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Chapter 1882 - Second Level, purple sun buddha!

The holy general was too strong.

With eleven powerful palm strikes hacking down, there was no chance for the Life Snatching Scholar to survive.

He would die!

Once the Lifestealer Scholar appeared, he would be prepared for it.

A thousand years of waiting.

the Seal of memory.

The Seal of time, to him, was precisely for the sake of waiting for Long Fei's appearance.

Long Fei appeared.

He promised the Heavenly Goddess that he would do everything in his power to protect her. Before this, he thought that someone was controlling his consciousness and wanted him to protect Long Fei.

However …

When he entered the underground palace and saw everything in the hall of immortals, he knew that this consciousness was something that he had planted a thousand years ago.

Long Fei was the Young Master.

Even if he had to sacrifice his life, he had to protect Long Fei.

No matter how powerful the holy general was, or how powerful the Temple of Destiny's army was, he was not afraid.

The Nine days and Ten Places Killing Space killed thousands of warbeasts and disciples of the Temple of Destiny but they did not kill holy general. At that moment, they knew they were going to die.

But he did not regret it.

Seeing Long Fei's sudden return, his eyes narrowed and he shouted, "Young Master, no!"

When Long Fei returned, all that he had done was for nothing.


The purple flames on Long Fei's body rose crazily, and with every step he took, he created thunderous explosions while stepping on the spatial fragments. The purple flames on his entire body were like hell flames.

"Second stage of the purple sun divine power, purple sun buddha!"

"Open for me!"

He roared.


"System Notification: Player's cultivation is too low, unable to withstand second stage of purple sun divine power!"


Without waiting for the system's voice, Long Fei shouted in fury, "I'm going to bite your eight generations of ancestors, activate it forcefully!"

What can't be endured?

Wasn't it just burning profound qi and longevity?

If he couldn't even protect his own brother, then what was the use of using so much of his lifespan?

Not to mention.

The Life Snatching Scholar had a special meaning to Long Fei.

He could die for himself.

Long Fei was the same!


With a roar in the sky, a ray of holy light of the violet sun descended from the sky, directly landing on Long Fei's body.



A peerless existence!

Hu hu hu hu ….

Hu hu hu hu ….

Long Fei gasped for breath like an ox. His eyes, nose, mouth and ears were all leaking blood, causing him to bleed from all seven apertures.

However …

For his brother, Long Fei was not afraid!

The purple sun buddha fell.

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Long Fei blocked in front of the Life Snatching Scholar, blocking all eleven of the holy general's palms, and was completely unharmed.

The Life Snatching Scholar said solemnly, "Young Lord, you shouldn't have come back."

Long Fei grinned: "Before I agree, you are not allowed to die for me!"

"Do you understand?"

The Life Snatching Scholar looked at Long Fei and saw his resolute eyes. That kind of fearless and fearless expression was truly the same as the Flying Heaven Goddess back then.


The Goddess of Sky had never been in such a desperate situation before.

And Long Fei!

It was as if his entire body was about to explode.

The Life Snatching Scholar's heart tightened.

Jiu Tianmo laughed loudly, "Hahaha... Long Fei, I have thought too highly of you, who would have known that you were such a brainless person, running away and coming back here! "

"Hahaha …"

"You really have a lot of ties."

Relying on the speed of the Flying Crane, Long Fei could have escaped.

However …

Jiu Tianmo never thought that Long Fei would actually come back!

Isn't this courting death?

"Grand Elder, what's that huge deity statue above his head?"

"Who cares what he is, everything in front of holy general is trash."

"That's right, look at how miserable the current Long Fei is. He's bleeding from all seven orifices, and he won't be able to hold on for long."

… ….

Not just blood.

Every single pore in Long Fei's body seemed to be splitting apart as his muscles, veins, blood, and organs; even his heart, which was protected by the god's immortal bead, began to flutter and crack.

The purple sun divine power had already exceeded the limits of Long Fei's body.

Even with his Profound Qi, he couldn't sustain the burning of his life force.

This power was too strong!

Hu hu hu hu … "Huff, puff, huff..." Long Fei panted like an ox, his body constantly trembling. Looking at the Eleventh holy general, Long Fei shouted, "All of you, f * cking come!"

"Go for your father!"

"Come on!"

As soon as he finished.

Eleven holy general s moved in unison.


It was extremely fast!

It could not be described with words.

The Lifesteal Scholar's eyes darkened as he said, "Young Master …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei suddenly disappeared as well, Long Fei's speed was even faster than theirs. With one step, the Tathagata Buddha above their heads struck down with his palm.


The violet sun shone brightly.

A huge palm came crashing down.

It was like a layer of sky crushing down.




One move... They directly blasted the eleven holy general s down from the sky and directly exploded on the ground, forming a deep crater from eleven to several thousand meters deep and causing the entire ground to tremble.

The mountain range was moving.

It went berserk.

Jiu Tianmo's face paled, his state of mind felt as though it was about to shatter.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

The strength of the palm strike just now had reached an unimaginable level.


Too fierce, too abnormal!

Many disciples were so frightened that they vomited blood and fell from the sky.

"This, this, this power …"

"He defeated eleven holy general s in one move."

"Is this an illusion?"

"Am I seeing things?"

"My god!"

… ….

Fear arose in his heart as Jiu Tianmo's body trembled uncontrollably. He was an expert of the Silver Star Realm, but … In front of the current Long Fei, he was as insignificant as an ant.

If that force had hit him, there was no doubt about it.

He would definitely die!

At this moment.

The first thing he thought of in his heart was … Flee!


When he was preparing to escape …

The Tathagata Divine Statue above Long Fei's head was shaking and distorting, and even Long Fei was unable to take it anymore, spitting out a mouthful of blood with a face as pale as paper.


Long Fei had already exceeded the limit of what he could endure.

The limit of the limit.


Right now, he really could not endure it. Even with the strength of the Peak Realm of Venus, he might not be able to endure the pain he was in right now.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei roared, the deity statue seemed to have become more solid, it bellowed out loud: Damn it, who else is there?


Another mouthful of blood sprayed out.

At the same time.

The eleven holy general s who were struck into the core of the earth by Long Fei began to revive.

Long Fei's face tensed up, even the purple sun buddha was not enough to kill holy general.

This time...

It was really terrible!

He couldn't take it anymore either.

He could feel that his lifespan was running out!

He couldn't hold on any longer!

He really couldn't take it anymore!

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