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"Arrogant Pill God!"

Even if there were so many Spiritual crystal s, Chen Xiang would never let them go, let alone if he didn't have any right now. Baidu Search

13800100. Looking at this, he saw that the other participants all took out a Storage bag and placed it in front of him. At this time, an old man came to collect it.

As long as he confirmed that the Storage bag had a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal, the old man would take out a good quality pill furnace and three sets of ingredients for a high grade Ground level pill.

This was the first time Chen Xiang came to participate in an examination, so he did not know about these unspoken rules. Other people seemed to have long been prepared for it, but when the old man saw that he was not concerned with it, he reminded him again. It was just that he did not take out a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal.

Everyone looked at Chen Xiang with furrowed brows, but many of them knew that he did not know how to conduct himself, so they were not prepared. In their eyes, Chen Xiang would definitely fail this time round and even waste the registration fee.

This caused Chen Xiang to feel extremely displeased. His impression of the Holy City had been greatly reduced, he really wanted to know who was in charge of this Sacred Pill Palace, to be in such darkness. If this was Di Tian, he would have disregarded everything and burned this place down.

There were quite a few experts in the Sacred City, and a few of them had strength equivalent to the Super Yuan Sect Leader. Thus, he decided to keep a low profile.

The quality of these ingredients was not good, but they could still be used for alchemy. Even if they were abandoned, he could still refine Relive Dan out of them.

He had to concoct three batches of high grade Ground level pills in a row, and he had to succeed three batches, and he couldn't even fail once, so he couldn't be careless. In the eyes of many, the quality of the ingredients and pill furnaces were related to success or failure, and although this matter was displeasing, he still had to obediently hand over a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal.

When Chen Xiang saw the expressions of the few older invigilators, his heart was not worried about whether he would be able to refine Relive Dan, but whether the old men would stop him after he had refined them. He had told them many times about this kind of people, since a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal was a huge sum of money for him, unless it was a very famous Alchemist, he would only take a fancy to this kind of Spiritual crystal.

Although the quality of the pill furnace was low, in Chen Xiang's opinion, it was enough. The ingredients needed to refine a Relive Dan were not good, and they were the kind that only those old people would use to make things difficult for others.

He had brought all the supplementary medicine himself, so Chen Xiang's supplementary medicine was very heaven-defying. It could make up for the deficiency in the main medicine.

"As long as you refine three batches of pills within six hours, you will be considered as having passed the test to become a Golden Alchemist. You can take the pills you refined yourself!" An old man said as he looked at the crowd. When he glanced at Chen Xiang, he purposely revealed a fierce expression.

"We'll start now. If we cheat, we'll throw him out."

The registration fee would be ten thousand Spiritual crystal s, and for the high grade Ground level pills, he would only need to pay six to seven hundred Spiritual crystal s, three batches at most, and three pellets at the very most. This Saint Pill Palace was making a huge profit, not to mention the additional hundred thousand Spiritual crystal s that were charged according to the unspoken rules.

At the same time, he also prevented ordinary people from fighting with him for benefits. To put it bluntly, he was exploiting ordinary people, and the ones who earned the most were the people at the highest level, followed by a small portion of Alchemist.

People were not allowed to trade elixirs in the Sacred City. If discovered, it would be considered a violation of the rules and would be blacklisted. The reason was that it was to prevent people from using inferior elixirs to swindle Yun Yun … All in all, it was quite impressive.

"The world is as dark as a crow. I wonder if this was the case when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was here?" Chen Xiang thought.

Everyone was already on fire, and all the pill furnaces were emitting a faint flame. All the Alchemist who came to participate in the exam were at a decent level. This ability to control fire was hard to come by even in Di Tian's case.

Chen Xiang suddenly had an idea, which was to bring back a large group of outstanding Alchemist s. If his Dragon Subduing School wanted to become stronger, he would need a certain number of outstanding Alchemist s.

In order to not attract too much attention, Chen Xiang only planned to refine a Relive Dan in one go. Furthermore, he had to slow down the concocting process by a lot, and if he revealed too much of his edge, it would bring about a lot of trouble.

Chen Xiang had already mastered the first five stages of Foreseeing Alchemy, but he was only using the fourth stage now. This would make it much easier for him.

To him, concocting a batch of Relive Dan in four hours was like playing around. When the elders in charge of supervising the examination saw that Chen Xiang had succeeded in concocting a batch of Relive Dan, they were all secretly unhappy in their hearts. They hoped that Chen Xiang would fail the next batch.

This caused the other Alchemist to have a whole new level of respect for Chen Xiang. Originally, they thought that Chen Xiang was a fool who did not understand the rules, and did not think that such a person could refine pills that easily, but now that Chen Xiang had refined two batches of Relive Dan in a row, they all admired him from the bottom of their heart.

In the eyes of these Alchemist s, the low quality pill furnaces and the low quality medicinal ingredients were extremely difficult to refine into pills. For Chen Xiang to be able to do it, it meant that his level surpassed most of the Alchemist here.

Only a few had failed, and most had succeeded. It had already been five hours, and the rest of the people had already left, because their ingredients and pill furnaces were all good. Very soon, they had completed their examination and were going to claim a gold medal.

Of course, if Chen Xiang had not deliberately slowed down, the fastest person to complete the examination would have been him.

Chen Xiang was deliberately delaying until it was almost over before he could open the pill furnace, especially when he saw the impatient looks of the old men, he laughed inside.

If not for Chen Xiang, these old men would have left six hours ago. But now, they had to wait for Chen Xiang to arrive at the end, as they all had Alchemist s, so they could tell that Chen Xiang's level wasn't low. If he had good medicinal ingredients and pill furnaces, he would definitely be faster than the other Alchemist s. Of course, they thought that Chen Xiang would lose very soon.

An hour before the end, Chen Xiang opened the lid of the pill furnace and took out a Relive Dan.

"I'm done!" Chen Xiang said, at this time, he saw a crafty look in the elders' eyes.

"Time is up, you can come next time!" An old man sneered.

"Isn't there still an hour left?" Chen Xiang said angrily in his heart.

Another old man shouted, "If I say the time is up, then it's time. Scram quickly, otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite!"

"Scram! We pretended we didn't see you cheating. Don't think that we don't know that you're cheating. We are only giving you a second chance, let you come back next time!"

Next time? Was it giving away a hundred thousand Spiritual crystal?

Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart as he clenched his fists so hard that they crackled loudly. Originally, he did not intend to cause any big ruckus, but he felt that these few old fellows in front of him were too overbearing and could not be forgiven.

"Arrogant Pill God!"

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