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After chatting with the old man for a while, Chen Xiang found out that these shoes were made of a special material. There were a lot of these materials here, when the old man had nothing better to do, he would make these shoes, his shop was at the edge of the shop, although many people would pass by, this place was not the most prosperous place, for the sake of leaving a good impression on the customers, he would gift these shoes.

The old man's shop mainly sold food, all of them were just fish, mainly selling a dish called Golden jade fish s. After Long Xueyi heard this, he hastily rushed in from the outside and asked the old man to take out the most delicious dishes here, because this place was also used for trading using Holy stone s, and what Chen Xiang did not lack were Holy stone s. He did not use the Holy stone s which he earned from selling them much.

"This shop looks pretty big, why is it only you, grandpa?" Long Xueyi asked curiously. At this time, she looked like an innocent girl, how could they tell that she was Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord that had existed since the Primordial Era?

The old man took out many middle tier Golden jade fish s, which looked like a type of fish made of gold and jade. However, the old man's superb cooking skills, as well as various types of delicious juice, made the fish look delicious. Just by smelling the fragrance, one could not help but swallow their saliva.

Long Xueyi had already started to wolf down his food, praising himself while eating, making the old man unable to hide his smile.

Chen Xiang carefully sampled the fish. These fishes were indeed delicious and tasty, moreover, they also had a faint Holy Spirit power. If it was in Di Tian, a single fish could be sold for a lot of money.

"Old grandpa, you still haven't answered my question." Long Xueyi asked.

The old man did not want to answer this question, but he was in a good mood at the moment, so he sighed: "I've been in this shop for ten thousand years, and some old customers have already eaten here for a few thousand years. Although these fish are not of the highest grade, but after I add in some seasonings, they are comparable to Tier 1 immortal pills.

Long Xueyi nodded her head repeatedly. When she started to eat, she felt that it was very delicious, and the dozens of plates on the table were quickly cleaned up by her.

Originally, there were many waiters here, two of them were my disciples. After I passed my skills down to them, they ran off to Skysea City and opened their own shop, and even slandered me, saying that my fish were caught using poison. In order to achieve their goal, they even planned for a large number of people to be poisoned, and thousands of them were poisoned at that time.

"There aren't that many people here, but because of my shop in the past, it was very lively here."

While talking, the old man had already shed tears, which made Long Xueyi very angry.

"These two disciples of yours are too bad. I must teach them a good lesson." Long Xueyi slammed the table and stood up, his killing intent dense.

"Elder, where is Skysea City?" Chen Xiang asked. If what the old man said was true, he would conveniently take care of those two fellows.

"You two, forget it. I'm also a Saint Lord, but I can't afford to provoke them. They're big figures now, and Sky Sea City isn't easy to reach either. I need a million kilograms of Holy stone to go in with them." The old man said.

"It's fine." Chen Xiang laughed. A million kilograms of Holy stone meant nothing to him.

The old man had opened a shop here for many years, and his judgement of others was very accurate. Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were from another sky realm, to be able to casually come here from another sky, they must definitely be extraordinary, but he did not want the two of them to get into big trouble for him.

Under Long Xueyi's questioning, the old man still told Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi the location of Sky Sea City.

"So Skysea City is deep within the sea. I really want to take a look." Long Xueyi's face was full of anticipation.

"Old man, have you ever heard of a Vermillion Bird?" Chen Xiang asked.

This old man knew a lot of things, and indeed did not disappoint Chen Xiang.

"I've heard of her, she's a strong fire attribute beast emperor, but she's actually appeared in the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm, it's extremely strange. I've only heard of her, as for where she is, I have no idea." the old man replied.

After that, Chen Xiang described Dongfang Xinyue's appearance to the elder, wanting to ask if he had seen this elder before. The elder could only shake his head.

Dongfang Xinyue was likely to change his appearance, so even if the old man saw him, he would not have an impression of him.

After Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi bid farewell to the old man, they went back into the ocean. The old man did not take their Holy stone, but Chen Xiang had secretly left behind a Storage bag which contained many Holy stone.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi both possessed very strong powers, so diving into the deep sea was not a difficult task. It was just that the Heavenly Sea City was very deep.

Pearl and Kong Bailing woke up at this moment. The pearl that was familiar with the deep sea shouted that they wanted to come out, and Chen Xiang had no choice but to agree.

After coming out, the pearl released a large shell, and inside it was a room filled with pearls, coral, and Beck's decorations. Long Xueyi and Kong Bailing had seen it before, but it was the first time Chen Xiang entered.

"So beautiful." Chen Xiang touched the top of his head and felt that it was very sturdy.

"This is something that has been with me for many years. It is now a saint artifact. Even if it is a Saint realm master's attack, it can still block me for a period of time. The last time I was sleeping, I was forced open by a group of fellows and they grabbed me out." Pearl was lying on a rocking chair, indicating for Chen Xiang to give it a try.

It would take some time to dive into the depths of the sea, but in this room, laughing and joking with a beautiful young lady, time passed very quickly.

"We're almost there. Let's go outside." They only saw a very intense light below. They could already clearly see a huge city at the bottom of the lake, enveloped in a half circle of transparent light. From above, it looked very spectacular.

This was the city of Skysea, located at the bottom of the ocean. Entering this city would require a high price, so it was not surprising that it would be difficult to construct.

Chen Xiang couldn't understand why he would build such a city here. Wasn't it good to build a floating city on the water's surface?

However, when Chen Xiang got closer, he realized that the reason why the city was built was to absorb the Holy Spirit Qi, and the biggest benefit should be the power inside the city.

Pearl heard that it required millions of kilograms of Holy stone to enter and enter, so she entered into the ring. She didn't want Chen Xiang to waste so much money for her.

Chen Xiang arrived at the city gate. After handing in the one million jin Holy stone, he could enter, and there was no time limit to how long he could stay inside. However, after coming out, he would have to pay a new price to enter.

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