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Long Fei said indifferently.

In any case, he had already used the God of Boundary's edge.

Long Fei did not believe that there was still a way for Luo Yuan to survive below the borders of Wild Dragon Town.

"Arrogant." "Kid, who do you think you are?"

"He actually dares to look down on this emperor's methods!"

"However, that's just nice. After I possess your body, I can directly refine it. Perhaps it can even save me from a period of weakness." Luo Yuan said.

Killing intent burst out of his eyes.

Then, the long spear in his hand swept out.


The tip of the spear shot up to the sky, directly slashing through the endless Primal Chaos, forcibly slicing open a field of clarity, sweeping across Xiang Longfei.

But Long Fei had long since made his preparations.

"Mad Dragon, keep the world under control!"

He let out a heavy shout.

Long Fei did not hesitate at all.

The God of Boundary Blade in his hand flew out in an instant and slashed out.

Rumble …

Immediately following that, the shadow of a raging dragon swept across the horizon, instantly engulfing the spear that was sent out by Fallen Land.


The dragon roared angrily as it engulfed the sky, crazily floating its body.

In the blink of an eye, the entire space had been cleanly devoured, leaving behind only an incomparably ferocious colossal dragon.

At this moment, the Raging Dragon's body spanned across the horizon. Although the entire space was vast, it was still pierced through by the Raging Dragon's body.


Right at this moment, the dragon drew back, directly sweeping out Luo Yuan's body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was a direct sweep, and even if it was Luo Yuan's body, under the power of the dragon, it was completely useless.


Instantly, Luo Yuan's body became even more transparent.

Before, it was barely in the shape of a human, but now, it was just a lump of milk.

"What kind of power is this? Who are you?" Luo Yuan was flustered and exasperated, his voice full of disbelief.

Previously, Long Fei's power was just trash in his eyes.

He didn't care at all.

With just his spear, it had been annihilated by his spear. Even the long spear had been shattered.

Although the power of a sword wasn't small, it didn't affect him in any way. With a sweep of the spear, he was also annihilated.

However …

And now, with just one slash, its power had increased exponentially.

No, it was tens or hundreds of times stronger.

It was as if he had become a completely different person.

His berserk methods directly caused him to be stupefied.

"So much nonsense. No matter who I am, I am destined to take your life today."

"As for strength, it's obviously the power to kill you."

"Wild Dragon Town!"

Long Fei said directly.

Luo Yuan's power was not ordinary, it was stronger than the few God of Boundary s he had killed before.

It could even injure his body.

There was only one outcome for an existence like this, and that was death.

Instantly, after Long Fei's voice fell, the wild dragon once again roiled in the air, bringing about a huge amount of suppressive power as it once again charged towards the abyss.


The wild dragon smashed downwards, all of its power concentrated in that single roar.

However, at this moment, Luo Yuan's figure changed once again.

It was completely illusory.

There wasn't even a trace of it from before.

Long Fei's expression also instantly changed at this moment.


The suppressive force of the dragon also erupted at this moment. One piece after another, all the visible beings were directly suppressed by this incomparably surging force, shattering into nothingness.

However, the more it was like this, the more anxious Long Fei became.

This was because no matter how powerful the power was, it was aimed at a tangible existence.

However, Fallen Land actually transformed into a ball of energy, dissipating without a trace.

It was impossible for him to be suppressed.


"Little bastard, you're awesome!" You still want to suppress me? "

"What a fool's dream!"

"This Emperor admits that your methods are awesome! But, so what? This emperor has transformed into nothingness, so who can hurt me? "

Luo Yuan laughed madly.

Not only that, a figure appeared in the air once again.

He looked at Long Fei with disdain.

Long Fei's face darkened.

He slashed again with his backhand.


The berserk dragon reappeared, immediately enveloping the entire region.

And then it rapidly shrank and crazily rushed towards the center.

However, it didn't stop until the dragon dissipated.

Luo Yuan's figure disappeared and reappeared, but there was no reaction.

"Hmph, still want to come? Boy, your methods are no longer effective against this emperor. "

"This Emperor's body is no more, it is only an energy body. It can transform in an instant, and you still want to kill me?"

"You don't have that ability at all."

Emperor Luo Yuan looked at Xiang Longfei with ridicule.

Long Fei remained silent.

His thoughts raced.

In this situation, all power was useless.

It wasn't that he wasn't strong enough, but the existence of Great Emperor Fallen Land was too special. It was completely condensed from the astral energy.

Moreover, no one knew just how many years he had survived in this Meteor World, absorbing and refining countless fallen star essences.

However, all of a sudden.

Long Fei's eyes flashed.

"No, the Fallen Land doesn't have a physical body."

"It's just an incredibly powerful ball of energy!"

Long Fei muttered to himself as a crazy idea formed in his mind.

Power is useless?

No physical body and no injuries?

Pure energy changes in an instant?

So what!

In an instant, Long Fei slowly raised his head, a crazed expression immediately appearing on his face.

Emperor Luo Yuan was startled, he did not understand why Long Fei would make such an expression.

"Kid, have you gone silly? Do you think that all of your methods are a joke in front of this emperor and you have already accepted your fate? " Emperor Luo Yuan said.

His illusory body started to tremble uncontrollably.

He seemed to feel some kind of threat.

"Accept your fate? Luo Yuan, you are truly pitiful. You have been living in this Meteor world for countless years. Do you think that you are still in the same world? "

"Long Batian's era is already a thing of the past."

"I, Long Fei, am the only protagonist."

"As for you? Do you think you can survive just by transforming into a mass of energy? "

"It doesn't exist." Long Fei said indifferently.

He immediately gave up all of his power.

With a move of his hands, a loud explosion resounded through the world.

Immediately after, the entire sky and the earth began to change, as streams of natural power started to gather towards Long Fei's hands.

In the end, it directly turned into a ball of fire.

Bursting Heaven and Earth.

As for the entire space, it also followed Long Fei's actions, and formed into a huge halo. In an instant, it directly enveloped the space around Long Fei.

Luo Yuan's expression became serious as his body of energy abruptly retreated a few steps:

"What are you doing?" Emperor Luo Yuan asked in a raspy voice.

Moreover, his voice was already starting to tremble.

It was clear that he could also sense that Long Fei's methods were a threat to him.

And, it was deadly.

"What is it? Of course it's to refine you! "

"Since pure power can't suppress you, then I have no choice but to use another method to kill you!" Long Fei's mouth twitched as he said evilly.

Immediately after, Long Fei's gaze turned serious.

"Heaven and Earth as a furnace!"

"Of course it's fire!"

"Refine for me!"

Long Fei roared.

This was his method, insanely crazy.

It is actually going to refine Great Emperor Luo Yuan into a pill! " "No!"

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