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"These two old fellows, there are restrictions on the Storage magic treasure as well." "Hai, I've spent too much." Chen Xiang looked at the two self-destructed storage rings in his hand and sighed.

Many Rankers would use this type of Storage magic treasure. This was something that only appeared during this period of time to prevent others from obtaining the things inside.

Not long after Chen Xiang left the forest, he sensed a very familiar aura.

"Isn't that the aura of a Zijin poison boa? "What a ghostly fella." Chen Xiang ran. He could not defeat these Zijin poison boa, even if he used Magical corruption gas s, he might not be able to kill them in an instant.

"They actually have three transformations, and they seem to be very fierce towards you." Long Xueyi said in shock.

Before, Chen Xiang had taken out a few Small shaping Dan s, so these pills were naturally precious in the eyes of others. But in his eyes, it was just like that, he guessed that the Zijin poison boa had already killed the elder of White Sea Imperial Land and swallowed the Small shaping Dan.

"They should be thanking me. Without me, would they have transformed so quickly?" Chen Xiang cursed a few times in a low voice. The three men in purple-gold clothing that chased after him were all brimming with killing intent, as if they wanted to tear him into ten thousand pieces.

"Didn't you just go to their old nest to look around?" Chen Xiang saw that the three people behind him were chasing him closely and felt speechless. These Zijin poison boa had unique abilities, they could actually feel his aura from afar.

"It's very possible that it's because the Fire phoenix purple gold are gone. That's something they used to hatch their eggs, or they think you're plotting something against their eggs." Long Xueyi guessed.

Chen Xiang ran wildly on the Wasteland for more than half an hour, but the three Zijin poison boa in human form were chasing after him relentlessly, their speed was even too fast for him to shake off in such a short period of time.

"There's someone ahead. From the aura, it seems to be the son of the Qin family!" Long Xueyi said.

The son of the Qin family's head, Qin Meng, was a very fierce and popular fellow. Chen Xiang had seen him fight with the White Sea Prince before.

"That's great, we can go and harm him." Chen Xiang seemed to have seen his savior. If this wasn't Rough and Random profound Land, he would have already escaped using the Water Escape Technique.

This was the Rough and Random profound Land. If one accidentally used the Water Escape Technique to enter the depths of the Rough and Random profound Land, it would be extremely dangerous.

"Not only the son of the Qin, the White Sea Prince is here too!" Long Xueyi added.

Chen Xiang had already seen that a group of people were rushing towards him, he was secretly happy in his heart, so he increased his speed and rushed towards the group of people.

At this moment, he had turned into an old man. As long as he didn't have the Spirit Eyes or Demon Eye, he wasn't afraid of being seen through.

White Sea Prince and the son of the Qin family were originally in the city, but when they saw the thick smoke coming from the city, they hurried over, did not expect to see three poisonous people chasing after an old man. When they saw the poisonous fog, they guessed that the three purple-gold clothed men were Zijin poison boa s that had taken human form.

Chen Xiang quickly rushed to the front of White Sea Prince and the Qin family. He did not expect the two to be so sinister and vicious, striking out with their palms at the same time, wanting to kill him.

The two heavenly sons saw that Chen Xiang had lured the Zijin poison boa over, and became furious. They wanted to kill Chen Xiang, but they did not expect that since Chen Xiang was able to dodge using such a strange movement skill, he would be able to throw his palm that he had been storing energy for a long time towards the incoming Zijin poison boa.

This made Chen Xiang extremely happy, because the three Zijin poison boa were so angry that they rushed towards the two Heavenly Sons, spitting out a dragon-like poisonous substance.

White Sea Prince and the son of the Qin hurriedly jumped into the air, but their followers were all melted by the purple gold poison.

Chen Xiang saw that there were a few Zijin poison boa s in the distance that had yet to take form rushing towards him. No matter how fast he ran, even though he had impenetrable, he did not dare to try the Zijin poison boa's fearsome teeth.

