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Right now, the one who was in the best mood was Ji Meixian, she had experienced the joy of being a master. Previously, Zhao Yiprofound had bullied her in every possible way, but now, she was taught to be obedient and became a obedient servant.

Ji Meixian felt that this was the feeling of being able to rule the world in the Heaven Realm back then, and it felt even better. Back then, it was not easy for her to find a female slave like Zhao Yiprofound.

"Tell me about the Heaven Realm! Have you heard of Imperial Feather Race? " Ji Meixian drank a type of immortal spring water that Zhao Yiprofound took out, giving her a very enjoyable taste.

The first time Chen Xiang tasted the Immortal Spring Water that came from the Heaven Realm, he remembered it often. He asked Zhao Yiprofound for more and gave it to the three women in the ring often.

"Imperial Feather Race, this is a huge power in the Heaven Realm, although it has only appeared in the last thousand years, but it has existed for a long time, it was just very secretive before, and many people now do not know the details of this place, but we, the ancient powers, do know a little about it." Her heart was filled with suspicions. When Yu Yi Immortal Fairy went missing, that Imperial Feather Race still hadn't appeared, but Ji Meixian still knew about it.

Ji Meixian was a Yu Yi Immortal Fairy and even now, she was still very doubtful. Naturally, she did not dare to ask Ji Meixian about more detailed things.

"How much do you know about the Imperial Feather Race?" Ji Meixian's expression was calm, but her heart was filled with hatred. Back then, it was the Imperial Feather Race that did this to her.

Zhao Yiprofound said: "The patriarch of the Imperial Feather Race is not a human, but a very powerful bird beast. We do not know what kind of bird beast it is exactly, and many of the strong warriors in the Imperial Feather Race are beast type. Furthermore, there are many large, middle-sized and small forces under the Imperial Feather Race that have been established by humans. In short, the Imperial Feather Race is one of the ten big powers. "

The Heaven Realm was very big, and it was said that there were nine heavens above the Heaven Realm, ten regions of the lowest level above the Heaven Realm, and then nine days. It was a very large, high class world, with many powers above, it was definitely not weak.

"Ten powers?" Ji Meixian frowned slightly: "I never thought that Heaven Realm would become so fast!"

"and Fire Divine Palace are all part of the top ten powers." Zhao Yiprofound said again.

The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the Fire Divine Palace were indeed very strong. Chen Xiang was not too surprised, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was created by such a strange person like the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable.

The Fire Divine Palace had plundered Fire Soul everywhere for many years, using it to recruit or nurture a large number of high level Alchemist s. Not only was it a force famous for its cultivating flames, it was also a large alchemy industry.

Chen Xiang had the Holy Devil-suppressing seal in his hands, although this was something that the hall master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace must have, with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal in his hands, he could learn the powerful techniques the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable had passed down to him, and he could become a hall master.

"Have you heard of the Imperial Dragon Race?" This was what Chen Xiang asked on behalf of Long Xueyi.

Zhao Yiprofound shook his head: "I've never heard of it, but there's a legend above Heaven Realm, there's a dragon valley above the ninth heaven, a group of very powerful dragons gather there."

"That is the Imperial Dragon Race's dragon nest. I never thought that these dragons would still be so low-profile. They don't intend to control the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth." Ji Meixian said.

Long Xueyi muttered from within the Hidden Dragon Ring: "How can a bunch of cowards be able to achieve greatness? That group of foolish dragons are waiting for my Unparalleled Dragon Emperor to come out. Without this Emperor leading them, they are just a bunch of worms. "

Chen Xiang took Feng Ziprofound's storage ring and sighed: "The powerful Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat is inside, it's a pity that this storage ring has his spirit imprint, looks like I won't be able to take it out."

Zhao Yiprofound thoughtfully looked at the storage ring. If Ji Meixian didn't hate her too much, she might have suffered the same fate as Feng Ziprofound. Although she was now Ji Meixian's female slave, Ji Meixian did not take away her storage ring.

"Feng Ziprofound's position in the Feng Clan is not low, and he is even younger than me. If he is given a little more time, he will surpass me sooner or later. The things inside his storage ring aren't simple at all." Zhao Yiprofound said.

"Little little maid, don't provoke me anymore!" Chen Xiang sighed helplessly.

Long Xueyi said: "Since you have devoured Feng Ziprofound's soul and also have Feng Ziprofound's Heaven Pellet, you might be able to retrieve something from the storage ring."

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and quickly took out the Heaven Pellet. He planned to give it a try because he still had Feng Ziprofound's remaining soul force in his sea of consciousness. As long as he could imitate Feng Ziprofound's consciousness and open the storage ring, the storage ring would not self-destruct.

"Immortal pills. I want an Immortal pill." Chen Xiang was a little excited now, he laughed out loud and held the Heaven Pellet tightly, then absorbed the Heaven Pellet's energy and merged it with Feng Ziprofound's soul to form the Divine Vision.

This spiritual sense was different from his own, so he had a high chance of retrieving the items within the storage ring.

"There are a lot of things. Give me a space of Storage magic treasure, I'll move over first." Chen Xiang said.

Zhao Yiprofound hastily gave Chen Xiang a storage ring.

Chen Xiang condensed even more of Feng Ziprofound's consciousness, and then transferred all of the items in Feng Ziprofound's storage ring to another one in one go.

"Haha …" "It's a success!" Chen Xiang laughed as he began to count what was inside.

"I don't think there will be any. Even in Heaven Realm, Heaven level Pills are very lacking, let alone immortal pills. Moreover, Feng Clan has not produced any immortal pills for many years." Zhao Yiprofound said.

"The Brilliant Sun Dragon Boat is not bad, but I can't use it. If I get discovered by the people from the Feng Clan, it will become troublesome. This is a celestial item." Chen Xiang looked at the shrunk golden Radiant Sun Dragon boat in his hand.

Just like what Zhao Yiprofound had said, Chen Xiang couldn't find any immortal pills. There were only ten Eternal Dan s, other than some random treasures, and also two fist-sized pure white stones. Chen Xiang didn't know what they were, but these two stones contained a very rich and pure immortal energy.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang took out the two stones.

"Celestial jades are more precious than top quality Spiritual crystal." Zhao Yiprofound said.

"Only two." Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"There is already one jin of celestial jade here. If you want to exchange it for a top quality Spiritual crystal, you can get at least fifty thousand. It's not a small amount!" Zhao Yiprofound said softly, she did not have her previous domineering look, after all she was already someone else's female slave, because she did not dare to casually go against her master's fear of contracting power.

Chen Xiang had previously killed a fellow from the heavens, and obtained ten thousand Spiritual crystal.

"Do the Heaven Realm s use Spiritual crystal to buy things?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"A large auction house uses celestial jades, most of them use Spiritual crystal." Ji Meixian replied.

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