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As soon as he finished.

The four level one Alchemy students of the Long family immediately got ready.

Long Fei took out the spirit herbs that the new true pill required and gave them to Liu Feng: "Just do as I say, do not worry about other things."

Liu Feng still did not understand. If it was as Long Fei had said, it would be absolutely impossible to succeed, and there might even be an explosion, this would be a huge joke.

The Long family's face would fall.

Seeing the resolute look in Long Fei's eyes, Liu Feng gritted his teeth and said: "Ok!"

Fu Tianqiu walked up and frowned, then looked at the spirit herbs and immediately laughed: "Hahaha … Do you think that anyone can refine true pill? "

"Long Fei, the true pill is a product of thousands of years of hard work by my Fu family. Do you think that anyone can successfully refine it?"

"You think that this trash is worthy of refining true pill?"

Nangong Lei also sneered, "Long Fei, I have to admire your courage, you actually brought a group of Alchemy apprentices to refine true pill?"

"Originally, you had already won. But now you want to lose yourself, hahaha …"

"Then I'll be waiting to see your joke, your Long family joke."

Zhuge Tianlong could not help but burst out laughing, "Can the people of the Long family use their Alchemy? Do these trash know what Alchemy means? "

"Hahaha …"

Li Chongtian laughed: "Even I, as a martial artist, know that the Long family has no Alchemy at all. Long Fei, are you trying to embarrass the Long family?"

"That's right, it's not the first time you've lost face for the Long family anyway."

They were laughing.

The people below the arena were also laughing.

A member of the Long Family's Alchemy?

Everyone in the Fire Glass City knew that the blood lineage s of the Long Family were not suitable for Alchemy. At most, they were only concocting some low level healing pills.

You want to refine a high level true pill?

It was simply a dream!

Not to mention them, even the disciples of the Long family did not believe him. They all looked at Long Zhanhai who frowned and said, "Believe in Long Fei."

He also knew that the Long Family were not suitable for the Alchemy, but he believed in Long Fei.

Long Fei was a miracle.

Long Fei stood on the stage and said indifferently: Do as I say, do as I say, and do not bother with other matters. If they like to laugh, then let them laugh as much as they want.


The corner of Long Fei's mouth drew back as he muttered: "Just you guys wait till you cry!"

While they were talking …

The dragon clan disciples and Liu Feng started refining at the same time.

The true breath surged, the fire burned, the spirit grass was placed inside, the flame suddenly changed, the release of the true breath also suddenly changed.

Everyone was synchronized.

It was like a mechanical operation.

Fu Tianqiu could not help but burst out laughing, "This is called Alchemy? Is this called performing acrobatics? "

"Hahaha …"

"Long Fei, I really want to laugh. If you want to tease everyone, you've done it." Fu Tianqiu was also a Alchemy master, he was very clear on the refining process of the pellets. But these people called them Alchemy, they all went against common sense, and were all a group of idiots.

Zhuge Tianlong was the same.

He had the same thoughts as Fu Tianqiu.

The Long family's disciples did not understand Alchemy.

Long Fei slightly said: "Don't be distracted, focus!"

Half a minute later.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"


… ….

Several voices sounded in succession.

"The furnace has exploded, hahaha …" "The furnace exploded." Fu Tianqiu laughed complacently, and when he saw that everyone's pill furnace was buzzing with noise, he burst out laughing.

At the same time he laughed.

A Long family disciple stood up and respectfully said: "Young master, it's a success!"


One by one, they stood up and said, "Young lord, it's a success."

Finally, there was Liu Feng. He looked at the pill that was formed in the furnace with his mouth agape, looking at Long Fei in disbelief as he said, "Success, success, …"

The entire hall was silent.

Everyone's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Many of them rushed to the front of the stage and stared at the pills in their hands.

At this moment.

The dense Spiritual Energy spread out endlessly.

Long Fei kept the pills and smiled: Continue to refine!

Following that …

Without even looking at Fu Tianqiu, Nangong Lei and the others, he walked to the front of the stage, and said: "The true pill is nothing, this is something that my Long family developed … …"

After thinking for a moment, Long Fei said excitedly: "Dragon Spirit Pellet, can be easily refined by any Alchemy Master, with a 100% success rate!"

"Come, come, come!"

"Who wants to try one?"

Long Fei took the pill and walked in front.

Immediately, many people rushed forward and said, "I, I, I will try."

"I want to try too."

… ….

Putting down the five pills, the five of them consumed the pills simultaneously.

Less than half a minute.

The expressions of the five of them changed, their eyes were filled with excitement, and they kneeled down in front of Long Fei, "I want to join the Long family, I want to join them."

Suddenly, a loud sound was heard from the bodies of the other two people.

"Hahaha... I broke through, I instantly broke through, I broke through the war spirit realm, it's been ten years, a whole ten years, I've broken through the war spirit realm. "

"Hahaha... I instantly broke through two realms and directly reached the eighth level of the Battle-Master realm.

"Young master Long Fei, I want to join the Long family. I beg you to let me join the Long family!"

Out of the five people, two of them broke through in an instant!

The power of this pill could be imagined.

Long Fei laughed blandly: "Let's talk about the matter of joining the Long family later. Right now, I want to ask all of you, how is the comparison between Dragon Spirit Pills and true pill?"

The five of them said almost at the same time: "Compared to the Dragon Spirit Pill, the true pill is just trash, not even bullsh * t."

"I've consumed true pill before, not even one percent of the Dragon Spirit Pill's effect, trash!"

"Absolutely garbage."

… ….

Fu Tianqiu's face became incomparably ugly.

Gritting his teeth so hard that they were about to shatter, Zhang Xuan trembled in rage.

Thousands of years of the Fu Family's hard work suddenly turned into trash, this … This … He could not explain.

"Pfft …"

Fury assaulted his heart, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was incomparably pale.

His face was slapped so hard that it cracked.

This was more than just slapping his face.

It was simply killing them, to the point where Fu Tianqiu did not even have a chance to react!

Long Fei looked at Liu Feng. Liu Feng's heart was incomparably grateful, and felt that Long Fei was even more inconceivable.

Long Fei smiled faintly: "Someone will definitely say that I invited all five of them to come and today, they will also gift you fifty Dragon Spirit Pills for free."

"Finished tasting, please compare it with the true pill."

A few minutes later.

"true pill are completely dog shit. Fuck, laozi will not buy any more true pill in the future."

"The trash of the true pill, the Dragon Spirit Pill is countless times stronger than it."

"Get the hell out of the Fengyuan Merchant Union."

… ….

"Pfft …" 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

Fu Tianqiu continuously spat out blood.

His face was pale, and his four limbs were constantly shooting around. It was as if he was suffering from epilepsy.

Long Fei took the chance and secretly rubbed three top-grade 'pills' and walked in front of Nangong Lei, then said with a smile: "Duke Nan Gong, Marquis Zhuge, General Li, do you guys want to try some?"

"The last three pills."

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