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### Chapter 95 - [This father is here to steal the marriage!]

"No, no, no..."

The leopard girl retracted her hand, retreated a step and said: "Big Brother Long Fei, I can't leave. If I leave, shao hu will kill all of my wild leopard clansmen."

"My father will die as well."

"I can't leave!"

She wanted it right away.


She truly wished that Long Fei could take her away, but... She couldn't!

He was very clear about shao hu's personality. When she left after her wedding, she would cause him to lose all his face.

Long Fei's heart tensed up. Looking at the leopard girl's expression, he said: "Everything is mine!"

"No way!"

The leopard girl shook her head and said: "You are a human, if you were to participate, all the tribes in demon territory would come to suppress the wild leopard tribe, and that would be even more miserable."

"Big Brother Long Fei, thank you for coming."

"Meeting you is the happiest thing in my life, thank you." The leopard girl giggled. It was that kind of mischievous and cute smile again.


She could not help it, and two streams of tears fell from her eyes.


It was very painful!

Looking at her two streams of tears, Long Fei's heart inexplicably hurt, as if it was about to be torn apart. This was the first time he had experienced such a feeling.

He really wanted to help the leopard girl wipe the tears off her face, but when he took a step forward, the leopard girl took a step back.


He didn't know what to do!

He hated this feeling.

At this moment.

The sound of intense footsteps came from outside the door.


The leopard girl immediately said: "Big Brother Long Fei, run quickly. I'm fine, I'm fine.


The leopard girl strode out.

"What for?"

"It's already time for the wedding, what are you all doing?" The leopard girl sternly rebuked, "Why aren't you protecting me when I go to the altar?"

The guards trembled, not daring to be disrespectful to the future young master's wife.

In any case, the leopard girl was still here, so they did not fail their duty. The commander shouted, "Protect the young lady and bring her to the altar."

The leopard girl turned around and glanced at the tent, and muttered in her heart: "Big Brother Long Fei, thank you. You gave me so many happy times, if I could only do it, I would really want you to be my husband."

"Hee hee …"

The most beautiful smile.

The smile that was forever left on Long Fei's face.

… ….

Within the tent.

Long Fei was stunned in place, his mind a mess.

He did not know what to do!

Very irritable.

An inexplicable sense of irritation arose.

"What am I doing here?"

"Why am I here?"

Long Fei muttered to himself, "Is the leopard girl happy? Is that man really the man she married? "

"F * ck!"

"I came here to steal the marriage."

"She's not happy. That big brute is not worthy of her."


Long Fei gave himself the answer, clenched his fists tightly, lowered his gaze, and said: "I want to take her away, I must bring her away from here, I want her to forever emit that kind of cute and innocent smile!"

I'm going for broke.

Long Fei rushed out of the tent and shouted, "Leopard girl, follow me!"


There was no one outside the tent. There was also no one around. It was quiet.

At this moment.

The central square of the Fierce Tiger Tribe resounded with the howls of the Fierce Tiger Tribe.

The Rites of Heavenly Worship began!

This was a rule passed down through the demon territory.

The tribe must sacrifice themselves to the heavens and ask the gods for their opinion.


In other words, he would slaughter a few cows and sheep, sprinkle some blood, and then use a Divine Staff to jump up and down for a period of time. Finally, he would ask the heavens about a series of things.


"Heh heh heh!"

"Uh-huh …."

A group of people wearing beast skin clothing and ferocious tiger masks jumped around the altar.

After jumping for ten minutes.



The leader of the High Priest shouted fiercely, following that, two servants brought the leopard girl to the altar. shao hu also walked out and with one step, he jumped to the top of the altar!

"Good skill!"

"So powerful!"

"A fierce tiger leaping and landing steadily on the ground. It looks ordinary, but it conceals endless power!"

"As expected of the number one genius of the demon territory!"

… ….

shao hu stood on the altar, smeared the blood on his face and looked up to the sky.

It was also at this time.

The High Priest roared at the leopard girl.

shao hu's gaze darkened as he swept his gaze across the entire audience and asked loudly, "Who is the young master of the Feral Tiger Tribe?!"


"shao hu, shao hu..."

The people of the Fierce Tiger Tribe read his name aloud.

"Who will be the commander of the demons?"

"shao hu, shao hu..."

"Who will lead the evil demon clan out of hundreds of thousands of barren mountains and slaughter all of humanity?"

"shao hu, shao hu..."

… ….

His voice shook the heavens!

This was not like a big wedding, but more like a personal show for shao hu, with a large number of ass-kissing girls.

Amongst the crowd.

Long Fei looked at the trembling leopard girls on the altar, waiting to take action.

"Ahh, ha, ha …" shao hu laughed wildly, and shouted loudly: "Who dares to oppose my, shao hu's, wedding?"

The entire arena instantly fell silent.

Who dared to object?

Forget about shao hu's cultivation, just the influence of the Feral Tiger Tribe was not enough to oppose him!

"Who would dare to object?" shao hu enjoyed this quiet moment very much, his face had a pleased smile, "Does anyone dare to object?"

At this moment.

Long Fei's voice sunk, "I object!"

The sound was like a thunderclap.

With Long Fei at the center, the crowd quickly dispersed.

Everyone stared at him.

"Who is this person?"

"Which tribe?"

"Are you looking to die?"

"Does he not want his life? To dare oppose shao hu's wedding, he must be tired of living. "

… ….

All sorts of discussions broke out amongst the crowd.

In the distance.

The leopard girl couldn't help but cry. She covered her mouth with one hand and tried hard not to cry out loud, "Big Brother Long Fei, Big Brother Long Fei..."

shao hu's gaze darkened, he stared straight at Long Fei and said in a daze: "Human boy, you've finally appeared!"


"He's human?"

"Why would a human infiltrate the demon territory?"

"This kind of scene happened about ten years ago, and it seems like a human had suddenly appeared with the help of a witch. The human in front of me looks somewhat similar to that human, could it be …?"

A few of the older people looked at Long Fei as if they thought of something.

They had experienced that kind of scene before, so they had a deep memory of it.

Long Fei didn't even look at shao hu, but walked towards the leopard girl step by step and said: "I'll bring you out of here."

"Come with me!"

The leopard girl cried and shook her head, unable to say a word.

shao hu was ignored.

His voice was like a tiger's as he roared, "Kid, she's my woman. If you dare touch her even once, I'll make you die without a burial ground."

Long Fei raised both his eyes and laughed coldly: "That's right, I am here to steal the marriage!"


"Didn't you want me to be your husband?"


"From this second onwards, I, Long Fei, will be your husband. I will never abandon you in this life.

The entire audience was dumbfounded!

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