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Long Huishan anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang: "Don't ever take out the Ice dragon sword. He can control you in an instant!"

Long An struck Long Huishan again, and the red colored Evil Dragon Power caused Long Huishan to feel excruciating pain. Chen Xiang furrowed his brows, and took out the Ice dragon sword!

Seeing Chen Xiang take out the Ice dragon sword, Long Huishan shut his eyes in despair!

Indeed, just as Long Huishan said, Chen Xiang was instantly suppressed and was unable to move at all, while Long An had already rushed over. After grabbing the Ice dragon sword in Chen Xiang's hand, he sent it flying with a palm, and all of this happened in an instant!

Chen Xiang was struck heavily with his palm. In the eyes of Long Huishan and Long An, he should be dead, but not only was Chen Xiang not dead, he had even arrived at Long Huishan's side in an instant. He held Long Huishan up, stepped on the Shrinking step, and dodged Long An's palm strike from afar.

Long An saw how cunning Chen Xiang was and was enraged. He pulled out his Ice dragon sword and a cold wind blew across the sky. At the same time, Long An laughed crazily: "Haha …. The Ice dragon sword is mine now, only I can pull it out of the Long family, haha … "

But his laughter quickly stopped, his face suddenly turned green, and he threw away the Ice dragon sword s!

The moment Long An pulled out the sword, the cold energy within the Ice dragon sword gushed into his body crazily, while Chen Xiang poured a large amount of Intoxicated Divine Poison into the Ice dragon sword.

Chen Xiang put down the stunned Long Huishan, took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword that had turned into a green sword, and walked over with a smile: "Since you can pull out the Ice dragon sword before you die, you should be able to die with peace in your eyes!"

Long An collapsed onto the ground. He used all his strength he had, but he could only make his body tremble, his handsome face was sinister and angry. His hateful eyes seemed to want to bite off all of Chen Xiang's flesh one bite at a time.

"Little bastard, what did you do to me!?" Even now, Long An still didn't know that it was a Drunk god magical poison.

"Haha …" You want to know? But I won't tell you. I'll make it worse for you after you die! " Chen Xiang laughed out loud, and instantly released hundreds of sword attacks.

The Divine Weapon could destroy everything. Long An, who had been struck by the Drunk god magical poison, was instantly chopped into minced meat like tofu, before finally being burnt to ashes.

Chen Xiang kept his Divine Weapon and patted the red Evil Qi on his body. With a smile on his face, he walked towards Long Huishan, but along the way, Long Huishan witnessed him killing many powerful warriors!

Although his strength was very weak, his methods were heaven defying. At this moment, she was somewhat fearful of Chen Xiang, she had thought that she was someone who was about to become the Long family's patriarch, and was considered quite an influential person in the Sacred Dan Realm. However, the man in front of her was clearly more powerful, and this was the second time she had been saved!

Moreover, she was saved by someone who was much weaker than her!

Chen Xiang laughed, "What is this guy's background? "Why does he call you little sister? This guy has such a beautiful little sister like you, it really makes people jealous!"

In the Sacred Dan Realm here, as long as they talked about Long An, no one would not be afraid! But Chen Xiang did not know, Long Huishan suspected that Chen Xiang came from that Sacred Dan Realm, but she understood Sacred Dan Realm very well, other than the stronger Chaotic Mountain, the rest of them would not even be able to enter the stage, for such a place to actually have this kind of [Innate].

"Long An is the eldest son of my uncle. 300 years ago, because he killed hundreds of thousands of people, he was sealed by my father, but I don't know where he obtained this evil art, which was especially used to absorb other people's flesh and blood to strengthen himself. After killing hundreds of thousands of people, he has already reached the early Immortal King Stage!"

Long Huishan consumed a pill that looked like a ruby, making her complexion look much better.

"I never thought that my uncle would actually release such a fellow. Back then, it wasn't easy for my father to control him, but now …"

Long Huishan thought back to when he was hit by Chen Xiang's swift sword just now, and his heart had a lingering fear. But what was fortunate was that Chen Xiang had treated her very well, and did not have any ill intentions.

"I am truly ashamed. My strength is clearly much stronger than yours, yet it is so useless. I have been helped by you to this extent, and we have only known each other for a short period of time." Long Huishan faintly sighed.

"Hehe, those stronger than me, I've killed quite a number of them, don't mind them!" Chen Xiang laughed a little complacently.

"Where did you come from?" You are definitely not from here! "

Long Huishan's injuries were much better now, so he and Chen Xiang walked towards the ice mountain's large cave.

Chen Xiang asked, "Am I from Di Tian? Have you heard of Di Tian? "

Long Huishan's face regained its rosiness as he said happily, "I heard of it, but it broke at that time and is slowly forming again. I heard that Di Tian is very big, when I have the chance, I really want to go and take a look."

Chen Xiang giggled: "Miss Long, if you can get the position of Clan Leader, at that time, I'll need you to help me get some precious medicine."

Long Huishan was surprised: "I didn't expect you to be a Alchemist, it's so rare, I've rarely seen a Alchemist running around by himself! "Oh yeah, if you don't mind, just call me Sister Long …"

"My brothers and sisters are dead. I will definitely become the Long Family's Patriarch and kill those bastards who persecuted my family!"

Long Huishan turned his grief into strength, his face full of stubbornness!

"Sister Long, you will definitely succeed!" Chen Xiang encouraged her, then asked: "Big sister Long, do you know anything about that Sacred Dan Realm over there? "A while ago, something big happened over there."

Long Huishan frowned, a look of surprise flashing across her beautiful face: "Prince Imperial Dragon was killed by a person called Chen Xiang. Dragon Emperor was furious, and used her unparalleled strength to open a path to come here, but in the end, she knew that the person who killed Prince Imperial Dragon, Super Yuan Sect Leader, had returned after killing him."

Long Huishan looked at Chen Xiang weirdly. She had heard quite a lot about that Chen Xiang before, and she even asked about him in detail.

"Your surname isn't Yun, right?"

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed: "Is it because my surname is not Yun that I can't call you big sister?"

Long Huishan scoffed, "You lied to me for a long time!"

In her mind, she recalled the cyan colored long sword that Chen Xiang often took out, she suspected that it was the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, but it did not look like a blade at all.

"Sister Long, you need to be clear, if the strong people here knew I was here, do you think I would be alright? I risked my life to tell you who I am. "

Long Huishan laughed tenderly, "Alright, you will still be Young Master Yun in the future! Oh right, you already have a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, why do you still have your eyes on my Ice dragon sword? "

Chen Xiang deliberately revealed a face full of worry. "Sister Long, do you want to act like a spoiled child and then ask me for it back?"

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