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### Chapter 69 - Fu Xishan's departure

Long Fei came to Fengyuan Merchant Union to ask if there were any continued life pill or pills.

It was impossible to kill a giant dragon in a short period of time.

He could only preserve his life.

The Fengyuan Merchant Union was one of the ten copmmercial alliances and had countless resources. They would definitely have this pill, even if they did not have it, they would still know the formula for it.

So Long Fei came.

What he did not expect was that Fu Xishan had actually prepared it for him in advance.

His heart was filled with gratitude.

At the same time, he was filled with doubts. "How did she know I needed it?"

Liu Feng said: "That day after returning from the Long family, Miss had been preparing. She used all her connections and also bought three continued life pill s with all of her savings."


Liu Feng did not say everything.

The reason why Fu Xishan was actually being escorted back to the main alliance was not because she wanted to protect Long Fei, but because of the continued life pill.

One continued life pill was worth hundreds of spirit stones.

This was not something that her savings could afford.

Rather, it was Fu Xishan who used the connections and resources that the Fengyuan Merchant Union could not use.

It was because of this that he was taken back.


This was a heinous crime, and the punishment Fu Xishan received was also the most serious!

This was also something that Fu Xishan had specially instructed Liu Feng not to know.

"She knew that the other day?" Long Fei was shocked in his heart, and did not think too much about it.

Liu Feng said: "The Fengyuan Merchant Union also has powerful warriors present in the Fire Glass City. Otherwise, do you think the Fengyuan Merchant Union would be able to stay in the Fire Glass City so safely?"

"On that day, the experts of our Fengyuan Merchant Union saw that Master Long's body was severely injured from releasing the war master ream, Miss also guessed that some expert from the war master ream would come and test Master Long's cultivation level, and at that time, Master Long would definitely release it again on behalf of the Long family and you, and also use the Dragon Blood Essence, and at that time … He will be at the end of his tether. "

All of these were within Fu Xishan's expectations.

After staying in Fire Glass City for so many years, she had long seen everything clearly.

It was just that …

He had been doing his best for so many years, and did not participate in the Fire Glass City's internal conflict. This time, he did not know if he got the wrong nerve, but rather, he wanted to participate in it for Long Fei.

Furthermore... She even threw herself in.

Long Fei's heart was filled with gratitude, as he said in a heavy voice: "Thank you, your Pavilion Master. Thank you, I, Long Fei, am unable to repay you in any way, as long as it is something Pavillion Master Fu can use, I, Long Fei, will not refuse it no matter what."

He didn't know how to thank her.

continued life pill s were too important to him.

Liu Feng smiled faintly and said: "As long as you don't forget our young miss."

Liu Feng wanted to say something but held back in the end.

Long Fei said in a heavy voice, "Long Fei will remember this great kindness of Pavillion Master Fu's for the rest of his life. I will never forget it."

"Old Liu, grandpa is still waiting for me. I'll go back first."

Liu Feng said: "Hurry up and go. If you have anything to say, just keep looking for me."

Long Fei did not dare delay any further, and quickly returned to the Long family residence.

Liu Feng muttered: "As long as I am still in the Fire Glass City … It's just that my days in Fire Glass City are not that long. "

"Huff …"

Liu Feng sighed heavily, he looked at the sky and muttered: "Miss, is what you're doing really worth it?"

He was very clear what kind of punishment Fu Xishan would suffer. In his heart, he felt that Fu Xishan was not worth it, but as long as Fu Xishan made a choice, he would fully support him.

Looking at the direction in which Long Fei disappeared in, Liu Feng said in a low voice, "Long Fei, I hope you understand the painstaking effort Miss has put in, and … "Love!"

… ….

continued life pill.

One would last for three months.

This kind of pill was considered heaven defying. Once there was no continuation of the continued life pill, it would immediately die.

Other than that.

continued life pill has another drawback, that during the time you consume the pill, your cultivation would only be half of its normal level.

Three continued life pill would also mean nine months.

Simply put, Long Sanfeng only had nine months, and his cultivation was only at war chief realm.

After consuming it, Long Sanfeng's vital energy and blood improved greatly. He looked at Long Fei and said, "Xiao Fei, why would you waste this kind of medicinal pellet on me?"

The price of continued life pill s was heaven-defying.

One pill was worth billions of silver.

Long Zhanhai was also puzzled: "Xiao Fei, how did you get a continued life pill? Three of them at the same time. This kind of pellet can only be refined by the Alchemy masters of a few powerful sects. "

Since Grandfather's life was temporarily saved, Long Fei was relieved and said with a smile: "You don't have to worry about that. Within nine months, I will definitely kill a huge dragon and use its blood essence to reconstruct Grandfather's body."

He spoke firmly.

Long Fei would never let Death take his grandfather's life from his hands!

Long Sanfeng and Long Zhanhai's minds tightened because Long Fei's expression was exactly the same as his father's back then. They were both shocked in their hearts.

"Grandfather, you take a good rest. I'll be leaving first."

Long Fei left.

Only Long Zhanhai and Long Sanfeng were left in the room.

Long Sanfeng sighed heavily, "It's all my fault, I was useless. I even had my grandson to help me, this old man. Sigh …"

"Dad, don't say that."

As you can see, Long Fei is different from before. He can take charge of himself now, and his calm, unyielding, and unyielding spirit is even stronger than third brother's. I'm starting to believe in him a little now. " Long Zhanhai slightly said.

"Believe what?"

"I believe that he will be able to kill a gigantic dragon and use its dragon blood to rebuild your body within nine months."

"You are also stunned? Where is the dragon? You said that you could kill a huge dragon just by killing it? "

"Father, I know that it will be extremely difficult, but I still believe in him, just like how none of us thought he would know about the dragon salyer."

There is no justification for such trust.

They just believed him!

Long Sanfeng thought for a while, then asked: "Have you made any plans for Xiao Fei's training?"

Long Zhanhai immediately said: "I really want to discuss this with you, I want to bring Long Fei into the Long family's army."


Long Sanfeng's expression changed.

He had thought of all the cultivation arrangements for Long Fei, but he didn't think that Long Zhanhai would actually want to throw Long Fei into the Long family's army, "Long Fei is only in the war spirit Realm now, he wouldn't even be able to live in that kind of environment."

As his grandfather, the first thing he was worried about was Long Fei's safety.

Long Zhanhai knew that the old man would object, and said immediately, "Father, Long Fei's potential is much greater than what we imagined, and … I really can't find a suitable place for Xiao Fei to cultivate, and the hundreds of thousands of barren mountains that the Long family's army is stationed at is the best place, and I want him to be acknowledged by the Long family's army. I want him to completely take over the Long family's army, not because of his identity as a Dragon God warrior, nor because of the deterrence of the dragon salyer, and not even as the Long family's patriarch, but because of his own strength to make the Long family's army acknowledge him.

That was what he was thinking.

Long Sanfeng went silent. This arrangement was indeed good, but the test was too heavy.

"Can't we wait for him to grow a little longer?" Long Sanfeng was still very worried. He was just a grandson, and he felt that he owed Long Fei's father, but he didn't want to owe this grandson of his anymore.

Long Zhanhai slightly said: "Our Long family doesn't have much time left."

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