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The Fire Divine Palace thought that after Chen Xiang struggled to escape, there was no other way to escape. At this time, they also began to implement their plan, they would send people to discuss with the powers that wanted to attack the Chen Martial Continent, and rope them in. At that time, listening to them, the Fire Divine Palace would only know, which would make it easier for the Fire Divine Palace to attack the Chen Martial Continent, and the losses would also belong to others.

As for whether the other powers would agree to it, it would still depend on Fire Divine Palace's sincerity and strength.

Chen Xiang had been trapped here for almost nine years, he could guess that Fire Divine Palace would definitely have a lot of tricks up his sleeves, he was worried that the Immortal King from Fire Divine Palace would make a move, in Chen Martial Continent, other than the White Tiger, no one else could fight against him.

If he could get out, he could only use those Super Old poison to kill that Immortal King.

"Just a bit more. Hold on." Chen Xiang's divine power was also almost used up. The ice ball that was originally as big as a watermelon inside the Yanlong furnace was now as big as a walnut, and it was quickly compressed into a destructive Ice seal Dan.

An hour later, the shaking Yanlong furnace stabilized itself. Chen Xiang let out a long sigh of relief, then laid on the ground, gasping for air.

"I've finally succeeded. I'll be able to leave very soon." Chen Xiang was very confident in the might of this destructive Ice seal Dan.

He needed to rest. As long as he recovered to his peak, he could proceed with the next step.

There were always people watching this sealing array, the guards were not weak, they were all Worldly Immortals, and could be considered to be one of the stronger powers in the Fire Divine Palace. They were sitting leisurely at the place, and had no idea that Chen Xiang was about to come out.

Chen Xiang consumed the pill and quickly recovered. He was full of vigor and vigor, and when he thought about how he could leave the place and use the powerful energy of his Body of Heavenly Sage to take revenge on the Fire Divine Palace, he became extremely excited.

"Lend me your strength." Chen Xiang took out that destructive Ice seal Dan and his hands couldn't help but start trembling. If he threw this destructive Ice seal Dan out, as long as he received a fierce stimulus, it would explode.

A golden and dazzling set of armor emerged on Chen Xiang, making him look like a God.

Long Xueyi's vigorous Dragon Power could already be used by him as he wished.

"Ready." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. After adjusting his condition, he fiercely jumped into the air and at the same time threw the Ice seal Dan s out, causing the pellet that contained a terrifying destructive ability to crash into the invisible seal that was shrouded over them.

At the same time, he transformed the power of thirty-five of his Heaven Pellets into Dragon Power, and fused it with the boundless Dragon Power that Long Xueyi had sent over. Adding in the power of his own Body of Heavenly Sage, his current power became incomparably powerful.


The Destruction Ice seal Dan exploded, and a powerful burst of cold air accompanied by a burst of Qi spread out in all directions. In that moment, Chen Xiang used the explosive force to blast out a punch towards the transparent seal, it was condensed with the powerful energy that he was able to use, accompanying the explosive force of the Destruction Ice seal Dan.

Amidst the rumbling sounds, the entire auction place started to shake violently, and in an instant, it became a world of ice and snow. Chen Xiang's entire body was covered with profoundbing s, and he was struck by the force of the impact, he was in extreme pain, but that was better, the soldiers did not heavily injure him.

"There it is." Chen Xiang suddenly caught a glimpse of a crack in the ground where he had been attacked by a powerful force.

Chen Xiang immediately shot towards the crack, and the crack was quickly healing, he had underestimated the power of the seal array, he originally thought that he would be able to create a big hole, but there was only a small crack.

"I must get out." In the instant that the crack was about to close, he used up all his power from Divine Sense Sea and used the profound movement skill inside the transformation technique. He turned himself into a wisp of smoke and quickly passed through the crack …

The people who were guarding the sealing circle felt it shake violently, and immediately turned pale in fright, and anxiously called for the hall master. The commotion just now was too intense, they did not understand how Chen Xiang could use such a powerful force to shake the terrifying sealing circle.

Furthermore, he could not open it. He was worried that the moment it was opened, Chen Xiang would suddenly appear, and at that time, it would be very hard to grab hold of him.

"He's only at the end of his strength. This sealing formation is unbreakable. He's still inside, and he's only struggling uselessly. Hmph." He was an immortal king, so he was well aware of how powerful this grand formation was. Even if he was sealed inside, he wouldn't be able to come out.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, but what they did not realize was that in that moment of violent shaking, a light wisp of smoke floated out and floated along with the breeze into the patch of grass at the edge of profound Ice City.

Because the profound Ice City was protected by a large formation, flowers, plants and trees could be grown in the snowy lands of the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and they were extremely lush and flourishing.

Chen Xiang had already exhausted all of his strength. Seeing the warm light that was being emitted by the light barrier that enveloped the profound Ice City, his lips curled into a smile.

"I'm finally out. A year earlier." Chen Xiang was very satisfied with this. He would definitely not let the Fire Divine Palace know that he had come out.

After four hours, he had completely recovered. He had turned into an unassuming middle-aged man. He walked around the city, inquiring about what had happened during the past nine years.

What made him more pleasantly surprised was that the Chen Martial Continent's defensive capabilities were very strong. The strength of the entire body exceeded his expectations, and was able to resist the invasion of multiple powers from the third realm of the Human Demons over the past few years.

"Since they are all fine, then I am relieved. Fire Divine Palace, oh Fire Divine Palace, you shouldn't have tried to kill me, and even more so, shouldn't have thought of using Xianxian to threaten me." Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly turned incomparably cold, and he walked towards the city gate.

The profound Ice City was inside the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and the Fire Divine Palace's secret underground palace was also inside. It was also a place that the Fire Divine Palace attached a lot of importance to, so Chen Xiang decided to rush over there right now.

It was not easy to build that underground palace, he thought that the Fire Divine Palace would not move the Ice Emperor away, and he felt that that place was most suitable for the Ice Emperor to absorb energy to revive.

Chen Xiang didn't know what the relationship between the Fire Divine Palace and the Ice Emperor was, but he knew that the Fire Divine Palace was in a hurry to revive the Ice Emperor.

Not long after he left the city, Chen Xiang saw some hidden codes on the ground, which only Duan Chong knew about, and they were the contact method that Duan Chong had given him.

Following the secret signal, he found a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper.

"Elder Duan …." "Where are you?" Chen Xiang used a jade talisman to send a message to Duan Chong. After falling into the chaotic space, Duan Chong came back alive.

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