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Magical corruption gas were Super Old poison, how could ancient powers like them not know about it? They knew they were going to die! They also understood why so many Rankers and people who made a move on Chen Xiang died in such a baffling manner. It turned out that Chen Xiang could control Magical corruption gas s!

Thinking about this, the faces of these experts were full of fear, if they wanted to defend against this kind of Magical corruption gas and still manage to escape, they would have to at least have the strength of an immortal.

Chen Xiang's face darkened as he slowly walked over: "If I don't use this thing to protect myself, I only have one outcome, and that is death!"

"The reason why I did this, is because you forced me. I have no enmity with you, and I saved your Qin family, but you want to capture me and take away my immortal saber! If it was you guys, you would definitely retaliate, right? "

"We just wanted to invite you to the Qin family, but you …"

Chen Xiang was enraged, he rushed over and ruthlessly slapped Qin Meng, and even a few of his teeth were knocked off, "Earlier, you guys were speaking outside. I heard everything clearly, don't even think about acting cocky in front of me!"

"You are right, you are a group of ungrateful bastards, the same kind as the Five Sons of Wolf King! It's fine if you don't pay me, but you want to capture me? "

These people were all like puppets now, and could only watch as Chen Xiang's palm came at them, without being able to retaliate at all.

"Chen Xiang, you will definitely die a horrible death, using such a despicable method …"


Chen Xiang used the Devil Subduing Method and slapped the old man hard, causing the bones on his face to cave in.

"Old bastard, you dare to say such a despicable thing in front of me? I saved that little girl, yet you all didn't even respond to thank me and even sent so many people with cultivation stronger than mine to capture me. You actually fucking have the nerve to mention despicable things to me!? If you don't care about face, I'll help you smash it up!"

Chen Xiang's palms flew together as he used the Devil Subduing Method, pa pa pa … He crazily slapped the old man's face until blood and flesh flew everywhere. His five senses were all squeezed together and it was an appalling scene. The sight left a lingering fear in the hearts of the others.

They were already about to die, yet they were being tortured so miserably. After dying, they would even be turned into minced meat by the Magical corruption gas.

Death was not scary, but this kind of death made them feel incomparable fear!

But none of them dared to resist, otherwise, the Magical corruption gas inside their bodies would immediately explode, and at that time, they would die, no matter what, they would die, but they would rather live for a little longer, and hope for a miracle to happen!

"The Qin family is here, hurry up and make a move!" Long Xueyi reminded Chen Xiang. In order to ensure that he would not be discovered when he was using the Magical corruption gas, she used the Heaven tour method to cover a hundred mile radius.

Whatever Chen Xiang did, he would first erase their souls, and then release an intense flame. After smashing them into powder, he would finally suck the remaining Magical corruption gas into his body!

This time, he did not want to cut off these people's heads. He did not plan to form a feud with the Qin family. If the Patriarch of the Qin family gave him the chance to save Qin Kelou, then he would no longer have to worry about the Qin family.

Although these people would suspect him if they went missing, he refused to admit it. After all, the Five Sons of Wolf King was destroyed by him here, so it was normal for the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan experts to come here.

The news of Chen Xiang appearing in this forest quickly spread to Dan City. It was unknown who spread it, saying that he had saved Qin Keluo, and even crippled the rampant Five Sons of Wolf King. He was currently being chased inside the forest by the Blood Wolf King and a large group of Blood Wolf Demons.

"Chen Xiang is indeed fearless, and the strength of the Blood Wolf King is even more terrifying. It is said that the Blood Wolf King is one of the top experts in the Demon Realm, and had just killed two of the Qin family's old antiques. Now that Chen Xiang has pulled out his five sons' tendons and skinned them, and taken the most important Innate Demonic Pellet, the Blood Wolf King is probably going to go crazy."

"This Chen Xiang's power is too terrifying, he's definitely a Five Sons of Wolf King! With the five wolves working together, even a Nirvana Stage who had gone through eight tribulations would have a headache. He actually got his Spirit Demon Core taken and crawled away like a drowning dog!"

"Chen Xiang obviously let them go on purpose, this is obviously provoking the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan, I wonder if the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan will go to the Super Martial School to cause trouble? At that time, if we anger Huang Jintian, it will be a good show! "

Pill City was in an uproar because the Five Sons of Wolf King was too famous. It was said that they had caused a lot of trouble in the east and an ancient power that had just been born had been massacred by the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan.

The Blood Wolf Demonic Clan was actually one of the ancient demon clan members, the wolf blood in their bodies was extremely strong, and they had all used bloodlust to raise their strength, but after all these years, the Blood Wolf Demonic Clan was not killed in the Demon Realm, showing just how strong their survivability was.

On top of a tall tower, Madam Peach Blossom, was a mature and beautiful woman with an outstanding temperament. As Yao Shumei listened to the people on the streets discussing, he sighed lightly: "It seems like it will be difficult to find Chen Xiang now.

"Mother, how do you plan to handle this matter with Chen Xiang? He has killed Jing Xingliang and the Great Clan Elder will not let this matter rest. Mu Jialan stood behind Yao Shumei. The two of them were dressed in white gowns with peach blossoms embroidered on them.

They didn't look like mother and daughter, but rather like a pair of sisters with their own charms. This pair of peerless mother and daughter stood together, appearing very eye-catching.

"I don't know yet, but I have to talk to him. When I was in Ancient Spirit Great Land, he helped me before, and he is a person worthy of befriending. The consequences of being enemies with him are now known to all, but the ancient powers will not let this matter rest!" Yao Shumei looked at the sky in the distance, and spoke with a sorrowful tone: "Right now, many ancient powers have confirmed that his blade is a teleporting Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!"

Mu Jialan was immediately stunned, her mouth slightly opened, her face full of astonishment!

"One of the Five Ancient Divine Weapons, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was supposedly refined with the help of the Azure Dragon!" Mu Jialan took a few deep breaths. She could see how Chen Xiang was being hunted by the various ancient powers not long after.

"I'm afraid that the Demon Realm and the Devil Realm would have thought of Green dragon demon-slain broadsword the most. Back then, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord used this divine blade to suppress the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth, opening up the tenth day, and the one who suffered the most losses was the demon!" Yao Shumei stood by the window, the gentle wind blew through her hair, she was the owner of the Peach Blossom Imperial Land now, she had to decide whether or not she would agree to apprehend Chen Xiang, and seize the divine blade!

"Li Renshan grasped the Heaven Earth Killing Method, Chen Xiang possessed the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, all of these are things that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord used to unify the world. Li Renshan went missing, yet the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared. The old fellow that gathered here did not come for nothing, Chen Xiang is currently in big trouble!"

Mu Jialan frowned. Although Chen Xiang had threatened to take her as his female slave, she couldn't help but worry for him.

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