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Chapter 864 - Flame Dragon's Transformation skill, open!

"You're finally here!"

Transue emperor's voice was excited, his eyes twinkling with excitement, as though he had been waiting for tens of thousands of years.

At the same time.

The aura on his body suddenly became quiet.

Long Fei smiled lightly and said, "Have you washed your butt clean?"

Sea Dragon King sent a sound transmission to him, "Boss, what he is wearing should be the Emperor Armour. Six million years ago, it was a immortal stage divine equipment.

"Let me do it!"

"Let me test his strength." Sea Dragon King said.

He was very clear in his heart that the cultivation level of the Transue was extremely strong.

Long Fei was not a match for him at all.

It was not that he did not trust Long Fei, but the facts were right in front of him. It was impossible for Long Fei's strength to defeat Transue emperor.

Not just him.

Black Dragon, Azure Dragon, and Golden Dragon, they all knew clearly in their hearts that Long Fei was not their match.

The Transue emperor that was donned with the Emperor Armour became even more ferocious.

Long Fei shook his head and said: "No need!"

Sea Dragon King was stunned and said, "Boss, his power is too terrifying. His defense alone is not enough, so we need powerful attacks to defeat him."

The Azure Dragon Ancestor replied, "His armor is the Emperor Armor and the longsword in his hand is the Transue's Holy Sword. His attack power is too great."

Not only the armor, the sacred sword.

Every single thing on the Transue's body was a holy artifact, and every single thing contained a strong power. Not to mention Long Fei, even they wouldn't be able to move against him.

They did not know how Long Fei was going to deal with the Transue emperor, but looking at the current situation, Long Fei was not his match.

Transue did not make his move in a hurry. Instead, he looked at Long Fei and said, "This is the great temple of my Transue, and the rankings of our ancestors are all inside."

"The arrival of your Dragon Clan destroyed my Transue empire. I have been pitied by the heavens and was able to absorb the power of that calamity, but... I was too weak back then, and I was trapped by the Seal before I could even react. "


"Thirty years in the east, thirty years in the west. More than six million years in the Seal allowed me to become incomparably strong, allowing me to cultivate the mutated energy in the midst of my calamity to the Peak Realm."


"Whether you are the reincarnation of a Yuan Long or not, I will use your head to pay tribute to the people who died during that calamity."

Transue's battle intent began to ignite.

Long Fei looked at Transue and asked, "Are you done talking?"

"Are you done?"

"Since we're done, let's start the fight. I've been unable to bear it for a long time." Long Fei shouted excitedly towards the Sea Dragon King and the others, "All of you retreat!"

Sea Dragon King's eyes darkened and said, "Boss, you..."

Long Fei did not want to explain, and said: "This is an order, retreat!"

The dragons drew back a little.

Long Fei looked at the Azure Dragon Ancestor, and said: "If I die, I would ask you to help me bring song qianqian and Ling Long out. You should know where they are now."

"If I lose, I'm really sorry that I won't be able to help the dragon race."

"It's up to you guys to decide what to do with the tribulation."

Long Fei was not confident either.

However, he had to do it!

Being beaten up by the Golden Dragon Master and the green dragon was tantamount to his brother being bullied. As his boss, if he couldn't help his brother get back at him, he would be treated like a fart.

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei suddenly shouted out, "Now, all of you retreat!"

Sea Dragon King retreated, and all the other dragons followed. At the same time, they secretly made up their minds, no matter what, even if they had to trade their lives, they couldn't let Long Fei die!

Long Fei used the 'Free Cloud Art' and stood in mid air, staring at the King of Transue and laughed, "Let's begin!"

Transue's eyes darkened, he took a step forward, and his powerful strength surged like a hundred thousand prehistoric beasts towards Long Fei's mind.

Yan Huang ancestor's mind was in shock as he hurriedly said: "Kid, be careful!"

In an instant.

The power of the Yan Huang ancestor instantly transformed into a defensive power, protecting Long Fei's mind and his sea of consciousness.

Long Fei's heart was incomparably calm, there wasn't the slightest ripple. Looking at the Transue that was charging towards him, he madly calculated in his mind, "No!"

"No way!"

"If we can't kill him, we can't …"

"He's too strong, I can't find any weak points."

"No!" His defense is simply too strong; we can't find any weak points at all. "

His brain was like a computer, crazily calculating the Transue's attacks, defenses, and everything else.

If Long Fei's strength was compared to his, the chances of winning were zero!

No chance at all.

Even if he included the cultivation technique he was cultivating in, it still wouldn't do. The chances of him winning were still zero.

"Huff …"

Long Fei exhaled a long breath, "Since that's the case, then there's no other way. We can only rely on the Enlargement Stroke!"

Long Fei wanted to try and see if he could defeat Transue emperor with his own strength. After thinking it through, not only could he not win, he would even be defeated by him in one move.

If that's the case!

Long Fei had no other choice but to use the Enlargement Stroke.

Sea Dragon King was burning with anxiety, "Why hasn't boss made a move yet? Why is there no energy fluctuation on his body? Just what is he thinking? "

The Azure Dragon Ancestor was also unable to see through Long Fei and he didn't know what Long Fei wanted to do either. Seeing him standing there without moving, his heart became extremely nervous.

Golden Dragon Master said: "I can't watch it any longer. No, no, I have to rush up."

"The general assembly died!"

"He really will die."

All the fourteenth dragon ancestor s were worried, looking at Long Fei who was not moving at all, they were extremely worried.

Every heart was in his throat, every heart was ready to go, ready for everything, and at this moment each second was longer than it had been for ten thousand years.

"Ahh …"

blood dragon ancestor could not withstand the pressure and shouted, "I'm going to throw caution to the wind! Boss, I'm coming!"


Poison Dragon elder was the same, "I can't care that much anymore."

Sea Dragon King threw caution to the wind and shouted, "Everyone attack together! No matter what, you have to protect our boss, even if it means your own life!"


fourteenth dragon ancestor went crazy.

Seeing Long Fei not moving, the pressure in their hearts was too strong, and they could not take it.

Transue looked at Long Fei who was motionless and laughing coldly, "Kid, tremble!"

"Pay the price for your crimes back then."

His eyes were full of contempt.

With the cultivation level of the virtual immortals stage, he could kill them with a finger, even if it was with the fourteenth dragon ancestor s added in, he would not be a match for them.

A Chief Sovereign!

Just as fourteenth dragon ancestor rushed out.

The moment Transue's attack was about to land.

Long Fei's eyes were filled with anger, the idea moved, "XianBao spirit stones, release!"

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One million power of celestial values were temporarily added into Long Fei's power of celestial value. At the same time, Long Fei roared furiously, "turn Yan Long into God, open!"

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