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The dragon salyer had been eaten, what was so special about that?

Long Fei's anger was about to burn his head.

But before he could finish speaking, Long Fei who was clenching the other half of the dragon salyer tightly in his hands could no longer control it.


With a hum, it shook off Long Fei's hands and instantly disappeared.

"F * * k your mother!"

shouted in rage. dragon salyer was the Long family's heirloom, the belief of the Long family. Now that it was gone and eaten, how could he not be arrogant?

"Ahh …"

"Ah... Come out and return my dragon salyer. " Long Fei was incomparably furious.

Everything else was fine, except for the dragon salyer!

This was because it was something left behind by the Master, the belief of the Long family.

At the moment of his anger.

The Yan Huang ancestor suddenly moved, Long Fei's broken Pubes surged with an incomparably ferocious power. It was savage, bloody, and at the same time, carried the wrath of the Divine Dragon.

Long Fei could clearly feel that scene.

Blood dyed the sky red.

The earth was filled with rivers of blood.

A dragon god was groaning in pain and roaring.

Dragon blood splattered everywhere.

In the center of the dragon head was an incomparably savage large blade. The Dragon God was firmly nailed there, and the large blade was crazily absorbing the Dragon God's blood essence, gathering it bit by bit.

While he was absorbing the Dragon God's blood essence, the large saber was also unceasingly refining. The body of the saber was constantly changing, and the back of the blade was slowly covered with a raging Dragon God's pattern.



At this moment …

A beam of astral fire descended like a meteor, blasting onto the body of the dragon-blooded saber. Following which, the flames began to burn as well as the fresh blood within.

The entire Dragon God was also burning.

"Roar!" The dragon god roared, finally the enormous body of the dragon god that stretched for a few hundred thousand km vanished, charging into the huge blade.

On the back of the saber, a dragon god sat coiled, ferociously roaring.

At this moment.

With a flick of his wrist, all of the blood was sucked into the blade.




The earth split open and the sky shattered. All living things in the world became like ants as this great blade was born. All of them were trembling.

At this moment.

An explosive sound came from within Long Fei's Pubes. Yan Huang ancestor's feeble voice came out as he said in an incomparably domineering manner: "Brat, did you see my strength clearly?"

"The dragon salyer has rebuilt it for you!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'dragon salyer'!"

At this moment.

Long Fei was dumbstruck.

He was completely dumbfounded. In the past, he had always been the one who shocked others, but now … His heart was in complete shock. The Dragon God, the dragon blood, the flames in the sky, the earth, the sky, everything in the world, they were all worshipping.

The impact on Long Fei's mind was too big.

Looking at the dragon salyer lying quietly within.

The Dragon God's furious roar, the tempering of the heavenly fire, and the scarlet color of the dragon's blood seemed to faintly flash across the sky. Long Fei trembled slightly as the idea moved.

Weapon: dragon salyer (Can be levelled up)

Grade: Supreme God (upgradeable)

Weight: 13,000 jin

Damage: >

Description: Killing a demonic weapon will deal 500% increased attack damage to evil creatures, 100% increased attack damage to dragon creatures, additional skill 'Dragon Spirit Killer' will lead to a 100% increase in critical rate.

Description 2: Unknown (to be opened)

Description 3: Unknown (to be opened)

Looking at the description and the attributes of the dragon salyer, they were several times stronger than the original dragon salyer. Just the weight alone was ten times heavier than before.

Long Fei moved.


"My wrist is not strong enough, I can't use one hand."

Unable to grab it with his right hand, Long Fei looked at his wrist strength requirement, and required 999 wrist strength to use. Both of his hands moved, and he shouted: "Come out!"


As the blade aura exploded, the blade aura of the dragon salyer in the center of Long Fei continued to release, crushing those Ghost Warrior s to the ground, causing them to tremble uncontrollably.

supreme artifact's power also erupted.

Long Fei could only describe this feeling with one word as he could feel the three powerful energies within the dragon salyer, Heaven Flame, Dragon God, and Dragon Blood, constantly assaulting his soul.


Delightful to the extreme.

The Yan Huang ancestor said solemnly: "This is only the initial stage of the dragon salyer's evolution. Once I let it level up to the Peak Realm, even the war king in this world would be able to kill it with a single slash."


"Do I have the right to be your master now?"

Hu hu hu hu ….

Yan Huang ancestor's breathing became hurried, and he was even a little out of breath when he spoke.

"Even an expert of the war king realm was killed with a single slash? Isn't that an invincible existence? " Long Fei sincerely admired him in his heart, and immediately said: "Master!"

Yan Huang ancestor grinned and laughed, "Hahaha …"

His voice became weaker and weaker, "I can't take it anymore, I have to replenish my soul with the true breath, my remnant soul is too weak, kid, I will leave first, don't call me for three days."

As he spoke …

Then he would completely disappear.

Long Fei was unable to sense his existence.

Just now, when Yan Huang ancestor used the true breath to refine the dragon salyer, he had expended a large amount of Profound Qi.

It would take time to recover.

Long Fei did not disturb him either. Looking at the dragon salyer in his hands, he felt incomparably excited.

It was also at this moment.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing the 'Repair of the dragon salyer' quest, you have received 1000 experience points, 10 thousand true breath s, and a 10% increase in the activation rate of the Dragon Spirit Killer."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'The dragon salyer's secret'. Do you wish to check?"

10,000 true breath s returned to the true breath slot, before Long Fei could say anything, they were automatically absorbed by the Yan Huang ancestor.

Yan Huang ancestor was confused, why did Long Fei suddenly add 10,000 true breath points?

Recovering in a few seconds?

It was simply impossible. Even a peerless genius would not be able to recover so quickly.

With regards to the system beep, other than Long Fei, no one else could hear anything, including the Yan Huang ancestor in his body.

Although he did not know why there were suddenly ten thousand true breath s in Long Fei's body, the Yan Huang ancestor was excited and thought to himself: "Good boy, if we play in the future, hahaha … My Yan Huang ancestor will definitely slaughter his way back to the Chaos Realm one day. Just you all wait, just wait till you all tremble for my return. "

… ….

Long Fei moved and said: "Check!"


The system sounded out.

"dragon salyer, the ancestors of the Long family killed the Dragon God and poured the Dark Dragon God's blood essence to create it. The Dragon God's power is contained within the Seal, and those who control the dragon salyer grasp the Dragon Tribe." ^ [half (. )/[Float * (Life)]. Previous Chapter

"Bring the dragon salyer to find the dragon clan, we can order them!"

A few short sentences.

Long Fei was dumbstruck.

Could dragon salyer command dragons?

Chapter 9

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