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### Chapter 82 - Examination failed

Long Fei and the other two swam out from the lake and went ashore.

Long Shan asked, "Young Lord, where are we going now?"

"Long Army!"

Long Fei did not hesitate, this was their current destination.

One of them said, "We were almost played to death this time. Do you still want to go?"

"Yeah. They are too ruthless. "

Meng Yue's methods were indeed ruthless.

They were forced to jump off a cliff. If they didn't wait for the wind to blow and deviate in some direction, they would be smashed to smithereens.

Long Fei laughed: "The more ruthless you are, the more you have to go, and let them know that we aren't weaklings who can be pinched just because you want to, don't you want to stomp over the Long family?"



"To trample on the Long family's army …" Long Shan gulped and murmured, "I feel so excited just thinking about it."

"Hahaha …"

To trample on the Long family's army, this was what Long Fei wanted to do.

Moreover, this would definitely be very exciting!

If they wanted to subdue the high and mighty Long family army, they would have to trample on them. When facing soldiers, they could only crush them with force. Even if they crushed them to the point that they couldn't breathe, they wouldn't resent them. They would only admire them.

This was the fastest way to gain recognition!

… ….

Not long after Long Fei's group of five climbed onto the lake's surface, Meng Yue brought more than three hundred Black Dragon pioneer camp warriors with him and hurried back to Sleeping Dragon Valley, where the Long Family's army was stationed.

He wanted to tell her what had just happened.

Right now, he wished he could fly over, because Long Fei had made him too excited.

It had been a long time since he had been this excited.

To him, Long Fei's completion of the mission could be said to be perfect!


Sleeping Dragon Valley, Long family's military headquarters.

Meng Yue excitedly told everything that happened in the past three days, as if he was a teacher lecturing under a bridge.

In the end, Meng Yue didn't forget to say: "Young Master Long Fei is simply too handsome, everything is within his grasp. There are very few people that I, Meng Yue, admire, and now he can be considered one!"

The four generals were stunned.

Long Yun revealed a smile, and said: "Three senior fellow apprentice s, how do you feel? I said he could. "

A cultivation at the war spirit realm had actually completed the hardest trial possible. It had to be said that this was a huge blow to their hearts, it was an impossible mission.

Shock was shock.

Long Lei said slightly: "Meng Yue, you said earlier that there were four more Long Family disciples with you?"

Meng Yue replied: "They are traitors. They are simply unworthy of being members of the Long family, and even more unworthy of entering the Long family's army trial."

Long Lei continued to ask: What is Long Fei's mission?

"Err …" Meng Yue was startled for a moment, then said: "Save the captured disciples of the Long family."

With that, Meng Yue immediately said: "Great General, Long Fei did indeed go and save them, but they sold out Long Fei. If it were not for them selling out, our Black Dragon pioneer camp would not even know that Long Fei had entered the skyline camp, this mission … …"

Without waiting for him to finish, Long Lei's voice trembled, and interrupted Meng Yue: "Tell me, were those last four people saved by Long Fei? Just tell me the answer. "

"No, no, no." Meng Yue's brows tightened, and said anxiously: "But …"

"No buts!"

"A mission is a mission. If it's an examination, then it's an examination. If he didn't complete the mission, then he didn't pass the examination. My evaluation of Long Fei is, unqualified!" Long Lei said in a serious tone.

Long Yun's face filled with anger. He walked forward and said, "Great senior fellow apprentice, Meng Yue has already explained everything clearly, those four people are traitors of the Long family.

Meng Yue then continued: "Long Fei went to save them, and before he saved them, he knew that they had betrayed him, but he still went to save them. This means that even though Long Fei measured their abilities, he still wanted to save them. Great General, my personal evaluation of Long Fei is both wise and brave, and for him to be able to disregard life and death for his brother, I, Meng Yue, admire him! "

He had experienced it personally, so he admired Long Fei!

How many people can do this?

Isn't that young master being pampered in one of the big families in the Fire Glass City? Who could possibly risk their life with an ordinary disciple and call them brothers?


