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"Arrogant Pill God 1055s _ Arrogant Pill God _ From ()"

Chen Xiang was located deeper within the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, and the roar from the beast just now had come from there. From the roar from the beast, it seemed to be warning them not to come any closer. Baidu Search... Read the latest chapter

Although Chen Xiang and the Prince Imperial Dragon were quite a distance away from the Poisonous beast, the Poisonous beast could feel the dragon's Qi. With ten dragons approaching at the same time, the Poisonous beast did not want to clash with the dragons, so it gave out a warning.

Even though he knew there was a Poisonous beast in front, Chen Xiang still continued to rush forward. Although that place was dangerous for him too, the more dangerous the place was, the safer it would be at times. At least, if those dragons and Great Strength Race were near, they would clash with that Poisonous beast.

"Keep chasing!" Prince Imperial Dragon considered for a moment before shouting. As a Prince Imperial Dragon, with nine dragons and a few powerful Great Strength Race, how could he be afraid of a wild beast?

In Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, the green poisonous miasma was denser. After the gust of wind, the green poisonous miasma was like a demon possessed, undulating up and down, flapping its claws and making waves of noises, making this poisonous miasma filled with death forest appear even more eerie.

Chen Xiang's face was gloomy, perspiration trickled down his forehead, and his footsteps became heavier and heavier.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His heart was beating very quickly. Even though he knew that there was an extremely terrifying Poisonous beast up ahead, he still felt his heart tremble. That Poisonous beast seemed to have the ability to transcend the heavens, as it unknowingly gave off an aura that made people despair, making people feel that the closer they got to it, the closer they felt to death!

"Do you know what's up ahead?" Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi as he slowed down his speed by a lot.

"I don't know, but I just want you to be very strong. You have to be prepared for serious injuries." Of course, if you are not discovered, then you are safe. " Long Xueyi said.

The Prince Imperial Dragon wore a golden crown on his head, and he wore a magnificent golden dragon robe. His handsome face was expressionless, and so were the nine dragon-shaped men beside him.

"Your Highness, do you really want to continue going in?" Chen Xiang obviously brought us here on purpose, although we do not know what is inside, but their power is extremely terrifying, and it will be difficult for us to deal with them. " A red armored man said. This was a follower Prince Imperial Dragon brought from Heaven Realm.

"You have to go in, you have to use the Earth Shrinking Art together, we have to stop Chen Xiang before he goes in!"

From the moment he had met Chen Xiang, he had always wanted to eliminate Chen Xiang. He didn't know who had passed down to Chen Xiang the divine arts that only Dragon Emperor could learn, but he couldn't allow other than his father, for others to learn the Emperor Dragon Divine Arts.

They stopped, the ten big men formed a circle, with Prince Imperial Dragon and the other Great Strength Race people in the middle.

"Remember to consume a medicinal pill to recover later. The Earth Withdrawal Art will consume a huge amount of energy!" Prince Imperial Dragon warned him, only to see the 10 big sized men shouting, a Array shining with a gold light, quickly spinning, they started to move, in a blink of an eye, they had traveled a long distance.

Chen Xiang who was flying in the air suddenly saw a golden light, and saw a group of people suddenly appear in front of him, it was Prince Imperial Dragon's group.

"It's Ground Withdrawal, why didn't I think they would use this! This is an ability of the Imperial Dragon Race to travel through space. However, the energy consumed is extremely huge and normally requires more than ten people to use it. " Long Xueyi shouted.

"Chen Xiang, you can't escape!" The Prince Imperial Dragon sneered, he transformed into a golden rainbow and rushed towards Chen Xiang, his hand turning into a dragon claw, grabbing towards Chen Xiang's head.

Chen Xiang revolved the power of the spatial laws, took a step forward, traveled through space, and disappeared, leaving nothing behind for the Prince Imperial Dragon.

"I thought I could fight you fairly, but I didn't expect you to be so mediocre as to send a bunch of people to capture me. I've overestimated you!" Chen Xiang's disdainful voice came out, the crowd silently cursed, and actually allowed Chen Xiang to escape just like that.

Chen Xiang had mastered the power of the spatial laws, but just now, he did not manage to release any of his spatial energy, so these people did not know how he managed to escape.

"Keep chasing!" Prince Imperial Dragon's face revealed anger, he shouted and ran towards the direction of Chen Xiang's voice.

"Your Highness …" The burly man in red armor let out a helpless cry and could only continue to chase after him. One side had to defend against the poison mist, while the other had to use up all their energy to run. If they were to be attacked by the Poisonous beast, they had to defend, it was extremely difficult for them.

However, Chen Xiang was not afraid. His recovery speed was extremely shocking, and with his impenetrable, he was like a fish in water within the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest.

"Ahh …" Long Xueyi screamed, "I feel it! No wonder there's such a terrifying fellow here, the dragon pearl of the poisonous dragon that died here is still alive! "

"Could it be that the Poisonous beast in front is absorbing the power of the Poison Dragon Pearl?"

"That's right. Maybe the dragon pearl is too big, and it's not easy to take away, and it contains a lot of energy …"

Chen Xiang said, "Didn't you say in the past that the more powerful a dragon was, the smaller the dragon pearl? That poisonous dragon is very powerful, so the dragon pearl should be very small. "

"However, the dragon pearl of the Poison Dragon is very special. You must know that even though the Poison Dragon has transformed into a human, he is still a very large giant!" Long Xueyi said: "Legend has it that that guy was born with the Giant Dragon Pearl."

Not long after, Chen Xiang saw waves of red light shoot out in front of him. That dense dragon Qi was extremely demonic, and within the red light there was an extremely strong poison.

Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with a golden light as he activated Chaos Divine Eye and pierced through the thick red fog. As expected, he saw a red bead that was as tall as a mountain in front of him!

"Be careful!" Just as she finished speaking, the ground began to shake.

Once Chen Xiang released his divine power, it covered the area in front of him. He could sense that there was a large group of Poisonous beast approaching him from all directions, as if there were ten thousand horses galloping.

"This is a good opportunity. You can use the Dragon Power inside the dragon pearl to destroy the treasure that was chasing you!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang once again used the power of the spatial laws and charged through the group of Poisonous beast s, arriving beside the gigantic red dragon pearl.

"It's the dragon pearl of a poisonous dragon! It really is the legendary poisonous dragon!" Prince Imperial Dragon suddenly became excited, but he was extremely worried, because the dangerous aura was becoming denser and denser.

Chen Xiang used his divine power to lock onto the square plate in the hands of a big sized man, which was his tracking treasure. He activated the Devouring magic kungfu, absorbing the Dragon Power inside the huge dragon pearl into his body, and then imbued it into the treasure!

"Arrogant Pill God 1055 _ Arrogant Pill God."

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