldn't be easy for him to leave as well.

"Sir, can you take me to see the dragon vein? has it really become a dragon? " Chen Xiang said.

"This place is still far from where the dragon fountain is. Follow me!" The old man nodded.

Chen Xiang followed the old man into a hole behind. The white liquid did not come out from the hole, but the old man told him that it was dug out by the Earth's Core Race.

The old man's name was Tie Li, Earth's Core Race was originally also a normal human, but after that, they didn't know what happened to their ancestors and couldn't shine under the sun, so they hid inside the cave, only daring to come out at night, only able to survive by eating rocks that contain energy.

Many years later, they called themselves Earth's Core Race and specially hid underground to mine ores to survive. Only after they finished eating all the mines would they move in the night.

The migration was very difficult. When dawn approached, they had to hide, so they hated migration. After learning that the dragon vein would be born here, they were so happy that they wouldn't be able to sleep for a few days. This was enough for them to eat for a long time.

They had lived here for a very long time, and they could not remember how long. In short, they had waited generations for the formation of the dragon vein, but when it came to their generation, something like this happened.

Earth's Core Race was an expert at digging, he only needed to eat three meals a day, as long as one Spar was enough for him to survive, he would need to eat one or two more like that if he was strong. They had quite a number of people, to think that there would be nearly twenty thousand of them, and every one of them was born with great strength, lived a long time, and their strength would increase very quickly, so they did not need to cultivate, as long as they ate the Spar, they would become stronger.

Chen Xiang found it hard to imagine that this was a race that had evolved from normal humans. The reason why Tie Li came here was also to see if he could find other Spar.

According to Tie Li's description, when they dug up an underground world from underneath the Evil Dragon Graveyard, they found out that there were a few cities around the size of them. However, the dragon fountain took up a large amount of space, and the dragon fountain was like a gigantic mountain, formed by Best spar.

Earth's Core Race never had the intention to touch the dragon vein, he only wanted to dig the stone soil beside the dragon vein. They believed that if they kept digging, they would be able to reveal the entire dragon, and in the future, they would be able to gather even more stones that contained pure energy.

The dragon heads released a bizarre force, forming a protective shield to protect the surrounding Spar s, and here, only the area near the dragon vein had Spar s, Earth's Core Race could only use a few Spar s to maintain, so they were unable to dig a way out, because there was a very terrifying force up there.

If they still did not think of a way, these twenty thousand people would have starved to death, so Tie Li was in a rush. Fortunately, the Earth's Core Race was very united, every single person in the Earth's Core Race was gentle, and they would not cause any trouble inside, so they worked together to dig a path to the source of the spirit liquid. It was the tunnel that Chen Xiang saw just now.

Chen Xiang followed Tie Li to the place where the dragon's head was. It was the equivalent of an underground city, with a raised head and a Spar dragon head in the middle.

Standing below the dragon's head was like an ant. It was hard to imagine how big the dragon's vein was, since it was shocked by its magnificent might.

This was the naturally formed Spar dragon vein. The dragon head had a huge Spar pillar wrapped around it, so this dragon vein was not only a part of the dragon's body, but also the pillar.

"The dragon vein can't be used, and neither can we. Therefore, we only plan to mine the Spar around the dragon vein, but right now we have received a lot of help." Tie Li sighed: "There are Spar s everywhere within a 100 mile radius of this dragon head, but it cannot move a single piece, if not the dragon would get angry and shout!"

Within a hundred miles! Furthermore, it could be dug very deep. This was indeed an extremely large vein!

"According to the deductions of the few seniors in the Earth's Core Race, the vein of the mine that became a dragon and became a vein emperor, this is its territory, and the vein of the dragon needs to continue growing, so it is very protective of itself. As long as it comes close to the dragon head, it will be ejected." Tie Li said, "Unless... We can enter through the dragon mouth and see what method we have to communicate with the dragon soul, and let it handle this. "

"Is this dragon hollow?" Chen Xiang asked. If that was the case, then maybe there would be something even more powerful growing out of the dragon's body.

"Yes, but it's very difficult to enter, unless you have Imperial Crystal!"

He already had Imperial Crystal. Previously, he was rather pessimistic and worried that it would be a waste, but now, the flames of hope had started burning in his heart.

"The person who holds the Imperial Crystal has obtained the Imperial Crystal's approval, and the dragon's vein definitely has a large piece of the Imperial Crystal as well, so the dragon's vein will not reject them." Tie Li said.

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