Long Fei can!

So he admired it!

Long Lei said indifferently: "Meng Yue, a mission is a mission. If it's not a mission that you admire personally, then you've completed it. Moreover, he actually chose to jump off a cliff. What if he fell to his death? This method is against the Long Family Army. As a result, if he fails, we can return him back to his original form, back to the Fire Glass City! "

Meng Yue was slightly agitated as he said: "Great General, you're not at the scene, you don't even know the situation here. When we jumped down the cliff, Long Fei was extremely calm and accurate, even including the speed of the wind. This is the first time I, Meng Yue, have seen such an intelligent person!"

"Great senior fellow apprentice, I know what you're thinking in your heart. Isn't it just because Long Fei's Dragon Blood Activation is zero? Long Yun's face grew excited as well.

She was happy for Long Fei.

Long Lei's brows sunk, revealing a sneer filled with contempt: "Long Yun, since you pointed it out first, then please see it clearly. His Dragon Blood Activation is zero, what does that mean?"

"This means that he's just a piece of trash!"

"Useless, do you understand?"

"I will absolutely not allow this kind of trash to take charge of the Long family's army. Anybody can, only Long Fei the trash cannot!"

Straight to the point.

Lei Long did not try to hide it anymore, "I just despise him! He does not have the qualifications to become the supreme Long family master, and does not have the qualifications to command the Long family army, just like his father back then did not have the qualifications! "

Of course.

There were a few other factors behind looking down on Long Fei.

Long Yun's brows also furrowed and his expression became cold. He shouted, "Long Fei is Long Fei, and his father is his father. If he does not give up, he will be the supreme expert of the Long family. "

He could say anyone, but not Long Fei's father!

Long Yun continued to be tough: "And if he is willing to continue the assessment? I approve of his passing the first round of examination! "

Meng Yue also immediately stated his position, and said: "I am the main examiner, Long Fei had perfectly completed the mission, and I approve of his passing."

Long Lei glared at him and bellowed: You are not qualified to vote!

Meng Yue scratched his head, laughed awkwardly, and said: "I just want to express my views."

Long Lei looked at his other two junior brothers, exhaled, and said: "Since we disagree, then let us vote!"

"I agree, Long Fei is not qualified, please raise your hand!"

Long Lei raised his hand.

Long Lei also raised his hand.

Long Lei slightly said: "Those who agree with Long Fei's decision to continue with the assessment, please raise your hands."

Long Yun raised his hand. Long Feng hesitated for a moment before raising it as well, "I think we should give him a chance."

Meng Yue playfully raised both his hands and said: "I agree with it with both of my hands!"

Long Lei glared at him and Meng Yue immediately became impotent, as he laughed foolishly.

Long Lei laughed complacently, and said: "Half against half, Long Fei..."

Half-way through, the result was that Long Fei had failed the examination!

They were going to be beaten back to the Fire Glass City!

At this time, Long Yun clenched his teeth and knelt down on one knee, begging, "Great senior fellow apprentice, please give him one more chance, I am willing to use Yun Long army as a guarantee. If he fails the second time, I will be late to become the general of Yun Long army!"



"Sister Yun …"

Long Lei's heart burned with anger, he hated Long Fei's appearance from the bottom of his heart. Clenching his fists tightly, he then heaved a sigh of relief, suppressed his anger and shouted: "Good! Long Yun, since you want to protect him, I'll give you one more chance. "

"You don't need to waste your time on other exams."

"Immediately let him enter the final round of the ultimate trials!"

When Long Yun heard this, he became furious and said, "Great senior fellow apprentice, do you want him to die inside?"

Long Lei sneered, and said: "I just want him to die inside. Long Yun, I want to see if you can afford to gamble!"

Using the Yun Long army as a form of insurance made Long Lei even more furious, and the battle qi on his body instantly came crashing down.

Battle qi filled the air.

Using all his might to crush everything, Long Lei stared at Long Yun with fury.

Long Yun clenched his fists and said, "I bet!"

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