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### Chapter 52 - All have come

As soon as the sky brightened, the Long family's martial arts practice field became lively.

The disciples of the Long family and the famous aristocrats of the Fire Glass City rushed to the training grounds early in the morning.

The huge martial arts practice field was so crowded that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

The Long family hadn't been so lively today in decades.

They were all here because of Long Fei, wanting to see if Long Fei had truly recovered the Dragon God's blood essence.

"Look, that's the peak rank 5 beast our Young Lord killed."

"His strength is unparalleled, he could easily kill a war spirit Realm warrior, our Young Lord could easily kill him."

"The genius young master is back."

Long Shan and the others bragged whenever they saw anyone.

Regardless if it was true or not, he had to build up momentum for Long Fei.

Let his influence rise.

The Large Power King Kong Ape's head was still placed in the middle of the training grounds, and anyone who entered would be able to see it immediately.

He was even more certain about the matter of Long Fei recovering the Dragon God blood lineage.


"Divine Marquis Zhuge has arrived."

Zhuge Tianlong walked into the training grounds with a smile on his face. Behind him were a few Zhuge family disciples, Zhuge Jianqiang among them.

He was Zhuge Tianlong's only son.

He was also one of the young elites of the Fire Glass City, a person deeply admired and respected by the royal family.

As Zhuge Jianqiang stepped into the martial arts arena, he could not help but sneer, and said disdainfully: "This kind of low level martial arts arena, is really poor."

Many of the Long family disciples were displeased.

Zhuge Tianlong slightly said: "Qiang'er, don't be so unruly, just put some words in your heart, why would you say them out loud?"

He even added another stab.

Zhuge Jianqiang laughed: "I will remember."

Long Zhanye personally went up to welcome him and said: "The Divine Marquis has arrived, it's a long distance to welcome you."

Zhuge Tianlong cupped his fists and said: "Brother Zhan Ye, you are too courteous. We are only here to observe the disciples of the Long family today, and to let the disciples of the Zhuge family study properly. The Long family is a family that has existed in the Fire Glass City for tens of thousands of years, and the disciples of the Long family are all elites.

Zhuge Jianqiang said: "Father, I will definitely learn properly, but I heard that the Long family has lost all of their talented people in these years, and they do not have any outstanding disciples.

Long Zhanye frowned.

Zhuge Tianlong laughed: "Brother Zhan Ye, please forgive me for being so rude."

Long Zhanye laughed: "It's alright, the Divine Marquis' side, please take your seat."

"Many thanks!"

Zhuge Tianlong laughed, and thought: "Long family? Even after ten thousand years? Humph... I don't think the day is far off. "

Zhuge Jianqiang also laughed: "This is the Long family, they look like slaves. Just looking at me makes you want to laugh, and you think you can become one of the four pillars?"

Zhuge Tianlong slightly said: "Don't underestimate the Long family. The true terrifying person of the Long family has yet to come out."

"Father, are you talking about the grand elder of the Long family?" Zhuge Jianqiang said, "I heard that the Long family's Grand Elder is in closed door training to attack the war master ream, even if the Long family were to collapse, he would not come out, so there's no need to be afraid of him. Furthermore, our Zhuge family already has that …"

Zhuge Tianlong glared at him.

Zhuge Jianqiang immediately shut his mouth and did not say anymore.

"Prince Nangong has arrived!"

Nangong Lei came.

"Look, it's Nangong Yan!"

"Fire Glass City's number one beauty."

"Too beautiful! How can there be such a beautiful woman in the world? "

"Look at the young man beside her. Isn't Nangong Yan the fiancee of the Long family's young master? "

"This is the Long family, they are so intimate with the Long family, and even more so, Long Fei."

… ….

The martial-arts arena began to discuss softly.

The biggest Nangong Yan in the entire Fire Glass City was Long Fei's fiancee.


She was holding onto a man's arm as she walked into the Long family. Wasn't this insulting the Long family?

Wasn't he bullying the Long family?


She had a look of deep affection on her face and was talking and laughing along the way. She didn't care about the Long family at all.

This made many people of the Long family unhappy!

But no one dared say anything.

The Dragon Grand Elder had gone into closed door cultivation, the Acting Clan Chief Long Zhanhai had gone into closed door cultivation, Great Elder Long Zhanwu had gone all out to deal with Long Fei, who would stand up for Long Fei at this time?

Another slap on the Long family's face!

"Li Martial Arts Sect, General Li has arrived."

Li Chongtian brought the two rows of Li Clan soldiers and entered the Long Clan's residence.

He was fully armed, as if he was going to the battlefield.

This was like watching an arena war battle?

This was using the Long family as a battlefield.

Another slap on the face!

The last to step up was the Nangong Imperial Clan. Nangong Huo did not come personally, but chose to send a prince, Nangong Xiao.

Some people greeted him at the martial arts practice field.

Nangong Xiao's complacency could be seen from his words, and he said: "This prince is only here to observe the arena fights, I'll just treat it as my normal identity."

And then …

After taking his seat, Nangong Xiao coldly snorted, and said. "Long Zhanye, you don't even have a Holy Tea here?"

Long Zhanye's expression changed slightly as he said, "Your Highness, we are indeed..."

"F * ck!"

"What kind of dog shit clan is this, and what kind of dog or cat family can become a four pillars family? Even the tea was of such low quality, the Long family... Hehe... I think it's better to change your name to dog. " Nangong Xiao said in disdain.

Long Zhanye clenched his fists tightly, he was patiently enduring, he had come today to deal with Long Fei.

There was nothing he could do!

If it was the Long family at their peak, they would have long since moved their heads!

The three pillars family and the Nangong Imperial Family all gave the Long family a ruthless slap.

In the eyes of the outsiders in martial-arts arena, the Long Family had withered!

The Long family's might was gone, their talents were waning, and they were also fighting inside. On the surface, the Long family was no longer strong enough. This huge family that had existed for ten thousand years would disappear from this world.

In the future, he definitely couldn't stand with the Long family. Otherwise, his fate would be very miserable.

Many members of the Long family felt a ball of fire in their hearts.

Since when had the Long family been so aggrieved?!

… ….

Long Zhanye was also extremely unhappy as he said to Long Zhanwu, "This is going too far, who do they think they are?"

Long Zhanwu did not care about all these, but asked: "Is everyone ready?"

As long as he became the Long family's head, he believed that he would definitely be able to change the Long family.

Long Zhanye nodded his head: "Everything has been prepared according to plan, the sixteen disciples who are participating in the arena, other than Long Fei, are all our people."

"The killer has been arranged."

"Alright!" Long Zhanwu excitedly sneered: "Long Fei, you're dead today!"

… ….


martial-arts arena was in an uproar.

"The Young Lord is here!"

It was also at this time.

Long Shan and the others changed into the armors of the Imperial Guards, and their dragon-shaped spears shook violently.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

With one step, he shook the ground and quickly suppressed the voice of the martial-arts arena. He walked to Long Fei's side and knelt down heavily, and shouted out loud: "Greetings, Young Master!"

His voice shook the heavens!

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