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Thunder Emperor and the rest were all at their original spots, looking at the black smoke in front of them, which were the demons that was being refined by Chen Xiang.

Hell Demon Yan Jing had already sent out his Hell Devil Troop, but he did not stop Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's strength was not the strongest, otherwise, he would not have left so quickly. However, his abilities were extremely terrifying, especially the Heavenly Alchemy that he had grasped right now, it had greatly expanded the horizons of Thunder Emperor. Now, they understood why the Hell Devil Emperor did not hesitate to eliminate Chen Xiang at all cost, because Chen Xiang's potential was very great, if he grew up, it would definitely affect the control of the Hell Devil Emperor over the Nine Heaven World and the Endless Heaven Realm.

"No more chasing?" Thunder Emperor saw a Hell Devil Envoy.

"Is there any use in chasing after him? Even if it's a normal place, we wouldn't be able to catch him, much less this complicated Life Forest." The Hell Devil Envoy shook his head and said, "The Demon Kings and Demon Masters won't be able to stay here for too long. They definitely won't be able to enter."

"If you guys want to go in, I'll ask the Emperor and see if I can give you some communication treasures so that he can tell you where Chen Xiang is at any time."

As for the situation inside the Life Forest, this group of people had only heard of it and had never personally entered before, so they were not too afraid. On the contrary, they were extremely curious, and since they were already here, the bounty on Chen Xiang's list would definitely increase again.

In the eyes of the Dragon Emperor and the others, killing Chen Xiang to obtain the Divine Deity was much easier than refining to obtain, and it was even faster.

The Divine Deity bestowed to them by the Hell Devil Emperor were still the same type of Divine Deity that had been formed. Even if they condensed their Divine Deity, it would still take them a very long time to cultivate it to the point of perfection, so this bounty had an extremely huge temptation.

"How long do you need? We need to quickly enter the Life Forest." The Thunder Emperor said.

"The fastest is three days. You can all wait here."

Hell Devil Envoy and the Demon Kings and Demon Masters suddenly turned into black smoke and merged into the fluctuating space, returning to hell.

It was not easy for the Hell Devil Emperor to transfer to the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, and he had to pay a huge price. It didn't matter if he could kill Chen Xiang, but not only did he not kill Chen Xiang, all of the demons and hundred of Hell Demons were killed, not even his soul remained.

Chen Xiang left the battlefield and came to a place that was surrounded by purple light. This was the Purple Leaf Forest that Dongfang Xinyue was talking about, the leaves of the flowers and trees here, were all purple.

"What a strange Life Forest." Chen Xiang stood on top of a huge leaf on a big tree. A single leaf of this tree could build a small mansion and it was even emitting a purple colored glow. There was a special energy inside the light that could be absorbed and refined into divine power.

Chen Xiang had eaten the pellet that was refined with the Heavenly Alchemy and received a very rich amount of energy. The majority of it was beneficial to the strength of his soul, because the demons and devils that came from hell were all very powerful soul forms.

"How did you make it just now? It was done so quickly." Long Xueyi was also shocked by Chen Xiang's methods just now. How could a million demons and a hundred Hell Demons be instantly refined by Chen Xiang?

"This is a technique from the Heavenly Alchemy, called the Demonic Refinement Art. It is mainly used to refine large amounts of demonic energy into pure energy." Chen Xiang said, "Just now, it was not easy for me to execute this move, and it took me a while to prepare. Luckily, those Demon Kings did not attack me when we first started, otherwise we would not have been able to unleash it."

Long Xueyi laughed: "That group of idiots, but you can't blame them. If they didn't work together to lay down the barrier, you would have escaped, and this time, Hell Devil Emperor will definitely increase the bounty. It might even be three Divine Deity s."

This Life Forest is a very safe place for me, I hope that I can cultivate Emperor soul here, at that time, I will not need to hide here, those who want to kill me, I will send them to see Hell Devil Emperor.

Chen Xiang began to refine that pellet. Although he had a Divine Deity to assist him in refining it, the pellet contained a lot of soul energy, and he needed to focus on cultivation.

"Even the Vermilion Bird doesn't know about what just happened. Could she be cultivating?" Long Xueyi had thought that the Vermillion Bird would appear.

"She is at the third barrier, which is very far from the outside. She must have blocked many auras, and the commotion caused by those Hell Devil Troop can be spread throughout the entire Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, but it definitely won't be able to reach the Divine Fire Forest." Dongfang Xinyue said.

"Hehe, perhaps because the White Tiger is there, she didn't appear. I never would have thought that the White Tiger would really dare to come here to find her. I really want to see how they looked when they met." Long Xueyi laughed, "I don't know if the Vermillion Bird will hate the little scoundrel, but the little scoundrel has White Tiger Divine Weapon on him and he also cultivates Heaven Earth Killing Method, which left a bad impression on the Vermillion Bird."

"Probably not, I mentioned this to her before, she even said that she wanted to meet Chen Xiang." Dongfang Xinyue chuckled. "The Vermillion Bird Grandmaster treats me very well, and she knows that Chen Xiang is my master. I've explained this to her, so she definitely won't harm Chen Xiang when the time comes."

Long Xueyi curled his lips: "She definitely won't hurt little scoundrel, but she will still make things difficult for you. But you don't have to worry, I'll deal with her later."

Chen Xiang sat on that leaf and cultivated for two days and two nights before he finally refined that pellet.

The Purple Leaf Forest hid dangers everywhere, but with Long Xueyi here, she could clearly feel that it was safe there, so Chen Xiang could stay here for two days.

After he finished cultivating, Chen Xiang jumped around on top of these big leaves, looking at the special purple scenery inside the Purple Leaf Forest. There were all kinds of strange plants here, all of which could release purple light at night, and at night, this was a purple ocean.

Chen Xiang had been wandering around here all day, and was preparing to go inside the Cold Wind Forest, when suddenly there was a roar coming from inside the Purple Leaf Forest, it sounded like the roar of a huge beast.

"No, it's not a giant beast roaring. It should be a group of beasts." Chen Xiang frowned.

"Could it be the Purple Leaf Forest's Holy Beast roaring?" Long Xueyi said: "I'll go take a look."

"The beasts in the Purple Leaf Forest are all formed by Saint Beasts. Most of these Saint Beasts evolved to adapt to the forest. They can change to the human form, but most of the time they maintain their beast form." Dongfang Xinyue said: "Listening to this roar, it should be something like an ape or something."

Sure enough, Long Xueyi quickly probed: "It's a large group of monkeys. There are a lot of of them and their entire bodies are covered with purple hair.

"They are chasing three people... It's actually those three fellows. "

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