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Chen Xiang took the pearl and held it tightly. He asked: "What kind of grave consequences will there be?"

Su Meiyao's and Bai Youyou's enemy was the Mei Emperor, if there was a chance, he would help them take revenge.

"In two cases, firstly, she used her charm to control you and made you her slave. Secondly, she used the evil art of collecting the sun to replenish yin, sucking up all your energy, which was extremely terrifying. In those days, several experts who had the opportunity to challenge the throne only slept with her for one night before they became ordinary people."

As Feng Yujie spoke of this, his face became serious. At the side, Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er were both worried; they did not wish for Chen Xiang to lose to Mei Emperor.

"Don't worry." Chen Xiang disapproved and laughed: "I'm going to Yan City, I'll be back after a while. You guys better study pill refining properly, in the future, I'll be like the Aunt Feng, a female Pill Saint."

Chen Xiang patted the two girls' shoulders. Then, he left the Divine Feather School and headed towards Yan City.

Yan City's Yan Qi had already come to find Feng Yujie before, and discussed the matter of the alliance in secret. The moment Chen Xiang came to the Yan Clan, he was warmly received, and the butler of the Yan Clan even brought Chen Xiang to that shop.

Previously, Yan Clan had helped Chen Xiang publicize the sale of Liuyuan azure Dan. Now that Chen Xiang had come to Yan City and confirmed the timing of the sale, he would release the exact information.

The Yan Clan released the news, so it must be real and effective. Even though Yan City was not in a very good situation, the Liuyuan azure Dan continued to rush to Yan City.

Right now, a single pill was hard to find, even with Holy stone. Especially high grade immortal pills, many people rushed into Yan City because there were 45 of them to be sold.

Other than that, Chen Xiang also took out a few low levelled immortal pills, causing many of the people who came to take them to the Immortal Pills to not be disappointed.

Chen Xiang had not started selling yet, but the street where his shop was already bustling with noise and excitement.

Initially, Chen Xiang had wanted Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er to help him, but now that they were learning from Feng Yujie, it was not good to call them over.

After Chen Xiang and the Yan Clan's butler finished looking at the shop, he confirmed that it would start selling tomorrow. He let the butler return to his shop and decided that he would take a stroll in Yan City.

Right now, there was only one busy street in Yan City. He could only walk around here. Just as he was about to return to his shop in the evening, he saw two familiar faces.

One was a dark-skinned teenager, and the other was an old man with messy hair.

These are Huang Jintian and Mao'er.

After Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang arrived at the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, he went to look for cats on his own. Chen Xiang thought that Huang Jintian and the cats only knew how to kill Saint Beasts in the wild, they didn't know how to do it in the wild.

Huang Jintian just so happened to be in need of helpers, Huang Jintian and Mao'er's appearance now was just the right time to help.

"Master." Chen Xiang asked Huang Jintian via sound transmission, "Why are you two here?"

Huang Jintian immediately looked towards Chen Xiang, and then pulled on Mao's clothes and walked over with Mao'er.

"I knew you were the big seller of medicinal pills, but I didn't expect to find you so quickly." Huang Jintian laughed as he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang brought the two of them into the shop.

"I didn't expect you to become so powerful." Cat was very surprised, because the last time he had met Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang was much weaker than him.

"Hehe, it's great that you guys are here. Help me sell the pills." Chen Xiang took out a few jade bottles, then told them the price of the immortal pills inside, and told them all the Holy stone that he sold them.

Huang Jintian laughed: "I knew that you are doing well, coming to find you was not wrong."

Cat was holding two bottles of Tier 3 immortal pills. There were more than three thousand of them, and each pill could sell for a lot of Holy stone. If he sold them all, the resulting Holy stone would be hard for Cat to imagine.

Chen Xiang did not take the Holy stone seriously. He sold these low levelled immortal pills to agitate the Super Holy School.

Remember, you can only buy one per person at that time. It's best to remember their auras, but don't sell those that have similar auras to them. After Chen Xiang finished speaking, Long Xueyi appeared in front of Huang Jintian and Mao'er.

Long Xueyi smiled at the two of them, and said: "These pills cannot be sold to Super Holy School, at that time, I will take a good look. If anyone from Super Holy School purchases them, I will remind you."

Huang Jintian and Mao'er had been here for more than ten days, and they had some understanding of the situation here, especially the matters of the Super Holy School.

Huang Jintian asked, "Since Super Holy School is roping in so many forces, it's not necessary to get the disciples of their sect to buy it. Just get the subsidiary forces to buy it.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Actually, selling these low levelled elixirs is nothing to them, we just have to make a fool of ourselves with our Super Holy School, so when a disciple of our sect comes to buy them, we will personally tell them that we will not sell these elixirs to your Super Holy School."

Huang Jintian laughed and understood Long Xueyi's words: "This is to make things difficult for Super Holy School."

"Actually, it's fine for the disciples of the Super Holy School to buy it, but we will tell them that if they want to buy it, they will have to pay ten times the price, even though these guys have raised the price so high." Chen Xiang said.

"Aren't you afraid of the old fellows of Super Holy School coming? It's not good to fight, the Super Holy School is very strong." He had already heard that there were two powerful Beast Kings who had joined the Super Holy School, and they were both famous Beast Kings.

"Don't worry, Yan City is not a pushover. With me making a ruckus like this, Yan Clan will definitely support me." Chen Xiang laughed: "Sleep well tonight, there might be a fight tomorrow. I already sensed that a few old geezers from the Super Holy School are outside strolling."

Huang Jintian stretched his back and yawned: "That's fine, I want to experience the strength of the people in the capital for the past few days."

Cat replied, "I'm stronger than before. I don't need to fear the heavens. I also want to test my own strength."

Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "Don't take it seriously, maybe you guys won't even need to do anything tomorrow."

This shop was very big but also extremely empty. Huang Jintian and Mao'er each found a luxurious room to rest in, while Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi stayed together.

The night passed quickly, and as soon as the sky brightened, Chen Xiang and the rest became alert and arrived at the entrance of the shop. They could sense that the group of people outside were mostly strong, and people who wanted to purchase high grade immortal pills were definitely not ordinary people.

Chen Xiang opened the door to the shop, and everyone immediately shouted at Chen Xiang to quickly sell the Liuyuan azure Dan.

Liuyuan azure Dan were all for the Immortal-becoming realm, and the majority of the people coming to snatch them were some strong old men.

"Everyone, you must have come from afar to purchase Liuyuan azure Dan, but I only have 45 pills." Chen Xiang said in a clear voice.

"Is your Liuyuan azure Dan selling for only twenty million kilograms of Holy stone? Is the quality good? We only came because we believed in the Yan Clan." someone shouted.

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