"Damned old fogey, he killed us all." White Sea Prince looked at Chen Xiang who was running like a rabbit in the distance. He wanted to slap this unlucky old fellow to death, but at the moment, they had no choice but to run. Although they were the sons of heaven, they did not dare to face these powerful Zijin poison boa.

Chen Xiang burned their entire lair and dug out all their Fire phoenix purple gold. These Zijin poison boa were all enraged, and didn't show any mercy as long as they saw a human.

Of course, the most furious ones were the White Sea Imperial Land, they had sent so many people to mine the precious Fire phoenix purple gold, but other than the Son of Heaven, not a single one was left alive. That piece of forest was completely burnt and all the Fire phoenix purple gold were dug up, not even a single bit was left to them.

When this matter spread out, the other Tong Tian Aristocratic Family, Sheng Domain and the other great powers rejoiced in the misfortune, but they felt very sorry for the Fire phoenix purple gold. It was fortunate that they didn't get their hands on it, otherwise, they would feel even more sorry for it.

White Sea Imperial Land had just been severely slapped on the face by Chen Xiang, and all the clan elders were nailed to the city walls, causing people to have no choice but to associate them with Chen Xiang. Only Chen Xiang and the rest would dare to fight against White Sea Imperial Land, but how did he do that? One must know that it was very difficult to dig out Fire phoenix purple gold in a short period of time.

Inside the Green Summit City, many strong practitioners and outstanding youths from various major powers had arrived one after another. One was for the Rough and Random profound Land, and the other was for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had immortal equipment and divine arts on him, and he was even suspected of having a large number of Fire phoenix purple gold. If they could still grab Chen Xiang and obtain the Relive Dan as they wished, it would have been much more crowded if they could still use the Transmission array as they pleased.

However, right now, only those powers that had inherited ancient legacies had the ability to teleport here.

----- Chen Xiang was currently walking on a green grassland with a stalk of grass in his mouth while humming a little tune. In order to prevent Zijin poison boa from tracking him down, he walked around the outer ring of the Rough and Random profound Land for around ten days.

However, this was not what he wanted, because he suddenly saw a woman in white clothes floating on top of the green hill in front of him. This woman's eyes were bright and her teeth were white. Her skin was as smooth as ice, and her white clothes fluttered in the wind like a fairy. She exuded an ethereal and refined aura.

If it was a normal situation, Chen Xiang would definitely brazenly go over and chat with a beauty. However, this woman in front of him who had a jade-like appearance and looked like a fairy gave him a very dangerous feeling.

"Young Master Shen, the ability you possess really surprises this little girl." This girl's eyes were watery as she looked at Chen Xiang with a smile.

Chen Xiang had become an old guy, but he was still seen through.

"This woman is not simple at all. Although she doesn't have a spirit eye, she has a very strange spiritual sense. I can feel that you have undergone some changes." Long Xueyi's voice was full of vigilance.

Chen Xiang laughed, and changed back to his original appearance, asking: "I wonder how the miss knew I was here?"

"I guessed it, the Zijin poison boa that was chasing Hai Weidong and Qin Meng should have been lured over by you. As expected, the Fire phoenix purple gold is in your hands. Her voice was filled with a light and agile aura, making people not get tired of listening to her. However, Chen Xiang wanted to hide far away from this terrifying woman.

Chen Xiang could already guess that this was the White Sea Imperial Land's Heavenly Girl. Her power was the same as White Sea Prince's, her name was Hai Weidong and her name was Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian's long hair fluttered, her white clothes fluttered, and her pair of beautiful eyes stared at Chen Xiang. She said softly: "I think Young Master Shen should have already guessed who I am now, right?"

Chen Xiang shook his head, and laughed: "I don't know who you are, I'm in a rush now, excuse me!"

He had just turned around when a white shadow flashed past and this refined and refined Heavenly Maiden Bai Hai appeared in front of him, blocking his path. It seemed that it would be very difficult for him to leave today.

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