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Chen Xiang had already known that Ji Meixian had many secrets, especially when he saw her pure golden blood.

Originally, there were many towering stone buildings constructed here, but for some reason, all of them were destroyed. At this moment, all of the large and small ice-cold stones actually leaked out a golden multicolored light, and the multicolored light was the same as the one emitted by Ji Meixian.

"Yi!" A strange sound came out, causing the ground to tremble, Ji Meixian waved his hands, and many different sized stones started to float.

Ji Meixian took action, her eyes brimming with golden splendor, her entire body surrounded by golden clouds, as though she was a goddess!

"What power is this? These stones are making me uneasy! " Chen Xiang looked at the mountain-like boulders floating in front of him and secretly operated the Dragon Power.

"Whoosh!" Dozens of boulders that were like small mountains flew towards Chen Xiang.

When these ten or so huge rocks that were covered in golden splendor flew towards Chen Xiang, they suddenly fused together and transformed into a gigantic mountain. With a speed that was like light, Chen Xiang was unable to dodge at all and he did not even have time to block.

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The gigantic mountain crashed into Chen Xiang's strong body, and as if it had collided with divine iron, the entire mountain trembled, and let out a clanging sound.

Chen Xiang was knocked flying by the huge impact. His body was stuck to a huge boulder, and that boulder also had Ji Meixian's bizarre golden power.

The gigantic mountain once again activated, suddenly flying into the air and fiercely crashing down, the gigantic rock, under Ji Meixian's control, felt like it was weightless, especially that terrifying speed, it did not give Chen Xiang the chance to catch his breath.

Chen Xiang had just been sent flying, but before he could even react, that enormous mountain had already smashed down ruthlessly. The rock that was stuck behind Chen Xiang's back had shattered, and Chen Xiang was also pressed down by that enormous mountain, whether he was dead or alive was unknown.

Lan Cang was also dumbstruck. This was the first time he had seen such a mysterious power!

Even if the entire huge mountain was smashed down ruthlessly, the ground would not be damaged at all. This way, the power Chen Xiang could endure would be even stronger.

Ji Meixian's expression was calm and refined, as though all of this was within her expectations. However, the huge mountain that was suppressing Chen Xiang suddenly trembled, and following that, Chen Xiang roared out, and Chen Xiang actually lifted the entire mountain up.

"Humph!" Ji Meixian shouted coldly, the golden light of the huge mountain shook, and transformed into two gigantic stone fists that were like giant fists. Under her control, they smashed onto Chen Xiang's body at a terrifying speed, the strength of each fist was enough to smash a true huge mountain to pieces, and on a person's body, it was even able to turn a person into meat paste.

But now that it had struck Chen Xiang's body, it was as if it had struck a piece of divine iron that had the properties of bullets, and could not be beaten flat by Chen Xiang no matter how hard it was struck.


A burst of white light flashed out, and the palm formed from Dragon Power swept out towards a falling stone fist!

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The terrifying power that erupted caused the ground to shake. The violent Heaven Blasting Palm power was like a tidal wave that spread in all directions and shook all of the surrounding rocks into powder.


Another Heaven Blasting Palm was released. The snow-white Dragon Power along with the transparent Devil-suppressing holy power instantly transformed into a giant energy palm. It struck onto that huge stone fist and the shaking force shattered it into pieces.

The shock wave turned all of the shattered stones into white powder. The Heaven Shaking Palm was still unstoppable even after smashing into the rocks, and with a mighty force, it smashed towards Ji Meixian.

Ji Meixian gently bit her jade teeth as her white dress and long hair danced frantically in the air due to the force of the Heaven Blasting Palm. The mysterious golden light around her body became even more dazzling, and when the huge Heaven Blasting Palm slammed down, she roared, and a burst of violent golden wind sprayed out from her cherry lips.

The enormous Golden Radiance Phoenix spread its wings for a distance of three hundred meters and flapped its wings. It emitted a deafening cry that pierced the clouds as it flew towards the heaven shaking palm that was approaching.

"tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power!" Chen Xiang could feel that the phoenix's power was incomparably strong, so he channeled his Dragon Power and activated it.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa … …" Ten consecutive explosions resounded, and the giant golden phoenix was struck until it dissipated. In that instant, a sharp phoenix cry resounded throughout the nine heavens, and a violent thunderclap shook the earth!

The two forces collided. It was as if two waves of ocean that were hundreds of thousands of feet high had collided into each other, as though it was as if it was a dried twig that could be torn apart. The brutal energy generated by the collision all shot up into the sky. The ruins were like the mighty sweep of the sea as they were completely razed to the ground.

Lan Cang was no longer there. He had turned into a blue dragon, like a tall mountain wall blocking the forest around him.

"Damn brat, you almost destroyed my forest! [If humans are like these two bastards, why would us ordinary dragons be able to survive!] Especially that little demon, whose flesh is too terrifying! " Lan Cang muttered in his heart.

Chen Xiang's body was indeed very strong, to the point that even Ji Meixian was shocked. She had already estimated that Chen Xiang's body was very strong, but it had still far exceeded her expectations.

At this moment, the two of them had a new understanding of each other's strength! Although they had fought a big battle before, Chen Xiang had not made a breakthrough at that time and had borrowed Long Xueyi's power, so Ji Meixian did not wake up.

"Earth is for me to use!" Ji Meixian stamped with her foot, and the powder and small stones suddenly floated up, instantly transforming into a gigantic golden palm. The surrounding ground emitted a golden light that could be seen with the naked eye, which condensed on top of the palm.

Chen Xiang punched the palm that was condensing into a fist. The fist that was formed from Dragon Power, surged forward like the roar of ten thousand dragons, bringing about a great momentum as it charged forward.

Ji Meixian had just finished using her mysterious power to form a palm, and it had instantly become as tall as a mountain. Under her control, it was like hitting a bug, hitting Chen Xiang's Dragon Fist down, causing the power to dissipate.

"Time to end it!" Ji Meixian's cold voice was filled with confidence, as he controlled his mountain-like palm to strike towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang knew that the method Ji Meixian used was related to the Ground killing, but it wasn't a complete Ground killing.

Seeing the giant palm coming at them, the surroundings suddenly became extremely slow. The giant palm that was originally as fast as lightning also became very slow.

In Chen Xiang's mind, a scene of lofty mountains and flowing water suddenly appeared. He suddenly raised his hands and released all the five elements in his body.

A mirage suddenly appeared in the sky. Several tall mountains towered as large rivers surged and surged. The majestic atmosphere engulfed the entire mountain and river as if it was real.

Chen Xiang had already figured out the key to Ground killing at this point of time, which was the "Force" of the Earth! This was one of the powers that made people sigh in admiration!

"It's not over yet!" Chen Xiang bellowed, and the few large mountains in the air smashed down fiercely. The aura that was created when they landed on the ground felt extremely real!

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