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### Chapter 83 - ultimate examination

The Long family army, the Imperial Dragon Camp.

Good wine and good dishes were served.

"Young master, this mission will definitely be a perfect one."

"Great General must have decided to give you some big rewards. I just heard that this mission is the most difficult, even the Grand Elder is only at the third level of difficulty. Hahaha …" Young master, you are too powerful. "

"Hahaha …"

… ….

This time, before Long Fei could call for him, Vice General Chen had already went out to welcome him.


She called out to the good wine and good dishes, afraid that she would neglect Long Fei.

This made Long Fei a bit suspicious, "Logically speaking, we should be allowed to meet the great general or continue with the next round of examinations, why is there no reaction at all? This is very abnormal."

He did not know that Wolong Valley was quarreling uncontrollably for his examination results.


The General of the Yun Long army, Long Yun, had actually used the entire Yun Long army as a guarantee, which was why he was able to keep Long Fei from continuing.

Long Fei naturally did not know about any of this.

Furthermore, they had not seen Meng Yue and the others ever since they had entered the Dragon Plains. Even Vice General Chen had disappeared.

With just that one sentence, he had made them wait here!

He waited for an entire afternoon, but no one came.

Long Shan and the others were getting impatient. "Isn't the Long family's speed a little too slow?"

"What Long Army?"

"What exactly do you want us to do after waiting for so long?"

"Aren't you bullying me too much?"

"No, I have to go out and ask that Vice General Chen." Long Shan walked out of the main hall, but before he could step out, he was blocked by two guards.

"Please wait in the hall."

Long Shan yelled in annoyance, "Wait your sister! We've already waited for an entire afternoon and you still want us to wait? What are you trying to do?"

The guard replied, "Our order was to not let you leave the hall. As for what you're waiting for, we don't know. Please go back, and don't make things difficult for us."

"I'd like to see what you guys are up to."

As he spoke, Long Shan wanted to force his way in.

The guard shouted.

"Kacha kacha kacha …"

In the blink of an eye, the entire hall was completely surrounded. The three floors, the three floors, the third floor, the crossbows, the long spear soldiers, they were all so surrounded that not even a drop of water could leak out.

Long Shan was not scared, and shouted: "You think we are scared? Do you know who it is? "

Long Fei said slightly: "Long Shan, let's wait. We will just wait, then come back and continue drinking and eating."

This situation was not like the situation in skyline camp.

Long Fei could feel a murderous aura from these warriors. As long as Long Fei dared to barge in, they would dare to shoot arrows!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

In the evening.

A sumptuous dinner was served in the main hall.

In addition, a woman in general's armor, who looked to be around thirty years old, walked into the hall and immediately locked Long Fei up.

In the instant she looked at Long Fei, her eyes trembled lightly. The corners of her eyes were a little moist, and her eyes still carried an endless amount of yearning. No, it was a very complicated look of longing.

Long Fei was secretly startled, he had never seen the woman in front of him before, but why was she looking at him like that?

The woman was Long Yun.

The moment she saw Long Fei, her heart sank, "It's really similar, too similar. It's exactly the same."

And then …

Long Yun walked forward and ordered, "Fill up their wine cups. I have something important to announce."

Long Shan said in a low voice, "Young master, she should be General Long Yun. I heard that she's the only female general in the Long family's army."

"Long Yun?"

Long Fei didn't have any impression of him in his heart.

The five of them raised their wine cups, and Long Yun smiled: "Congratulations on passing the assessment!"


She finished it in one gulp.

"Can the military drink?" Long Fei asked in his heart. They were different, they were not the Long family's troops, drinking alcohol was normal, but Long Yun was a general.

He did not think too deeply about it and downed the wine as well.

Long Yun looked at Long Fei, his smile somewhat bitter as he said: "You completed your mission very well, even better than your father. I'm happy for you."

"Long Fei!"

"Come out with me for a bit."

Long Yun couldn't control himself.

That year.

She, Long Lei, and Long Fei's father had all come here to participate in the Long Family Army's examination, but they had all … It was also the time when his father met Long Fei's mother.


Long Fei's father abandoned the exam and brought his mother back to the Fire Glass City.

At that time.

Long Yun's heart felt like it was being torn apart. In the end, she passed the examination with a perfect score and chose to stay. After sixteen years, she had never returned to Fire Glass City.

She gave everything she had to the Long family.

Becoming one of the Four Great Generals, the Yun Long army that was trained to be invincible and the existence with the strongest fighting strength …

He was putting so much effort just to forget Long Fei's father.


The moment she saw Long Fei, the longing in her heart burst forth, and she couldn't control it anymore.

Long Fei followed Long Yun silently.

Only when Long Yun stopped did he stop, and Long Fei did not ask anything along the way.

In his heart, he always felt that Long Yun was very friendly.

"All of you can leave now." Long Yun said to the guard standing guard.

"Yes, General!" The guards retreated.

Long Yun looked at the setting sun and said indifferently, "Do you know why I called you out alone?"

Long Fei shook his head and said, "I don't know."

Long Yun looked at Long Fei and smiled, "Tonight, you will enter the ultimate examination. In order to survive in the wilderness, you must kill one five level monster, ten four-rating monster and beasts, and a hundred three-rate monster and beast within a month. You must also find your way back to Wolong Valley."


"Kill demon beasts?" Just thinking about it, Long Fei felt that this mission was tailor made for him, but …. "Is the five level monster a bit too cruel?"

Thinking about the Large Power King Kong Ape, his scalp felt numb.

It was still very difficult for him to deal with the five level monster by himself.

Long Yun exhaled, and said: "These are all secondary. You, you, you will be sent to the depths of demon territory, which is to say, the depths of hundreds of thousands of barren mountains. "The demons will catch you, other than killing demon beasts, you must also escape from them, it can be said that this mission has a slim chance of survival, based on your current cultivation, the probability of completing it is zero, you can give up …"

"Are all the Long Army soldiers this ruthless?"

"This is a trial, this is complete suicide." Long Fei retorted, then said firmly: "I won't give up, I don't want to disappoint my uncle, and also don't want to disappoint my grandfather."

"What's more …"

Long Fei had his own plans.

He had come here for the sake of levelling up and breaking through. He had to go deeper into the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains to find that fire dragon!

I need to use dragon blood to treat the injuries on grandpa's body.

Give up the quest?

It was simply impossible!

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