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One after another, more than a dozen of them instantly broke through to the next realm.

Was the Dragon Spirit Pill really that strong?

He had to say it.

They were also very curious, and many of them were also very curious.

It was just that …

Long Fei simply did not allow his subordinates to try, because they did not have the qualifications.

Looking at the three strange pills in Long Fei's hands.

Zhuge Tianlong immediately took a step forward, and said: "Let me give it a try, I really want to see what's so special about your Dragon Spirit Pellet."

The instant he took a step forward, Long Fei retracted his hand, and said with a slight smile: "The Dragon Spirit Pill is still in the examination stage, I cannot guarantee that it will have the same effects as everyone else."

"If there are any side effects, it's your own business, I, Long Fei am not responsible."

Pills have side effects.

Zhuge Tianlong was very clear about this point.

Zhuge Tianlong said: "Long Fei, I know more about pills than you. You don't have to bear the consequences of the side effects."

Long Fei looked at Nangong Lei and asked, "What about the two of you?"

Nangong Lei also wanted to personally experience the might of the Dragon Spirit Pill, and said: "I do not need you to bear the consequences."

Li Chongtian was the same.

Long Fei said loudly: "This is what you guys said yourself, I didn't force you guys. If there is anything that comes out, it's because your bodies aren't strong enough."

Saying so, he opened his palms and the three of them swallowed the warm pills into their mouths.

He chewed a few times.


He swallowed it at the same time.

Zhuge Tianlong muttered to himself, "There's nothing special about it. What power resonance?


"There's a sour, salty taste. It's a bit weird."

"Why can't I sense any spiritual energy at all?"

"What's the situation?"


"Pa da, pa da, pa la …"

"Pa la, pa la …"

Just as if they were pulling huge chains, strange sounds rang out from behind their butts. Following which, the three of them simultaneously clamped their hands on their thighs. The chrysanthemums tightened and their faces flushed red.

Zhuge Tianlong's eyes were filled with anger, "Long Fei, what did you give us to eat?"

"Long Fei, I will kill you."

"Kid, what exactly did you give us to eat?"

"Crack …"

"Crack …"

"... "Pah!"

He couldn't hold it in any longer.

Long Fei secretly thought for a while, "Wow, what three days and three nights, its power is so strong, hahaha … It's even more powerful than the last time Zhuge Jianqiang was here. "

And then …

Long Fei said in a serious tone: "Pills, ah, these are the new high quality pills that I came up with yesterday. I forgot to tell you guys, the pill just now was not the Dragon Spirit Pill. "

"Ahh …"

"Crack …"

Zhuge Tianlong could not hold it in any longer, his butt made a "Pa La" sound, and some blurry feces flowed down from the bottom of his pants.

Immediately following was Nangong Lei, Li Chongtian.

All three of them had their butts wet, and they were even constantly letting out fart popping noises. Every time they farted, a large amount of watery feces would pop out.

"Long Fei, I, I will kill you." Nangong Lei was furious.

Zhuge Tianlong's stomach continued to tumble and growl as his face became incomparably pale. "I can't do it, I can't do it."

A large group of Li Martial Arts Sect's warriors quickly followed. They only saw piles of feces falling one after another on the road he walked past, and all the warriors behind him covered their noses.

Zhuge Tianlong could not help but say, "Long Fei, just you wait."

"Crack …"

Everyone in the audience burst out laughing.

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha... Master Hou, what shit on your butt. "

"General Li … …" Hahaha... It's so funny. "

Nangong Lei could not hold it in either. If he continued to stay, he was worried that his pants would get wet.

Right now, he wished that he could tear Long Fei into pieces, but if he did not leave now, he would lose all his face.

In the three pillars, other than the three most powerful people in the Fire Glass City, they were all laughing in front of the entire city.


three pillars's face turned ugly.

Long Fei looked at Nangong Lei who was frantically running away, and muttered: "Take care, father-in-law!"

"Hahaha …"

Long Fei laughed out loud and said: "Do you think you're worthy to fight against me?"

The black-robed old man looked at Long Fei, his gaze tightened for a bit, then followed and left.

This time.

Long Fei, Long Family's overall victory.


The influence of the Long family directly overshadowed that of all the other families.

Because of the Dragon Spirit Pill!

This was only the beginning, the Dragon Spirit Pellet would completely occupy the Fire Glass City's medicine market. This pellet looked simple, but if Long Fei had not spoken of knocking on the door, even a great Alchemy master would not be able to refine it. However, he had said knocking on the door that even a level one Alchemy master would be able to refine it.

Long family's Lianlong Elixir manufacturing plant.

Only the Long family could refine it!

… ….

Divine Zhuge Prefecture

Zhuge Tianlong had been squatting in the latrine for two whole hours, and it looked like he was about to bleed.

Zhuge Jianqiang covered his nose as he stood outside the latrine, and asked: "Father, is it that brat Long Fei?"

"Father, there are only two days until banquet of forbidden peak, I have already broken through the war chief realm, at that time, I will definitely show him who's boss."

"Long Fei, just you wait."

"Crack …" "Crack …" There was another burst of explosion in the latrine, which made Zhuge Tianlong feel like he was about to collapse.

… ….

It was the same for Li Chongtian of the Li Martial Arts Sect. He ate several anti-diarrhea medicine, but it was completely ineffective.

It had to be said that Long Fei's top quality 'pills' were simply too powerful.

… ….

Nangong Imperial Clan.

Nangong Lei held onto the handle with both of his hands, his face pale and covered in cold sweat, he said: "Long Fei, you dog, I will never let you go."

"Absolutely not!"

It was also at this time.

A Duke Palace guard hurried over and reported, "Reporting to Your Highness, Nangong Jun has already arrived at Fire Glass City. They are camping five kilometers away from Fire Glass City."

Nangong Lei stood up excitedly, "Alright!"

"Crack …"

Unable to control himself, another round of explosions occurred. This time it hit his pants, Nangong Lei hated Long Fei to death.

"Long Fei, you only have two days of life left. Just you wait!"

"Hahaha …"

… ….

Other than the three pillars, there was another matter.

Fu Tianqiu from the Fengyuan Merchant Union had died. [].

He was so angry!

Anger struck the heart, and blood spurted out endlessly. He died a few hours after bringing them back to the Fengyuan Merchant Union, filled with hatred.

It was because of Long Fei's Dragon Pellet.

Hearing this news, Long Fei was startled, he laughed and said to Liu Feng: "Elder Liu, this is the highest realm of face-smacking ah!"

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