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Du Hai knew that the Chaotic Mountain was not safe, and anxiously brought Chen Xiang to pass through the Blood Devil Forest, heading in a desolate direction.

On this barren land, Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious, because this was the place where the eighteen floors of Sacred Dan Realm were located, how could there be such a place? Not to mention immortal qi, there wasn't even spiritual energy.

"Where are we going?" Chen Xiang asked. He was sure that Du Hai would bring him to a safe place, but if the illusions were too weak, it would be extremely difficult for him to cultivate.

"To the real Sacred Dan Realm, do you think that's all there is to it?" Before, when Du Hai hid in the Chaotic Mountain, he was only waiting for the right opportunity to take revenge. But now, he wanted to help Chen Xiang escape, so he had no choice but to bring him here.

Chen Xiang was a little surprised. He felt that this eighteen layer should be a very small place, but it was not the real Sacred Dan Realm!

"What is a real Sacred Dan Realm?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Where there is a Pill Saint, there is only a corner of the Sacred Dan Realm!"

Chen Xiang already knew that it was impossible for the Sacred Dan Realm to be that simple. Otherwise, he wouldn't be called Sacred Dan Realm! However, he had thought that the most powerful part of the Sacred Dan Realm was actually within the Chaotic Mountain.

"There is a way to get to the Saint Core realm in the Chaotic Mountain. That is where the true alchemy civilizations gather. It's just that there are a few demons causing trouble there occasionally, but it's still safe. Long Yanjing doesn't dare to mess around there!"

Du Hai saw the doubt on Chen Xiang's face and continued to speak: "Honestly, there are only two paths to the Sacred Pill Realm. The first is right here and I just discovered it, because the second is in the Chaotic Mountain and only a few people know it! "The road we're walking on isn't safe either. We might run into dangerous guys. I think that the Saint Core realm would intentionally seal off this corner to guard against the Primal Chaos race."

"In this corner that is sealed by the real Sacred Dan Realm, not only is the Primal Chaos race a threat, there are also many secret passages that can lead to some worlds. This might be the reason behind the seal."

Chen Xiang was a little excited, a real Sacred Dan Realm, where the Pill Saint exists, he felt that there must be a lot of spirit medicine there!

"I'll send you in, I plan to stay here!" Du Hai said.

"Elder Du, can you help me take care of some of my friends? I'm worried for their comfort …" Chen Xiang still hadn't received any news from Liu Meng'er yet, so he could only entrust the matter to him. He told Du Hai in detail about the situation and told him to look for Huang Jintian and the others.

In front of them was a sea of flames. Along the way, they did not encounter any kind of danger, but this stretch of burning land looked extremely terrifying. Especially that kind of threatening fire, it made Chen Xiang feel that this was another Earth's Core Fire Realm!

He was extremely powerful in the Di Tian Earth's Core Fire Realm and had yet to finish exploring it. However, the one in front of him looked to be about the same as the Earth's Core Fire Realm.

"Just cross this sea of fire, you should be able to do it, right? I will not keep you company, I will quickly find your friends, although my Du Family is dead, but I have many friends, you can rest easy! " Du Hai said anxiously, he was in a rush, and threw a piece of paper to Chen Xiang: "Go to that side, and be careful of this woman, she is a very terrifying woman, okay, you can go in!"

Chen Xiang opened up the piece of paper and saw that the portrait was actually Bai Ziqian!

Bai Ziqian was offered a bounty, and with ten immortal pills as the bounty, it even stated the reason why she was offered the bounty. Because of the forbidden poison that was Magical corruption gas, Chen Xiang took a deep breath and said, "I understand!"

Chen Xiang entered the sea of fire, stepped on the Shrinking step, and ran in the direction Du Hai indicated. Bai Ziqian actually came to Sacred Dan Realm, which made him excited, this beautiful and beautiful poisonous woman was Bai Youyou's elder sister, and he had taken advantage of her a little back then.

However, her situation was not looking good. After using the Magical corruption gas to poison an Immortal King, she would be hunted down no matter where she went.

Chen Xiang travelled through the sea of flames. Judging from the temperature, he felt that the road he took was just outside of this fiery domain. If he went deeper, the temperature of the flames would definitely be very high.

If it was an ordinary person, it would be very difficult to pass through. At the very least, they would have to endure five Nirvana Tribulations before they would have enough strength to pass through.

"I have already passed the five Nirvana Tribulations. When I return to Di Tian, I won't let out that big Flame Lion!" Chen Xiang was planning to get the Super Old Fire Beast back. Pulling it into the Dragon Subduing School was a good idea.

"Chen Xiang, if you go over there, can you help me find my sister? I really want to see her right now!" Bai Youyou looked at the portrait and looked at the beautiful woman with the pointy braids, feeling a little sad.

"En!" Chen Xiang not only had a large number of Magical corruption gas here, he also had the newly acquired Drunk god flower. He had grasped two types of strange poisons, and if he wanted Bai Ziqian to be safer in the future, it would be for him to have more and more powerful strange poisons.

Chen Xiang used three days of time to finally rush out of the sea of flames, arriving at a place with an extremely dense immortal energy. What made him astonished was, even though he was followed by a sea of flames, there was indeed a grassland about half the height of a human in front of him.

"Wah …" What grass is this, it's hotter than the sea of fire! " Chen Xiang immediately flew up, and then stepped on the Shrinking step, and ran towards the Mountain Spirit in the distance.

"Is this the true Sacred Dan Realm? It's much better than over there! " Chen Xiang walked leisurely in the forest, wanting to see if there were any spirit medicines here. However, he discovered that there were traces of many people who had come here, and he felt that the real Sacred Dan Realm should not be so lacking in spirit medicines.

"These places are very suitable for growing spiritual medicines. There aren't many spiritual medicines and they have all been harvested. It seems like the herbs here are very scarce, or some large force is doing this on purpose. Control the spiritual medicines and plant them in their own backyard." Su Meiyao said: "There are many powers who have done this in the Heaven Realm."

Chen Xiang built a cave here, and after hiding inside, he ate that small Holy Dragon Core. Right now, he needed to quickly raise his strength, and any additional strength would allow him to be safer for a bit more.

A dragon's roar suddenly woke Chen Xiang up. His heart trembled, because the Dragon Emperor was coming over!

When the Dragon Emperor came over, he immediately came to the Chaotic Mountain, and it was not just the Dragon Emperor, he brought a lot of strong warriors, but most of them were human experts. From their clothes, one could tell that they were the heavyweights of the traitors in the Heaven Realm.

"Chen Xiang, come out! No matter where you hide, I will find you! " Dragon Emperor's rough and powerful voice was recalled to this side of the Sacred Dan Realm but he did not hear Chen Xiang.

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