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Su Meiyao laughed tenderly: "If we were to appear in front of her now, it would definitely be enough to shock her. It's just that I don't know how she managed to join the Fire Divine Palace, but the Fire Divine Palace is actually a disciple of the Heavenly Devil Realm."

Bai Youyou scoffed, "She is just a bored person, her talent is not bad, but in order to earn the title of the number one beauty in the Heavenly Demon Realm, she fought so many battles, killed countless women, still did not give up after provoking us, and targeted my sister, and was poisoned to death by my sister in the end. She had to spend a lot of effort in order to restore her appearance, if it wasn't for such a terrible thing, she would have used her energy to cultivate, and she wouldn't be like this now."

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, that Bai Ziqian was actually so vicious, that he killed many people just so that he could be ranked a little closer to the top, yet he destroyed that person's face. This hatred should not be able to be dispelled, he felt that women were sometimes a lot more vicious than men, and were also a lot more bored.

"Little Scoundrel, you have killed her little lover now. If the beauties in Heaven Realm who were chased by her were to find out, they would definitely be grateful to you." Su Meiyao chuckled.

"So it's like that. When the time comes, I will definitely accept their thanks with great enthusiasm. Hehe." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang came to an older, but very large city in the Devil Realm. This city was located in the center of the Devil Realm, and Chen Xiang did not know the distribution of power here.

Chen Xiang had to admit that the Fire Divine Palace's overall strength could actually penetrate all the way to the Devil Realm. He suspected that the Demon Realm also had its own branch hall.

The Devil Cultivator in the Devil Realm were also humans, so the cities here were not as unbearable as those established by the Evil Demon. Even though they were a bit old and worn out, they still made people feel comfortable.

Chen Xiang decided to stay in a tavern and choose the type of courtyard he wanted. Furthermore, he needed to have an underground training room to allow him to concoct pills below and at the same time, allow Long Xueyi to observe and eavesdrop on Wang Qiongjin to find out their plans to attack the Chen Martial Continent and the power of their attacks.

There were only two main ingredients for Hunyuan Dan. Chen Xiang had already experimented on them before, and now it was finally the time to refine them.

"Is it really okay? No matter how I think about it, I just can't understand how the people who created the Foreseeing Alchemy could succeed in refining the Hunyuan Dan without using the Foreseeing Alchemy. There are a lot of changes in the high-grade medicinal ingredients, and it's very difficult to predict how many layers of Foreseeing Alchemy will be able to solve this problem. Su Meiyao said.

"sister Meiyao, you'll know when I refine it. I think that when you recover your strength in the future, you'll be able to learn this secret technique of mine."

Chen Xiang was very confident in his God purification. He took out the Yanlong furnace, but only threw a large number of supplementary ingredients into the furnace to burn.

It was very easy to burn the supplementary herbs. In a few moments, it would be reduced to medicinal powder and Medicine aura.

After taking care of the supplementary ingredients, Chen Xiang took out the Hunyuan fruit and burned it on his palm like before. It was just that this time, the burning time was different from before, he used an even stronger flame this time, and he also released a barrier that covered his palm to prevent the energy from exploding out.

What made Su Meiyao feel that was somewhat inconceivable was that when he used to burn spiritual medicines in the past, spiritual medicines would always release a very strong glow, and some spiritual medicines would even release colorful strong lights. Previously, when Chen Xiang used his palm to burn, the flames weren't strong enough, so it was normal for them to not emit light.

But now that the flames were so strong, even the spirit medicine did not react at all.

Although he could not see it, he could still feel Chen Xiang's mental exhaustion right now. He had done the same thing last time, in order to not let the spirit inside the spirit herbs resist him, so that the spirit herbs could completely refine the spirit herbs. It was just that it was not easy, he had not achieved the final success the last two times, but it was possible, because he had already started to refine the spirit herbs slowly.

Using a raging fire to burn the Hunyuan fruit made it extremely unstable, and its reaction was extremely intense. It fiercely swayed in Chen Xiang's palm, and looked as though it could explode at any time, while Chen Xiang also felt a very strong pressure at this moment.

