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Everyone had just heard from Chen Xiang that those people from the Divine Devil Cult seemed to have specially killed those with heaven-defying inheritances. For example, those from the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family.

"Heavenly Slave... It's been a long time since I've heard this name! " Super Yuan Sect Leader closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"My royal father once said that the Heavenly Slave was only one person, but his strength is as strong as the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was back then." Prince Imperial Dragon's words shocked everyone.

"If this kind of person calls himself Heavenly Slave, then the reason he created this Divine Devil Cult is to do things for the heavens? specialize in killing those who go against the heavens? "

"Are we all going to suffer?"

Super Yuan Sect Leader didn't doubt Chen Xiang's words in the slightest. There weren't many people who knew about the existence of Divine Devil Cult, but since Chen Xiang was able to say it, it was likely that he had really met one.

"Humph? What bullsh * t Heavenly Slave, I'm not afraid of something that claims to be a servant! " The black-faced man said.

"Three horns Dragon King, what do you think about your current strength compared to Dragon Emperor's?" The Dragon Emperor he was talking about was naturally the father of the Dragon Emperor that was in charge of the Imperial Dragon Race right now.

Chen Xiang was very surprised, the guy he released from the Poisonous beast Dragon Orb was actually also a dragon. Now he knew why this dragon was with the Prince Imperial Dragon.

"You mean to say, the strength of the Heavenly Slave is the same as the Dragon Emperor?" Three horns Dragon King asked.

"That's right!"

Everyone present were all panicking. If someone with the same strength as Dragon Emperor wanted to kill them, wouldn't that be like crushing an ant? Only the Prince Imperial Dragon was very calm, because the only power that could resist the Heavenly Slave was their Imperial Dragon Race.

Three horns Dragon King did not say anything, he believed that he was very strong in this group of people, but compared to Dragon Emperor, he did not dare be so arrogant, otherwise he would have killed Prince Imperial Dragon long ago.

"We will rest for today, and start our journey tomorrow. The Divine Devil Cult has appeared, let's move quickly!" Super Yuan Sect Leader sent people to bring Chen Xiang to rest, and after leaving the man place, Chen Xiang secretly heaved a sigh of relief, he was not seen through.

Once Chen Xiang entered the room, he immediately laid on the bed to rest. He was extremely nervous just now.

"Little Naughty Dragon, do you know of that Divine Devil Cult?" When Chen Xiang saw that the Prince Imperial Dragon knew, he felt that Long Xueyi should know too.

"I don't know. If I knew, I would have told you!" I think that this Divine Devil Cult came here from the Heaven Realm, and it has something to do with the Di Tian Crack! In these hundreds of thousands of years, those Great War between Three Realms s were probably created by them! " Long Xueyi's guess was also something that Chen Xiang had thought of.

Many things had been lost, and many people had fallen. This was the reason why many civilizations had been destroyed, and when civilization was at its peak, a single war was equivalent to the destruction of the world!

"Then what about Three horns Dragon King? What kind of person with strength can be called the Dragon King? " Chen Xiang knew that this Three horns Dragon King hated him to death, he definitely could not be captured by this guy.

"It should be an existence equivalent to an Immortal King. It should be around the same strength as that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord!" Long Xueyi said.

"So you mean you are one step away from becoming a Dragon Emperor?" Chen Xiang never thought that this guy would be so powerful.

However, I am different. In the future, I will definitely become a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, but first, I have to get rid of that annoying grandson! Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang felt that Long Xueyi's parents were definitely very strong, otherwise they wouldn't have given birth to this little abnormal dragon.

At dawn, Chen Xiang arrived at the main hall early. Everyone took out the stone pieces and formed a map, Chen Xiang realised that the stone pieces were all of different sizes and colors, and there were some that were circular or triangular, but when all the stone pieces were combined, they could form a complete map.

From the mouth of those big shots, Chen Xiang found out that having a complete map was the first step. To get to that place, he still needed to activate the stone pieces and open the door to that place before he could finish his second step. He was representing the Purple Moon Imperial Land now, and he was also the weakest. If he reached that place, after he lost all his value, would he be killed by these people?

Chen Xiang knew very well what kind of crap these big shots of the ancient powers were. If it was treasures, it would be better to split them with one less person!

After memorizing the map, everyone kept the stone pieces and started their journey. As Chen Xiang was a small child, he could only walk at the back. In the eyes of this group of people, he was merely a tool to let them find the treasures.

Although it was like this, Chen Xiang knew that this group of people would definitely protect him. If he died, this group of people would not be able to think of obtaining anything from that place.

"The place we are going is the Chaotic Mountain?" An old man asked.

"Yes, although we stayed in the Chaotic Mountain for a long time, we never knew where the Chaotic Mountain was. That was a huge boulder that came down from the Primal Chaos Dimension, and we didn't know what our ancestors did in there or what powerful things they found there, which was why they hid the Chaotic Mountain!" The Super Yuan Sect Leader said.

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart: "He's actually going to find the Chaotic Mountain, he should be on that map!"

Super Yuan Sect Leader brought along three elders and a young man. One of the elders was his son, and that young man was the one who wanted to forcefully marry Du Yanyao, the grandson of Super Yuan Sect Leader.

There were many youths following them, but Super Yuan Sect Leader's grandson was a little dishonest at the beginning, wanting to hook up with Ji Meixian and the Qin family's heavenly daughter, Qin Yao. However, after being stared at by Super Yuan Sect Leader, he no longer dared to act rashly.

In the past, Peach Blossom Imperial Land was not a traitor, so they did not come. Furthermore, there were many traitors in the past.

Everyone split up and used the Super Yuan Mountain's Transmission array to arrive at a forest. Chen Xiang didn't know where he was right now, but he was sure he was still in the Chaotic Mountain because the immortal energy was different from other places.

"This forest is very dangerous. In the end, don't fly high into the sky, or else the vicious beasts below will find out!" Super Yuan Sect Leader knew this place very well, and to find this Chaotic Mountain, they had to pass through this forest.

"What's there to be afraid of?" Three horns Dragon King disdainfully said: "If there are any fierce beasts, I'll eat them!"

"The fierce beasts here are no ordinary fierce beasts. We usually call them Primal Chaos Beasts, and they are all fellows who can use the power of primal chaos. Some of them can even use Fire of Chaos! There are even some that can release Super Old poison. You should know that most of those Super Old poison came from the Primal Chaos Realm. " The Super Yuan Sect Leader said.

Chen Xiang had always been extremely curious about the Primal Chaos Realm, but no one could tell him what kind of place it was. However, he did have one of the key things that led to the Primal Chaos Realm, and that was the seven Chaos Fire Token s.

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