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Chapter 1874 - One Strike, One Second

As soon as he finished.

The power of Ten Thousand Suns in Long Fei's body suddenly released an intense fission power.

It produced an incomparably strong reaction in the surrounding Ten Thousand Sunlight Beams.

In an instant!

Just for a moment.

The Mysterious Sun mountain range and the dozen or so mountain peaks all suddenly vanished!

Disappeared in a beam of light.

There was no loud sound, and no scene. Just at that moment, in the blink of an eye, Xuan Yang sect disappeared from the Demon Island.

Not a single bit was left, leaving behind only a few dozen kilometers of flat ground and a bottomless abyss.

It was a complete mess.

At this moment.

Long Fei's eardrums seemed to explode.

"Ding ding ding ding ding …"

All sorts of machine guns were fired out, thousands of them all exploded in a second.

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If the system was a machine, he would definitely crash or even explode.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up! Current level: Black Star rank 1!"


"Congratulations player 'Long Fei' for stepping into the 'Black Star Realm'! You have obtained a special reward! Reward item: Essence Qi Slash!"

"Do you wish to cultivate it?"

"Essence Qi Slash?"

"The items rewarded by the system will definitely not be bad. Cultivate!"

"Even if it's lacking, I can still be fused with the Blasting fist, hahaha …" Long Fei moved and clicked on cultivation. There was an additional skill in his Qi Method Bar.

At the same time.

Long Fei was also in a stupefied state.

"I wiped it off."

"Fission of Ten Thousand Suns..."

"This f * cking damage, it's heaven defying!"

"Destroy the entire sect in one move!"

Not only did he kill someone, the entire Xuan Yang sect was also gone. He wasn't captured by the Xu Mi Rings, nor was he moved to another space.

What kind of concept was this power?

Terrifying to the point of being a complete mess.

In the entire Xuan Yang sect, other than the Xuan Yang ancestor in front of Long Fei and a few elders, there were no other such things.

They were all dumbfounded, as though they were idiots. They stood rooted to the spot, not moving at all. Some of the elders were about to go blind from the shock.

They thought it was an illusion.

However …

Even if they rubbed their eyeballs, it would be useless because this was reality!

"You, you …" Xuan Yang ancestor's voice was trembling, his body was also trembling as he stuttered, "Long Fei, you, you, what did you do?"

"Where's the Xuan Yang sect?"

"Where is my Xuan Yang sect?"

Xuan Yang ancestor's voice trembled. In that instant, he was completely dumbstruck, unable to react at all.

"The beam just now."

"What exactly is that beam of light that has the same aura as the solar array?" Another elder said in a trembling voice.

Long Fei grinned excitedly, "Guess!"

"Hahaha …"

The huge Xuan Yang sect disappeared with a thought.

A few hundred kilometers away, the army led by the Temple of Destiny was slightly shaken.

The leading Jiu Tianmo suddenly stopped. Looking at the golden light from before, which was extremely dazzling, his expression turned sinister, "What happened?"

Half a minute later.

An elder reported anxiously, "Reporting to Great Clan Elder, Xuan Yang sect, Xuan Yang sect …."


"What are you hesitating for? Quickly tell me! " Jiu Tianmo's eyes trembled.

That elder said, "The Xuan Yang sect has disappeared."

"Disappeared?" Jiu Tianmo's brows tightened, and said: "The entire Xuan Yang sect disappeared?"

"Yes, in the instant when the golden light was dazzling, all of the main peaks of the Xuan Yang sect disappeared in an instant. No one knows what happened." The elder quickly said.

Jiu Tianmo pondered for a moment, then asked: "Is the solar array still around?"

"Reporting to Great Clan Elder, the solar array is still here."

Jiu Tianmo sneered, and said: "As long as the solar array is not broken, it means that Long Fei is still inside. As for whether the Xuan Yang sect is gone, it doesn't matter."

"Pass down my orders."

"Everyone, summon out all your Spirit Channeling Beasts. Use all your speed to rush to Xuan Yang sect in the shortest time possible!" Jiu Tianmo ordered. Looking into the distance, he laughed sinisterly: "Long Fei, you won't be able to escape even if you have wings today. Just you wait, I will use your head to obtain that pass to leave the Devil Island, hahaha …"

In an instant.

Fire at full blast.

The tens of thousands of elite disciples of the Nine Major Sects summoned their Spirit Channeling Beasts, rushing towards the Xuan Yang sect crazily in a black mass.

In another place.

"What just happened?"

"It's the Xuan Yang sect!"

"I've come to Xuan Yang sect before, it seems like Boss Long Fei was one step ahead of us."

Lei Jiu and the others also saw it.

Lv Shuangquan looked at the horde of Destiny Divine Hall's army that blotted out the sky and covered the ground, and immediately said, "Look, the army of Destiny's Hall is here. Fuck, aren't there too many of them?"

It's all over the sky.


The ones with the worst cultivations were all in the Blue Star Realm and they were generally experts in the purple star realm.

This was only what they saw.

These were not the only truly powerful beauties.

The heavy sword on wang tai's back hummed, and said: "Let's hurry up."

Mu Bing said: "What exactly happened with the beam of light just now? Sect Master, please do not let anything happen to you! "

Everyone rushed over.

The Temple of Destiny had a large army.

It could be said that the strongest warriors on the entire Demonic Island were gathered together. Facing such a powerful force, Lei Jiu and the others did not retreat, and rushed forward without hesitation.

No matter what, as long as it was something I could share with Long Fei, I would do everything I can even for him!

… ….

He was talking about Long Fei.

The feeling of annihilating the entire sect with a single move was overwhelming.


However, using the Myriad Yang Fission skill once again would be a little painful. It was a type of power that didn't require a cooldown time, but needed a long time to replenish its energy.

The power of ten thousand suns.

"Long Fei!"

"Give my Xuan Yang sect back to me." Xuan Yang ancestor's eyes turned sinister, his fists tightened, the Spirit Qi around his body became even more violent, and with that, he rushed at Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei's eyes darkened, and said faintly: "I just said it, it isn't your turn yet, but now …. "It's time!"

The Metamorphic Energy Value had already been filled up.

He could release them again.

That abnormal feeling was simply too wonderful to describe.

Not to mention.

This Xuan Yang ancestor was emitting a faint golden light, it was a small Boss!

It would definitely drop quite a number of things.

Seeing Xuan Yang ancestor rushing over, Long Fei did not dare to be careless. Black Star Peak Realm was not a simple cultivation method, Long Fei had not reached the level of being able to easily instkill.

However …

His level was not as good as Xuan Yang ancestor's.


Long Fei had other powers that he could replace.

"The elemental energy slash that the system just rewarded can now be used." Long Fei grinned, watched as Xuan Yang ancestor forced his way in, he kept his devil sword and held the Fire Dragon Knife tightly with both of his hands, then smiled: "Come, my little BOSS!"

"Come and give me a go!"

"Yuan Qi Slash!"

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