"I never thought that when these invisible spirits are burned by the flames, they would become so many times stronger. Even if my divine power is so strong, I could still stubbornly resist for so long. If it wasn't for the path of cultivation, I'm afraid it would be difficult to use the God purification. No wonder the Heavenly Alchemy and the Heavenly Alchemy were placed together back then." Chen Xiang thought, and continued to use his divine power to attack the stubborn spirit inside the medicine.

This situation continued for more than three hours. Suddenly, with a "boom", the Hunyuan fruit exploded and shone with a gold light. The gold mist lingered over Chen Xiang's palm.

Seeing this, Su Meiyao sighed: "Let's just use our Foreseeing Alchemy honestly. Isn't it just spending a bit more time? Senior Sister and I can afford to wait."

"No need." Chen Xiang suddenly laughed, he blew a breath of air, and the gold mist above his palm flashed, and a small pile of golden powder and golden mist appeared in his palm.

"This …" Su Meiyao was shocked, although there was only a small amount of powder, but it meant that Chen Xiang had already succeeded, and as long as he did not explode like before, he would be able to obtain more powder.

The golden powder was the medicinal powder refined by the Hunyuan fruit, and the mist was the Medicine aura. The traditional method of refining pills was to complete these procedures inside the furnace, but Chen Xiang did not need to rely on the furnace to complete them on his own.

As a Alchemist, Su Meiyao quickly understood Chen Xiang's thoughts. He knew that Chen Xiang had used some secret methods in the Heavenly Alchemy to first refine the herbs into medicinal powder and Medicine aura outside, then throw them into the pill refining furnace and fuse everything into a pill.

"So that's how it is. This Heavenly Alchemy is indeed extraordinary. No wonder the White Tiger told you to use it with caution." Su Meiyao sighed, she suddenly felt that Chen Xiang had already graduated, because in terms of alchemy, Chen Xiang had walked down an unusual path, and she was no longer able to guide him, but in a certain aspect, Chen Xiang's current achievements had already surpassed hers.

"Fire is a difficult problem. With how powerful my current flames are, I should be considered one of the top experts among the majority of Alchemist, but it's still so arduous. This kind of refinement method has a high requirement for fire, and it also has a high requirement for divine power." Chen Xiang placed the small amount of medicinal powder and Medicine aura s into the furnace for preservation.

As for the flames, it will be very difficult to raise them. However, after you have passed through the nine Nirvana Tribulations and become an immortal, you should be able to try activating the fire energy that is hidden in your body. It should be able to allow your Fire Soul to reach a higher level. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had more and more hidden flames within his body. The previous heaven's fire seed, as well as the Earth's mind crystal, would allow him to completely unleash these hidden flames if he needed it, allowing him to nurture an even stronger Fire Soul. However, he was worried that his body would not be able to endure the powerful Fire Soul.

Currently, Chen Xiang's breakthrough was not just limited to allowing him to refine Heaven level Pills, but also allowed him to open up a unique method of refining pills. It was possible that he did not do such a thing in the last ten days at Great Yan City.

Chen Xiang took out the Hunyuan fruit again. Just now, a large portion of them had exploded, and the remaining small amount was not enough, he could only increase it with this method. He knew that it would be impossible for it to go so smoothly in the beginning, but for him, it was already a big step forward.

"It looks like Hunyuan tree root s are easier to refine, but in the eyes of us Alchemist, Hunyuan tree root s are much more stubborn than Hunyuan fruit s, but in your hands, it's different." Su Meiyao said.

"Because I have the Yin and yang god blood, I'm not afraid of its alternating between cold and heat. I can sense that kind of change ahead of time, so I'm prepared." Chen Xiang said: "It can be said that the Hunyuan tree root and I have some closeness, so I was able to progress further last time in one breath."

Last time, Chen Xiang was disturbed by Long Xueyi, so he did not reach the last step. However, he was sure that he would succeed in the end.

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