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If you want to step on someone, you have to step on that person's face.

Furthermore, he was stepping on death itself.

The insulting words Fu Tianqiu said to him made Long Fei feel exceptionally bad, one could imagine how heavy the punishment Fu Xishan received would be.

Since that was the case …

Long Fei had to do something.

true pill was a rising pill of the Fengyuan Merchant Union, and it was also something the Fu Family was proud of, so he would break it and make it worthless!

Long Fei's voice fell.

Several disciples of the Long family walked out. They were all disciples of the Long family's Alchemy Room.

They walked onto the stage and greeted respectfully, "Young Lord!"

The audience immediately began discussing with one another.

"Who are they?"

"Aren't they the low level Alchemy Masters of the Long family? They only know how to refine some low-grade healing pellets, and are simply unable to become a platform's Alchemy Master. "

"What does Long Fei want to do?"

"What the hell is Xiaofei doing?" Long Zhanhai was also a little confused, not sure what Long Fei wanted to do.

jojo and the leopard girl also looked at Long Fei, "Big Brother Long Fei, what are you planning to do?"

Everyone was puzzled.

None of them knew what Long Fei wanted to do, but no one left. They all wanted to know what Long Fei wanted to do.

Long Fei walked to Fu Tianqiu's side and said: "Pavillion Master Fu, you have lost the Powder-making Competition. According to the bet, Elder Liu is free now."

Fu Tianqiu was still kneeling on the ground, his mind a little muddled, and continued to mutter under his breath: "Impossible, impossible, true pill even a great master of Alchemy cannot improve it, it is impossible for him to improve it …"

He was still stunned by the resonance the had with the improved true pill. It was just too unbelievable.

Long Fei was too lazy to ask for his permission, she directly said: "Elder Liu, you are free now, you should come up too."

Liu Feng stood in his original position, his eyes trembling. He looked at Long Fei and didn't know what to say.


He thought that he would only be able to stay in the Fu Family for the rest of his life, and would only be a tool for the Fu Family, a slave with Alchemy.

When he met Fu Xishan, he was very happy.

Because, Fu Xishan was the person the Fu Family treated him the best.

Fu Xishan left. Fu Tianqiu came, he fell from heaven back to hell and turned into that 'slave' again, a slave that he could never break free from. There was also the slave mark on his chest that faintly hurt.

He thought that this would be his only life, but after seeing Long Fei refine the improved true pill, his heart was like a volcano erupting.

The feeling of having a new life coming out of his chest filled him with excitement and gratitude.


"Am I free?" Liu Feng kept on asking himself in his heart, and even he himself did not dare to believe it. However, when he saw Long Fei's resolute expression, he muttered in his heart, "I'm not dreaming, I'm free!"

Long Fei looked at the excited Liu Feng and said: "Elder Liu, come up."

Liu Feng walked up the stage step by step and looked at Long Fei. He did not know what to say, nor did he know how to thank him.


Liu Feng suddenly knelt in front of Long Fei, kowtowed heavily, and said: "Thank you!"

Too sudden, Long Fei did not expect that, and immediately rushed forward to help him up, saying: "Elder Liu, what are you doing?"

Liu Feng said heavily, "From today onwards, you are my master, and I am your servant."

"Old Liu, what are you saying? You're free now! You're not anyone's slave, nor are you my slave!" Long Fei's heart tensed up.

Fu Tianqiu's eyes turned sinister, he snorted and said: "Slaves will always be slaves, the slave imprint on your chest will never be erased."

Liu Feng's chest faintly hurt.

Fu Tianqiu stood up once again and coldly snorted: "Long Fei, there are as many such slaves as my Fu Family has. Liu Feng is but a dog of my Fu Family, so if you lose, you lose."

"Cluck, cluck …"

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, the anger surging, as he stared at Fu Tianqiu.

Fu Tianqiu's heart calmed down. Looking at Long Fei's ferocious expression, he could not help but let out a cold laugh. Am I wrong? Liu Feng, tell me yourself, are you a dog from the Fu Clan? It's even a mongrel dog, hahaha … "

Liu Feng's body started to tremble.

Memories of the past began to flood into his mind.

In his heart, fury surged, killing intent, incomparably thick killing intent.

Fu Tianqiu continued to laugh: "Yo, an old dog like you would be angry once you change owners. Why haven't I seen you angry before?"

"Ahh …"

Liu Feng roared, each word 'old dog' made him extremely unhappy.

People have dignity.

It was the same for slaves as well. Liu Feng lost his mind and pounced towards Fu Tianqiu.

Fu Tianqiu frowned and said coldly: "You dog, if you dare hurt a single hair on my head, I will make you wish you were dead."

The corner of Nangong Lei's mouth drew back, laughed coldly, and shouted: "This show is not over yet."


The Nangong Imperial Manor's guards suddenly shouted.

The two war elder realm experts that Fu Tianqiu had brought with him also instantly moved and landed beside Fu Tianqiu.

The moment Liu Feng touched him, he would be killed instantly.


When all of this was happening, and Nangong Lei was accumulating his potential, Long Fei appeared and pulled Liu Feng back, "Elder Liu, don't be anxious, you can slap his face later."

Nangong Lei squinted, feeling that it was a pity.

As long as Liu Feng made a move against Fu Tianqiu, Long Fei would definitely help him, at that time he would have a reason to surround and kill Long Fei, but Long Fei actually pulled Liu Feng back.

This didn't quite match with his fiery temper.

If it was according to what Nangong Lei had thought, then everything that Long Fei had done would be in vain.

Face smacking was not a fight, it was not a form of crushing force.

Face smacking had to be fast, accurate, and ruthless!

The pill that was used to slap Fu Tianqiu's face!


Long Fei comforted Liu Feng and whispered something into his ear, then said softly: "Later on, you will do as I say."

Liu Feng was startled, his heart immediately calmed down, he did not understand what Long Fei was saying, but after looking at him, he nodded his head and replied: "En."

Long Fei laughed lightly, and continued to speak: "Pavillion Master Fu, open your dog eyes wide and look carefully."

His gaze shifted as he looked at Nangong Lei and said, "Nangong Lei, the show has only begun!"

Nangong Lei's gaze darkened.

The audience broke out into a flurry of discussion.

"What good show is this?"

"Isn't it almost over?"

"What's going on? What exactly does Long Fei want to do?"

… ….

Long Zhanhai said in a low voice: "If there is a riot later, if anyone dares to touch Long Fei, kill them!"

The corner of Long Fei's mouth lifted, as he walked to the front of the stage, and said: "The true pill is a top-secret pellet of the Fu Family, it contains a dense amount of spirit energy, and can only be refined by a high level Alchemy master." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]



"Right here, if I were to say that true pill is trash, then the new true pill that I, Long Fei, have developed can be refined by anyone who knows about Alchemy."


Chapter 11: 'This young master has been a commander for nine lifetimes'. Thank you for your rewards!

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