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Everyone looked at each other, especially the big shots of the ancient powers. It seemed like they did not plan to help Devil Realm, but they actually wanted to squeeze them out from those small powers.

"Why did Di Tian shatter in the past?" Wasn't that the doing of these traitors? Now it should be up to them to compensate for the losses. Back then, when the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord commanded the nine heavens and ten earth, that was a prosperous and peaceful place! " Duan Kong walked in along with a few other elders of the Duan Clan. There were no seats for them here, as if they had already known that something like this would happen. They actually took out a wooden table and placed it at the entrance.

The Duan Clan was also a Tong Tian Aristocratic Family. Although they were a thorn in the eye of many ancient powers, they could not deny their strength and their understanding of that piece of history.

"Right now, these traitors are beginning to occupy the land, all so that after Di Tian forms himself, they can establish themselves as kings. At that time, even if some Imperial Dragon Race's Dragon Emperor appears, they won't be able to be cured! They also had even crazier ideas, such as using that Sacred Sacrificed Alter or whatever it is, to open up passages leading to other worlds and bring some powerful guys over here. "

Duan Kong's words made many leaders of small forces feel threatened. If these ancient forces were to do this, how would they, these small forces, be able to survive?

"The Sacred Sacrificed Alter is the only way to settle the peace in the Three Regions! I admit that our ancestors wanted to use the Sacred Sacrificed Alter to bring about destruction to this world, but now, if we want to resolve the conflict between the three realms, we have to go through the Sacred Sacrificed Alter! " The Qin family's heavyweight said.

"Oh? Why didn't you take out some Spar s and give them to the Demon and Devil Realms? Instead, you have to rely on the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, who knows what the hell you are doing! " Duan Kong said.

Chen Xiang did not interrupt him when he finally mentioned the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Although he had always been calmly reading books, when Duan Kong mentioned the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, he was slightly moved. It was obvious that he understood the situation in the Sacred Sacrificed Alter very well.

"Sacred Sacrificed Alter can open a path towards a place where our ancestors stored resources. At that time, they knew that Di Tian was going to be destroyed, so they placed most of Di Tian's resources at that place. However, there are some people who want to destroy that Sacred Sacrificed Alter." An old man said, and looked at Chen Xiang.

The fact that Chen Xiang used the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse to attack the Sacred Sacrificed Alter was confirmed by everyone, although no one saw him do it at the time.

"This fellow is really patient. He actually didn't ask me about the chaos dragon curse!" Long Xueyi was talking about the Prince Imperial Dragon, so she was thinking about how she should fight with him.

The White Tiger said, "You are certain that the Sacred Sacrificed Alter has a lot of cultivation resources, and not just a few powerful Holy Demons!"

The white tiger's words made many big shots tremble, even Prince Imperial Dragon's face changed.

"According to what I know, the Sacred Sacrificed Alter is not a good thing. It is indeed a switch that leads to some dimensions!" The White Tiger had already displayed its strength just now, so many people believed his words.

Duan Kong laughed coldly: "Do you need a very powerful energy to open that Sacred Sacrificed Alter? You said that there are a lot of resources inside, and you said that when we go in later, you might be able to kill us or seal us inside. You ancient powers have always been unpopular, so how can people believe you? "

"We do need to take out some very important things, but there are a lot of cultivation resources inside. We can swear with our blood, that when it comes to the matter of the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, we will not use any means." The Jin Yang Sheng's big brother said.

Now that the White Tiger was here, they didn't dare to play any tricks. Furthermore, their tone of voice had become much softer.

"You have to swear a blood oath, and you have to walk in front!" Huang Jintian pondered for a moment, before replying.

Then, he sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Brat, that Sacred Sacrificed Alter can open a door to another space. If they promise, we can give it a try! "

Some of the powerhouses were currently discussing with others in secret.

"Senior, if there really is a Saint Devil or something like that, can you handle it?" Chen Xiang secretly asked the White Tiger.

"No problem, I can now control the Laws of Darkness, my strength has increased by a lot!" However, these traitors cannot be completely trusted! " The White Tiger said.

If the Three Regions matters were not resolved, the war would break out again soon. When the time came, the only thing the big heads could do was massacre the enemies, especially the Devil Realm, who was lacking in resources. The Evil Demon was too savage, and so the big heads could only barely suppress the Devil Cultivator and the other Evil Demon.

Everyone discussed secretly, and finally reached an agreement. They decided to open up the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, and go to that place that stored a large amount of resources.

It was impossible to get the big forces to divide the Sparite vein they occupied, and those small forces couldn't do anything to them either. Thus, they could only use this method to compromise, and when they reached that place, they could only rely on their own abilities to obtain the resources.

In order to pacify the unstable groups, the big shots of the Demon and Devil Realms had to return to the Demon and Devil Realms and have the leaders send some of their men out to the world to take their resources. And they would go for a period of time as well, because according to the ancient powers, there were a lot of resources stored inside.

In addition, the various forces had also informed some of their disciples that they would bring them there.

In order to avoid too many people and also having a limited number of people, each force could only send ten people. Even so, all of the participating Three Realms Talk s were very scary, but the majority of the powerhouses were the Demon and Devil Realms s, because they lacked resources.

The agreement to meet in three days at Sacred Sacrificed Alter would be over immediately, and the ancient powers would go and arrange things, because they had sent the strongest big shots to lead the group of people there.

The Prince Imperial Dragon actually wanted to go as well, but the ancient powers did not stop him. After all, he was from the Imperial Dragon Race, and in the future, he might even become a Dragon Emperor.

Chen Xiang and Prince Imperial Dragon did not clash as expected, they left the moment the meeting ended. However, everyone knew, Prince Imperial Dragon would definitely not let Chen Xiang go, but if he angered Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang would not let him go either.

"It's enough for the three of us to go. If that world is in danger, it'll be easier for the three of us to deal with it." The White Tiger tasted the fruit juice Li Baojun made, "The other powers will definitely bring some juniors over!"

"When we left, we had already arranged matters for the Dragon Subduing City, and this was also a chance for those little fellows to hone themselves." Li Baojun said.

"With Bai Zhan there, they will be safe." The White Tiger was extremely confident in this White Tiger Fighting Race's Patriarch. If Bai Zhan was not able to deal with it, he could send out the entire White Tiger Fighting Race!



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