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He suddenly changed his direction and flew towards another Lion Mountain. The Lion Mountain in front of him all lined up in rows after rows, looking exactly the same.

There were countless Lion Mountain in the first row, but Chen Xiang felt that something was wrong with some of them. These Lion Mountain all had a type of killing intent that could only be felt when his Killing heart was beating, he felt that there was definitely danger near these Lion Mountain s.

Therefore, when he picked the first row of Lion Mountain that did not have that kind of special killing aura, he felt that it would be very safe to pass through the foot of these Lion Mountain s.

"Chen Xiang belongs to my White Sea Imperial Land, please do not interfere!" Ji Meixian roared, he took out his sword and stabbed it towards Chen Xiang, pretending to be fighting with him.

Chen Xiang turned the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword into a dagger and blocked Ji Meixian's long sword. If he used the dagger, he could stay close to Ji Meixian.

"How strong is that woman? She doesn't seem to be very nice to you? " Chen Xiang blocked Ji Meixian's sword while asking with his mind.

"This slut, order my servant around, and she has a vile attitude. Sooner or later, I will kill her!" Do you want to enter the Emperor's Tomb now, or do you have other plans? " Ji Meixian really hated the Great Heaven Lady.

The heavenly women and heavenly sons in the Heaven Realm were called the Great Heaven Lady and the Great Heaven Son, while people like Ji Meixian were called the Little Heaven Girl.

"I plan to play them to death! Right now, a lot of Feng Clan and their people have died. " Chen Xiang saw that many people had been devoured by the gigantic beasts.

Chen Xiang approached a Lion Mountain. This Lion Mountain made Chen Xiang feel that it was extremely dangerous, but he had deliberately approached it because a large group of people from Feng Clan was behind him.

"Use your strongest strength to attack this Lion Mountain, and then use your fastest speed to fly towards that Lion Mountain." Chen Xiang whispered to Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian immediately did as he was told and shouted lightly. He waved his sword and released a ray of sword qi that carried a vast amount of energy.

After slashing out with her sword, she flew towards the Lion Mountain that Chen Xiang had pointed out to be. Chen Xiang was right in front of her, and she looked as if she was chasing after him.

When those people who had just followed along approached the Lion Mountain that was attacked by Ji Meixian, the earth suddenly trembled. A large amount of flames gushed out of the Lion Mountain, and this thirty thousand meter tall Lion Mountain was now like a gigantic blazing lion.

The flames soared high into the sky, forming a fiery cloud. The fiery cloud surged as it fell down from the sky and began to bombard the group of people. Only about a dozen of them were able to escape and the rest were burnt to ashes after being hit by the burning rocks.

This greatly shocked the Son of Heaven of Feng Clan. Amongst those who died, many were immortals who came down with him, but now a large number of them died in an instant. Those Lion Mountain s were truly terrifying.

Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian had long since escaped from the sea of flames, and entered the gigantic Lion Mountain to hide within the forest.

These Lion Mountain s were all like enormous lions lying prone on the ground. The highest point was approximately thirty thousand meters, and every single one of them were exactly the same. The Lion Mountain was a lush green land filled with huge trees that reached into the sky.

That woman's strength is not bad, and she's also very young, with only two to three hundred years of age, she can already reach that level of strength. As expected of someone that White Sea Imperial Land has his eyes on, when she comes down, all the White Sea Imperial Land here will listen to her.

Ji Meixian followed behind Chen Xiang. She had heard that these Lion Mountain were all extremely dangerous, and the Lion Mountain she had attacked earlier proved this point.

"Do you think I'm ordering you around?" Chen Xiang laughed: "This woman wants to snatch my little maid, I will teach her a lesson sooner or later."

Ji Meixian did not treat her very badly. In her eyes, Chen Xiang was much better than the big girl.

"You want to take her in as a slave?" Ji Meixian asked.

"She is worthy to be my slave. Compared to you, she is nothing!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Ji Meixian did not count. She was from the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy, and had the blood of two royal birds in her body. That heavenly woman was indeed nothing compared to her, but she had still become Chen Xiang's female slave.

"Her talent isn't bad. If I give her some things, it won't be difficult for her to reach my peak strength from that year." Ji Meixian said again.

"You want me to accept her? "Don't even think about it, for a woman like her, as long as I want, I can kill her and take her as my slave. I don't feel any sense of accomplishment at all."

Ji Meixian was a little angry, of course she knew that after Chen Xiang accepted her, he had a lot of sense of accomplishment.

"What are you looking for?" Ji Meixian followed Chen Xiang as they ran through the forest in Lion Mountain. When she heard the sounds of battle coming from outside, she could not help but be worried.

"That woman has a way to find me. I have to get rid of her! Your plans cannot keep up with the changes. It seems like your plans to become the Queen of White Sea won't work. " Chen Xiang sighed.

"She's here!" Long Xueyi suddenly reminded Chen Xiang and Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian immediately brought out his sword and faked an attack on Chen Xiang, while Chen Xiang also intentionally tried to escape. It wasn't as if he had no other choice, he didn't want Ji Meixian's relationship with him to be exposed, leaving Ji Meixian in White Sea Imperial Land was not a bad thing.

Chen Xiang quickly rushed to the front of a gigantic monument with a few words written on it. Although he did not know what was written on it, he smashed it with one punch.

"It's still too late!" Chen Xiang already felt that a few people had landed on this Lion Mountain.

When he smashed the gigantic ten monuments, the Lion Mountain suddenly trembled. At the same time, a tall lady in a blue dress and two handsome men in golden armor appeared beside him, surrounding him tightly.

"Chen Xiang belongs to our White Sea Imperial Land!" The woman in the blue dress spoke coldly. Her voice carried a sense of power. Her face was still hidden by the light rays, and it was impossible to see her features.

One of the golden armored men released a burst of killing intent, "The hatred between Feng Clan and Chen Xiang is not small, and he was the first to provoke us, Feng Clan.

Chen Xiang was calm. The two golden armored men from the Feng Clan and the Heavenly Girl from the White Sea Imperial Land were indeed powerful, but he did not know what level they were at. In short, they were not weak people in the Heaven Realm.

"Go and give him two slaps. I don't like his current calm look." The blue dressed lady said to Ji Meixian.

"Hurry up, didn't you hear what I said?" The blue dressed woman was furious. Her jade palm was like lightning as she ruthlessly slapped Ji Meixian with her palm, sending him flying and crashing into a big tree.

Chen Xiang was furious in her heart, hitting her little maid right in front of him, but Ji Meixian remained calm instead. She was also extremely angry in her heart, wishing that she could tear her big sister into eight pieces.

"I say, all of you. Let's talk after we leave this place alive. If you don't believe me, you can fly to the sky and see where this Lion Mountain is." Chen Xiang's voice was overcast, he really wanted to kill this Heavenly Girl.

The gigantic stone tablet that Chen Xiang had broken just now was still here. The Great Heaven Lady and the two Feng Clan men suddenly thought that it was very likely that Chen Xiang had activated some formation array formation to move the Lion Mountain!

That was likely the reason why the Lion Mountain was shaken back then!

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