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Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appear, Leng Youlan flew over and hugged Chen Xiang tightly.

"Brother, I knew you could break that bastard's seal, haha …" Leng Youlan laughed as he patted Chen Xiang's back.

Xue Xianxian let out a small sigh of relief. All these years, they had been extremely nervous, because if the Fire Divine Palace attacked the Chen Martial Continent, it would not be easy to defend against. It had to be known that the Fire Divine Palace had allied many forces, and there were even people from the Demon and Devil Realms.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had returned, Xue Xianxian, who had been tensed up for many days, finally relaxed. This was because in her heart, Chen Xiang could solve all the dangers.

Chen Xiang lightly embraced Xue Xianxian and kissed her forehead. Then he smiled and said: "Xianxian, I feel like you and Elder Sister Meng'er are becoming more and more similar."

"Little Scoundrel, you think of Elder Sister Meng'er all day." Xue Xianxian scoffed.

"Bro, you came out of that damn seal, why is there no news at all?" Leng Youlan was very excited at this moment, because he was sure that he would be able to charge in together with Chen Xiang during the great battle.

Xue Xianxian quickly understood the reason and smiled at Leng Youlan: "You Lan, I'm afraid that even Fire Divine Palace doesn't know about my husband coming out. The Palace Lord should still be there, standing guard at death's door."

Leng Youlan also understood at this moment, and immediately nodded: "So that's how it is, then that means, when the time comes, Big Bro will secretly make his move."

Chen Xiang said: "Not only that, we still have some plans, and we need you to cooperate. This will severely injure the Fire Divine Palace and the other forces."

Xue Xianxian said: "What plan?"

Chen Xiang took out the list of names, then told the two girls about him impersonating the Golden Face Ghost Killer and sneaking into the Alliance.

"When the time comes, I will need your cooperation. What you need to do is let the outside world, and even the disciples of Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and Icy Wind Valley know that all of the important people on the list who are related to you are dead."

Xue Xianxian immediately understood, "They want us to fake our deaths, and let the Fire Divine Palace's alliance mistake us for a mess. When they attack, we can gather our forces to ambush them and eliminate them.

"Exactly, their alliance will definitely gather a large portion of their elites to attack you, and when the time comes, we will also send out all our strength to kill this group of people, and my Dragon Subduing School will have made the arrangements."

Leng Youlan said: "When the time comes for us to come back from the dead and join the battle, wouldn't that mean that you won't be able to continue living in that alliance?"

Chen Xiang laughed: You can participate in the battle, but don't let others find out.

Xue Xianxian said: "If we fake our deaths, at the same time, we can give the successors that we nurture a chance for them to gain experience."

"You guys have already groomed the successor. The man is still the woman."

Xue Xianxian rolled her eyes at him: "Little Scoundrel, are you that concerned about this?"

As long as the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and its people pretended to be dead, half of the people on the list would be sent out. Chen Xiang felt that he could go back and submit his mission now.

"In that case, you'd better make the arrangements tonight, and send out the news of your deaths tomorrow morning, hmm... The time of death has to be better, we cannot let Icy Wind Valley and Divine Weapons Heavenly Country die together, I will go find Qianqian and have her bring some people over. "

"I will find a few elders to discuss it. If nothing goes wrong, you will know the news of my death in the morning." Xue Xianxian laughed mischievously.

"Then what about me? When should I die?" Leng Youlan asked with a smile.

"You are together. Time can be the same." Chen Xiang caressed her white hair, and laughed: "When the time comes, I'll fake my death, don't jump out or else my plan will be ruined."

Leng Youlan pouted. "Don't think so badly of me, I've played with this kind of scheme before."

After discussing with Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, Chen Xiang anxiously headed towards Dan Fragrance Pure Land. He had used a transformation technique to quietly go in, he did not want anyone else to see him looking for people.

Wu Qianqian was just as busy as the two women in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. She wanted to refine pills, cultivate and nurture the next Leader.

Deep into the night, Wu Qianqian busied herself for the entire day, soaking in the hot spring inside the cave, using the Spirit Spring Water to dispel fatigue, strengthening her body, and nourishing the veins in her body. Just as she was bathing in the water comfortably, she heard a cough, which startled her, causing her to release a ball of white light aura, wrapping her body with Spirit Spring Water, and taking out a treasured sword.

"Qianqian, it's me." Chen Xiang said from outside the stone room.

"Chen Xiang." Wu Qianqian was shocked, he anxiously kept his sword and donned on his clothes, then walked out of the stone room with the spirit spring.

The cave that Wu Qianqian resided in was protected extremely well by the array. Even if someone used a jade plate to enter, she would immediately know.

At this critical moment, Wu Qianqian was very happy to be able to come out from the seal, but she looked at Chen Xiang strangely.

Wu Qianqian's hair was drenched, her body was dressed in a simple robe, she looked extremely charming and seductive.

Chen Xiang saw Wu Qianqian looking at him that way, and immediately explained: "I didn't peek."

Wu Qianqian laughed, "I didn't say you were spying on me."

After that, Wu Qianqian leaned on Chen Xiang's chest, gently hugging Chen Xiang's tiger waist, and said gently: "It's good that you're back, all these years you've been worried to death about me."

Chen Xiang kissed his lips and said: "I came out from that seal, Fire Divine Palace does not know about it."

Wu Qianqian sensed that Chen Xiang had something important to tell her, so he nodded. She, who was familiar with Chen Xiang, could also think of something.

Chen Xiang told her the plan. After hearing it, Wu Qianqian asked, "What do I need to do when the time comes?"

"If news of You Lan and Xianxian's deaths spreads, you will secretly issue an order to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to support them. You said that to protect them from being attacked, but for specific actions, I will inform you when the time comes."

Chen Xiang gave some of Wu Qianqian's ingredients, all of them were of a higher rank, allowing her to learn how to refine higher ranked pills. After leaving the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, Chen Xiang headed towards the Sacred Yan City, waiting for the news to spread out.

The Chen Martial Continent had always been attacked by many forces, especially in these few years, it had been very ordinary. It was because the legend said that it would be the center of the New Imperial Heaven World, and that there would be a second dragon vein, that would lead to this disaster.

At dawn, the news spread to Sacred Yan City. Divine Weapons Heavenly Country s and some important elders in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country all died due to poison. At this time, the entire Divine Weapons Heavenly Country was in chaos.

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