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There were very few people in the Duan Clan, only about ten or so people. However, no one present dared to touch the Duan Clan, and only the Peach Blossom Imperial Land's Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan dared to come close. They were neither enemies nor friends, so a few words were fine.

Duan Kong really wanted to destroy Dan City's batch of Ancient Transmission array, because so many people had come now, and many powers were traitors back then. Their Duan Clan was loyal to the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord at that time, and was then cursed by a mysterious power, causing their Duan Clan members to wither and be sealed forever.

Currently, there were only a dozen of them, so it was impossible to stop this group of people from seizing the dragon fountain!

"Dammit, the fellow from Devil Realm is here, isn't that the Devil Race? And there's also the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect! " Duan Sanchang avoided the eyes of the people from the Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect and hid behind a sturdy man. This was because many people knew that he was the one who dug up the tomb of the Demon God's son.

All the major forces here had their own thoughts. They were waiting for the black fog surrounding the Evil Dragon Graveyard to dissipate, as they thought that the dragon roars might be a signal for the birth of the dragon vein.

Although they all had the same goal, these cold-looking giants were all scheming against each other. They couldn't wait to strangle all the other forces so that they could take the dragon fountain for themselves.

A faint fragrance accompanied by a gentle breeze blew across every mountain. This kind of intoxicating fragrance would normally make people happy, allowing them to relax the tense atmosphere.

However, after many of the old fellows caught a whiff of this fragrance, they were all emotionally moved, causing the atmosphere outside Evil Dragon Graveyard to become even more gloomy.

"The Spirit Demon of Demon Charming Association is here!" Duan Sanchang scolded in a low voice: "This group of demons usually gambles very low-key, I never thought that they would want to snatch the dragon vein right now."

Mu Jialan said indifferently, "What? Have you ever disregarded anyone from the Demon Charming Association? "

Duan Sanchang curled his lips and said: "In the entire world, I'm afraid only Chen Xiang would dare to tease that group of Spirit Demons. If I really were to molest them, I wouldn't even have a speck of dust left."

The Demon Charming Association was an ancient power of the Demon Realm, and their members were all beautiful and seductive devils. Their overall strength was extremely strong, and they were righteous and evil as well, and the ancient powers of the three realms all respected and distanced themselves from this clan. Whoever provoked them would not live past three days, and even if their words were frivolous, if they were light, they would be crippled, and if they lived, it would be worse than death.

There were a lot of people coming from Demon Realm in the winter, all of them were tall and slender, their bodies were beautiful, and their appearances were enchanting and charming. They wore different colored dresses, and although they covered their bodies tightly, they did not lose their beauty.

Although this was a force that would make people tremble with fear, many of the people present were mostly men. At this moment, they couldn't help but take a few more glances.

The arrival of this group of Spirit Demons caused every force to be on high alert, and the thing that Demon Charming Association was most afraid of was their poison. Back then, when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and the Demon Charming Association's generation of Demon Empress fought, they almost lost because of the poison.

Right now, everyone was feeling uneasy. Just now, they had smelled an intoxicating fragrance, and were afraid that it was an extremely toxic poison!

"Please go back, this dragon vein belongs to our Demon Charming Association, you do not wish to suffer physical pain, leave quickly." A beautiful woman wearing a purple dress with picturesque features lightly said with a smile on her face.

This peerless beauty who looked to be a little over twenty was actually the Demon Empress of the Demon Charming Association. No one knew her true strength, and she had even come down from the Sky Demon Realm.

Many of the experts from the various major powers had already returned to Heaven Realm. If the space was strengthened, it would be difficult to return by then.

"Uncle, how can the dragon fountain fall into the hands of this woman?" Duan Sanchang said.

"Don't worry, it's impossible. The dragon fountain is not that easy to obtain." Duan Kong was currently very calm as he looked at the Demon Empress.

When many people heard that the Demon Empress allowed them to leave, they all felt extremely unhappy in their hearts.

"I think those who came down from the Heaven Realm should not interfere. This is a matter of the New Imperial Heaven World." The one who spoke was an old man from White Sea Imperial Land, probably a very strong elder.

"Your Demon Charming Association's poison arts are unrivalled, but you guys don't seem to have been surrounded by dozens of ancient powers before." A member of the Qin family said.

There were also people who were not afraid of the Demon Charming Association. With such a large dragon vein in front of them, they definitely could not let the Demon Charming Association demoness own it.

Duan Kong laughed: "I say, why are you guys blabbering so much? If you have the guts, go in and take your share. Evil Dragon Graveyard is so big, every person has a lot of Spar s."

"Duan Clan, I didn't expect that all of you would remain loyal for all these years, but unfortunately, your Ten Heavens Supreme Lord won't be able to return. Could it be that all of you want to fight for the dragon fountain for the future Ten Heavens Supreme Lord?" An old man said. No one knew which power he was from.

"There's no need for that. If it's someone with the Emperor's Luck, then this dragon fountain must belong to him. Moreover, he can definitely monopolize it. You traitors will no longer have the chance to use the New Emperor to strengthen yourselves." Duan Kong sneered.

The Little Demon Empress looked at the gigantic black dragon that had not dispersed for a long time, and her eyes shot out two purple beams of light that penetrated in. Her face suddenly turned deathly pale, and traces of blood seeped out of the corners of her mouth.

"Let's go!" The Demon Empress said softly.

Everyone was shocked that this Demon Empress, who was extremely powerful, was injured just like that. However, everyone was secretly gloating, because the Black Dragon hadn't dispersed yet, but it would be asking for trouble if it were attacked rashly.

"Yo, isn't this the Demon Empress? What's going on with you guys leaving as soon as we arrived? " A burly man laughed. His voice was like thunder, scaring everyone present.

This burly man had a beard and fur all over his body, but he looked very strong. Moreover, behind him, there were a group of big men. All of them were very scary.

"It's actually this bear!" Duan Kong coldly snorted, "One of the ancient demon race in Demon Realm, Black Fiend Mountain."

"That dragon vein is not fated to be with our Demon Charming Association, so we have no choice but to return." The Demon Empress chuckled. Her jade face was devoid of color, but it did not lose its beauty.

At this time, the dragon's roar rang out again. Everyone was shocked, because the black dragon that was formed from the black qi had moved!

"Look up!" Everyone looked up to the sky and only saw a ray of white light shooting out from the center of the Evil Dragon Graveyard. It looked like a white line in the blue sky.

Those with good eyesight could see that there was a black dot in the white light. It was a person!

There was actually someone that came out of Evil Dragon Graveyard. Everyone was shocked, but no one could clearly see who that was, because that person was covered in a golden fog and was currently flying around in the sky.

The one shooting up from the middle of the Evil Dragon Graveyard was Chen Xiang!

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