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After the Fire Divine Palace found out about the incident in the Sacred Fire School, he immediately sent people to investigate. It was because they knew that the person who was messing around in the underground palace and killing the Ice Emperor was a guy with a black hammer. Now that they had gone to the Sacred Fire School to cause trouble, it was obvious that they were going against the Fire Divine Palace.

At this critical juncture, the sudden appearance of an expert opposing the Fire Divine Palace put a lot of pressure on the Fire Divine Palace. Especially since such a person could kill the Ice Emperor and exterminate that underground palace by himself.

Chen Xiang was about to be sealed for ten years, and the plan to attack Chen Martial Continent had always been carried out. In these nine years, the Fire Divine Palace had always been increasing his own strength, consuming a lot of resources, all in order to make it easier for them to attack the Chen Martial Continent. But now, a mysterious Ranker had appeared suddenly, making them wonder if he was the mysterious Great Clan Elder from Dragon Subduing School.

The hall master of the Fire Divine Palace was a immortal king, if it wasn't anything major, he wouldn't want to intervene, because if this matter were to spread to the Heaven Realm, it wouldn't be a glorious thing. Thus, when they were attacking the Chen Martial Continent, he didn't want to intervene, but at the moment, he had to reconsider.

After Chen Xiang left Sacred Yan City, he wandered around in other cities in order to gather information on Sacred Fire School. Originally, he planned to make a trip to Sacred Fire Mountain, but after knowing that there were mysterious experts in the Sacred Fire Mountain, he didn't dare to act rashly.

"The person that the Sacred Fire School offended was very strong, and it was said that he killed that Yang Wushuang in two moves. Back then at the Artifact Forging Assembly, this Yang Wushuang was really cocky, but I didn't expect him to die so miserably."

"The old ancestor of the Sacred Fire School has already come out. It is said that this old fellow was once an important figure in the Fire Divine Palace. He is a powerful old ghost with Fire Soul."

"So what if they come out? They don't even know each other's names. A shop was destroyed by them in such a carefree manner. They haven't even found a single hair on the other person's head yet."

"Hehe, of course, the old ancestor of the Sacred Fire School came out to protect the Sacred Fire School, that person has even killed Yang Wushuang, so he is definitely not afraid of the Sacred Fire School, maybe that day when he was in a bad mood, he will go to the Sacred Fire School and cause a ruckus, and destroy the entire Sacred Fire School."

The nearby cities were all managed by the Sacred Fire School, with the Sacred Fire School as the center. However, the Sacred Fire School had always been an extremely tyrannical city, and many people had a bad impression of it, especially the shops in the Sacred Fire School. If not for the people who were related to the Sacred Fire School going there, they would have been scammed to death.

In the past few days, Chen Xiang had heard news that piqued his interest. It was that Fire Divine Palace had found an extremely large and unique profoundbing in the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

First, the profoundbing could not be placed inside the Storage magic treasure. Second, the profoundbing was very difficult to break through, since it was found in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, then the Immortal King that was staying in the profound Ice City must have made a move before, but he could not break through it. Third, the special profoundbing was not like the other profoundbing, who could release cold air, but that was without a doubt.

In order to break open this piece of profoundbing, the experts of Fire Divine Palace used many different methods. In the end, they decided to transport it to the Sacred Fire Mountain, and use the flame inside the Sacred Fire Mountain's powerful volcanic crater to see if they could melt that piece of profoundbing.

Chen Xiang was extremely interested in profoundbing, especially this kind of special profoundbing. Furthermore, he had always planned to go to the Sacred Fire Mountain to have a look, and after hearing the news, he immediately set off for the Sacred Fire Mountain.

It was said that the profoundbing was the size of a house and was transported all the way from profound Cold Ancient Realm.

Chen Xiang returned to Sacred Yan City once again, and asked for more detailed information. Very quickly, he found out that many powers had sent a few elders over, and they were all invited by the Fire Divine Palace.

He felt that the Fire Divine Palace was making use of this opportunity to gather the other powers that wanted to attack the Chen Martial Continent.

Towards such a thing, Chen Xiang could not be absent.

"The fellow from Ghost Killing School is here as well. We saw a Golden Face Ghost Killer just now. This is really rare, even he has to give me face."

As Chen Xiang was walking, he suddenly heard people talking.

Ghost Killing School s rarely appeared, especially those like them who had extremely high statuses in the Ghost Killing School.

"A Golden Face Ghost Killer has arrived, that's my wish." Chen Xiang laughed in her heart, she anxiously ordered Long Xueyi, allowing him to use her powerful abilities to track the whereabouts of Golden Face Ghost Killer.

"He's still in the city. This guy is very high-profile. After he met a group of people, he had already moved into the Sacred Fire School's luxurious inn." Long Xueyi quickly found the Golden Face Ghost Killer.

Chen Xiang immediately headed towards the inn, he planned to ambush the Golden Face Ghost Killer, he also wanted to have a taste of fighting against the powerful assassin in the dark.

He transformed into a very small mosquito, flying into the inn, entering the room, he saw the Ghost Killer sitting on the bed to rest. Although it looked like he was resting, Chen Xiang could feel that the Golden Face Ghost Killer was releasing very weak divine senses to investigate his surroundings, he was extremely cautious.

However, he could not detect Chen Xiang, so it was normal for mosquitoes to fly in. Chen Xiang did not release any of his Qi, so the Golden Face Ghost Killer did not sense it.

Chen Xiang flew in front of the Golden Face Ghost Killer and released his extremely strong divine power, using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on him from a distance.

The sudden mental attack was something the Golden Face Ghost Killer did not expect, and he suffered heavy injuries in an instant. Chen Xiang had also revealed his original body, one hand pressing on the Golden Face Ghost Killer's head as he searched through the memories in his mind.

After obtaining the Golden Face Ghost Killer's memories, Chen Xiang knocked it out, took off its black clothes and golden mask, then transformed it into the same size and appearance as the Golden Face Ghost Killer.

Of course, he could use the Transformation Techniques to create those masks, but he was worried that someone familiar with the Golden Face Ghost Killer would appear, so it would not be good if he was recognised then.

With the Golden Face Ghost Killer's memories, Chen Xiang could impersonate this Golden Face Ghost Killer and sneak into the Sacred Fire Mountain, and he could keep this Golden Face Ghost Killer, putting it into the square cauldron that he had just obtained. If this Golden Face Ghost Killer had any life pearls inside, they would definitely be discovered after he died.

This was also the reason why Chen Xiang was so happy to have gotten the cauldron back then.

From the memories, he knew that the Sacred Fire School would send someone to bring them to the Sacred Fire Mountain tomorrow. On the surface, the reason why they were invited was to help them deal with the gigantic profoundbing, but they were actually discussing about joining forces to attack the Chen Martial Continent secretly. This was just as Chen Xiang had guessed.

Chen Xiang would definitely not let them succeed in this trip to the Sacred Fire Mountain, and would also check if that enormous profoundbing was really as the rumors said. If there were treasures inside, then he would also gain quite a lot on this trip.

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