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The White Tiger immediately explained: "Although I have obtained the Heaven Earth Killing Method, I don't cultivate it much. I learned the Beast Slain Method myself, and only then can I learn the essence. I only slightly dabbled in other aspects."

"This kind of profoundbing is very strange, and the one who released this kind of cold energy is very strong. Adding on to that, the thing that is frozen inside produced a kind of energy, allowing these profoundbing to absorb more cold energy. In other words, the reason the things inside these profoundbing have made them strong and are unable to detect anything is so that they can protect themselves. "

"Could the things inside be strange flowers and herbs?" Chen Xiang asked again. Since Long Xueyi had not made any movements, she probably could not see anything either.

"I don't know. Can't you just take one and open it?" The White Tiger was very curious about these profoundbing s.

The Elder Wan saw that Chen Xiang and the others were all silent, he looked at the profoundbing seriously and laughed: "You are very powerful, I know that you all wish to get rid of these profoundbing, but I want to tell you all, these profoundbing are very difficult to break through! If you want to get rid of these profoundbing, you still have to buy them. These profoundbing s are rather special in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, it took a lot of effort to get them out, and many people even died. "

Chen Xiang said: "Are you planning to sell all these profoundbing that you don't know about? It seems like you guys are willing to pay a good price for it! "

"That's right, this is something that we have sacrificed a lot to get back!" The Elder Wan said.

"I think you guys forced others to go, who doesn't know about what you did in Heaven Thunder Purgatory? It's very normal for you to do such a thing in profound Cold Ancient Realm! " From the looks of it, he was an expert among rogue cultivators.

The Elder Wan did not care about him and continued: "Even if you go to the profound Cold Ancient Realm, you will not be able to guarantee that you can find this type of profoundbing. You should have seen how powerful these profoundbing are."

Chen Xiang asked: "Are you really unable to open these profoundbing and see what's inside?"

The Elder Wan sighed, "It's not impossible for it to melt. A senior from our Gold Sun Saint Realm came over and used his immortal equipment to break it open. There really is something inside, it's a small piece of immortal jade."

Celestial jades were a rare ore that surpassed Spiritual crystal s. There was a lot of rich immortal qi contained within, not many in the Heaven Realm.

"If that's the case, then why did you take it out to sell?" Li Baojun was puzzled: "There are a lot of good stuff inside."

"Because some profoundbing have nothing inside." A fragrant wind blew over, and the Demon Empress Lv Qinlian walked into the courtyard with two mature women who had the charm of the wind. Her face was covered with a thin veil, causing her extremely beautiful face to appear and disappear, making her look even more captivating.

Of course, many rankers would choose to keep their breath and filter the fragrance off Lv Qinlian's body to prevent themselves from being poisoned.

Lv Qinlian did not recognize Chen Xiang, but she was wary of him. At the same time, she felt that the White Tiger was very dangerous, especially when they were close to the White Tiger, she couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. Even though she was shocked and fearful in her heart, she did not dare to look at the White Tiger again.

"This woman has a very special spirit sense. She seems to have noticed something about me." The White Tiger told Chen Xiang.

"She has a good relationship with me. She's on her own, so you don't have to worry about her." After Chen Xiang finished answering the White Tiger, he asked Lv Qinlian with a silly smile, "Does the Demon Empress have this kind of profoundbing as well?"

"We got more than ten pieces, and after great effort, we managed to break it open. Only one piece had something inside, but it was only an unformed immortal medicine, so it has some value, and all the shops are selling profoundbing s now." Lv Qinlian was extremely fearful of the White Tiger, he was extremely fearful, but he maintained a calm expression.

Chen Xiang caressed these profoundbing, he wanted to try and see if he could refine these profoundbing into a pill. He felt that if it could be refined, it would also be a pill with a cold attribute, it was very suitable for cultivators with cold energy to eat.

The Elder Wan laughed and said, "The Little Demon Empress said just now, there might be good things inside, and the two of you have sharp eyes, that's why I recommended you to buy these things! You should be able to see what's inside from these profoundbing. "

"Isn't this just testing my luck?" Chen Xiang rubbed his hands and asked: "How much are the profoundbing sold here?"

Many people knew about the profoundbing, but this was the first time they had heard of it being sold in this way.

"This piece of twenty billion Spar, this piece is thirty billion, and this piece is a little bit fifteen billion. This is mainly in terms of size, because when these profoundbing were formed, they were all fixed in size." The price that Elder Wan offered made many people curse in their hearts. To return with tens of billions of dollars to buy such a broken profoundbing, it would still take a lot of effort to open it, and there was no guarantee that there would be something inside.

Lv Qinlian had also said earlier, only by breaking more than 10 pieces would there be something to be found. Furthermore, from her tone, she felt that she had just gotten lucky, if her luck was bad, the 100 pieces wouldn't even be worth it, wouldn't she die? These profoundbing sellers could also earn money with death.

"Only with a lot of people buying the Spar!"


"Don't be so ruthless, if there was an immortal medicine or a celestial jade in there, then we would definitely be able to make a fortune!"

The surrounding crowd discussed animatedly.

Chen Xiang looked at a piece of blue profoundbing, touched it, and felt that it was abnormally cold. He carefully looked at it, and did not see any traces of ice on it, he could tell that after this profoundbing was formed, it had been sleeping in the profound Cold Ancient Realm for tens of thousands of years, and would only see daylight once if it was dug out, but what exactly was frozen inside? And how did these multicolored Primordial profoundbing form? Even the White Tiger was wary of profound Cold Ancient Realm. Just what was happening there?

"Chen Xiang, the God slain method might be able to help you figure something out!" The White Tiger suddenly said to Chen Xiang: "Didn't I tell you before? The Killing-god heart is a rock that I picked up.

At this time, Chen Xiang also wanted to use the God slain method to do something, but unfortunately, he didn't have enough control over the God slain method.

"That big white cat definitely hasn't learned God slain method! I think our ancestors in the Imperial Dragon Race created this Nine-turn dragon god mantra from the God slain method, so we might as well try using the 'Chaos Divine Eye' in the Nine-turn dragon god mantra! " The Long Xueyi who had been silent for a long time finally made a sound. It seemed that she could also not see through the contents of the profoundbing.

The Nine-turn dragon god mantra was not only there to help Chen Xiang cultivate his spirit, there were also many mystical techniques inside, such as the "Chaos Divine Eye".


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