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He kept the heads of the five experts for future face-smacking purposes.

"The next wave of Tribulation Lightning is coming. Hurry up and put away the two scattered Fire Soul s." Bai Youyou said in an urgent voice, "First, feel those Fire Soul, and then circulate and absorb them."

Out of the five experts who had died, two of them were Dan King, with Fire Soul. Their bodies were completely destroyed by the divine lightning, but the Fire Soul was still there.

This was the white colored Fire Soul, and those Fire Soul would not immediately disperse. They were all gathered together by the hot air that was being released from this place.

When Chen Xiang released his consciousness, he immediately felt the Fire Soul hidden within the white Fire Soul. All of these Fire Soul turned into powder and floated in the air, crazily devouring the white Fire Soul.

He followed Bai Youyou's instructions and activated Devouring magic kungfu, sucking in the two scattered Fire Soul and sealed them in his dantian.

To deal with the Fire Soul, he had become familiar with the route and easily completed it. The two Dan King's Fire Soul were not too good, and after the two Fire Soul fused together, it was also only cyan.


The golden fire lightning descended, because he was the only one here, the tribulation lightning was all by himself, but after continuously striking down, dozens of lightning bolts would be released every moment, crazily smashing down from above his head, burning his entire body black, as if everything was going to be smashed apart.

This went on for a while longer before he fell to the ground. His entire body had turned into charred carbon. There were many shocking cracks on his body, and there was the smell of burnt flesh.

Fortunately, his physical body was very strong, and after being struck by the golden lightning, his body did not turn into ashes. Furthermore, the Yulong blood and Bone soul in his body were producing a strange power to repair themselves, and his charred black skin slowly fell off, creating a new skin.

The lightning came in wave after wave, and there were gaps in between them, allowing him to gain time to recover.

"Don't you have a Xue Lei Pearl? If you take it out and eat it, this kind of powerful golden fire tribulation is something that is rarely seen. You should take this opportunity to refine the Thunder soul in your body. " Su Meiyao said.

That Xue Lei Pearl was obtained when he and Su Meiyao had entered the Bloody Thunder Mountain Sea and killed a powerful Xue Lei.

He turned it over, swallowed it, and then used his power to refine it. The Xue Lei energy within the Xue Lei Pearl gushed out, fusing into his body and nourishing the Thunder soul.

"You should try fusing the Thunder soul and the Heaven fire soul. This way, you will be able to increase the power of your lightning and thunder." Bai Youyou said.

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao had cultivated for many years, so some of their suggestions were still very useful.

Chen Xiang did as he was told, attempting to fuse Thunder soul and Heaven fire soul. Fire and lightning both possessed terrifying power, and when the two were combined, he could release these two types of Innate Qi s more easily in the future.

Just as he was about to give it a try, golden fire bolts descended from the sky and bombarded his body. Every wave contained hundreds of lightning bolts, making him dizzy and disoriented.

"Dammit, the snatched the Thunder soul away!" Chen Xiang cried out in alarm. The Fire Dragon kungfu soul was still growing and he rarely used it, but he could feel that the Fire Dragon kungfu soul was devouring that Thunder soul.

What surprised him was that the Fire Dragon kungfu soul, as if it had a spiritual nature, actually released a strange power, allowing the Thunder soul to crazily absorb the energy from the Xue Lei's pearl and allowing the Thunder soul to absorb the energy from the golden thunder.

Chen Xiang who had been charred black, was wrapped in a golden light as the Thunder soul turned golden and slowly fused into the Fire Dragon kungfu soul!

Moreover, the fusion speed was very fast. All of this wasn't something he could control!

His body suddenly spewed out a golden light. A golden mist began to surge out from his charred skin as he let out a dragon's roar.

"This is not the Fire Dragon kungfu soul, but... The legendary Five Elements Dragon Soul is the same as your master's! I should have long thought that when humans cultivate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, they would be able to produce Five Elements Dragon Souls, but you have the Fire Soul in your body, so when the Martial Spirit was born, it was a Fire Dragon kungfu soul. Long Xueyi said in shock.

Chen Xiang's Five Elements Dragon Soul could help him obtain beautiful Rainbow Dragon's Scales. Chen Xiang also yearned for it, but because he himself had the Fire Soul, his martial soul was born with an accident, becoming a Fire Dragon kungfu soul that was biased towards the fire element.

Before his body could recover, the golden fire lightning in the sky suddenly came over. This time, the lightning tribulation lasted even longer, but what Chen Xiang did not expect was that his mutated martial spirit was crazily swallowing the golden fire lightning!

His martial spirit was rapidly strengthening, his martial spirit was strengthening, his body was also constantly strengthening, at this time, he was frantically activating the profoundwu physical exercise, using all kinds of energy in his body to gather and refine his body!

The tribulation lightning no longer stopped and slashed down crazily, while Chen Xiang's self-recovery rate became faster and faster!

At this moment, not only was Chen Xiang's body tempered, his soul was also strengthened. His body, soul, martial spirit, and Fire Soul were being baptized by the Nirvana Doom!

The final terrifying Robbery power was released at once, and without stopping, he released the golden colored flame lightning that bombarded Chen Xiang. This continued for more than an hour.

The condensed Robbery power in the air had already dissipated. Chen Xiang's body was wrapped around by a golden dragon that was as thick as a thigh, which released the power of Fire Thunder, permeating into his body and helping his Immortal Devil Body reach large success!

The second Nirvana Tribulation had already passed, and the Power of giving crazily surged into his body. He channeled his energy and used it to create the Zhenyuan granule, allowing his dantian to contain more of the stronger Innate Qi.

The body tempering hadn't ended yet, and the Fire Thunder Dragon's soul was circling around his body, releasing the absorbed thunder energy and refining his body!

A large amount of white flame was blown away by an aura. Chen Xiang's entire body shone with a golden light, and every time it flickered, it would release an invisible force, shaking off the powerful white flames beside him.

Large success of Immortal Devil Body, successful passing the Second Nirvana Tribulation!

A small golden dragon swooped down from the sky and smashed head first into the top of his head, entering his body. At this time, the golden glow on his body had already disappeared, revealing a perfect and robust body.

He clenched his fist as he felt the immense power he had just received, making him extremely excited. The blood in his body burned, releasing a boiling energy that made the surrounding white flames not dare to approach. This was the imposing manner produced by mastering Immortal Devil Body, causing the white fire to not even dare to approach.

He changed into a set of black clothes and retrieved the cyan Fire Soul from his dantian. He placed it inside a pearl and then, with a light leap, it shot through the white fire domain like a rainbow and instantly disappeared into the sea of fire.

After leaving the Earth's Core Fire Realm, he did not immediately look for the White Sea Imperial Land and Feng Clan. Instead, he hid in a place and prepared to cultivate the Heaven Earth Killing Method!

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