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Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi left the hotel and strolled around the city. There weren't many pill shops in sight. There were quite a few large stores, and they were all only a small part of the total. Normally, not many people would buy them, because they were very expensive.

"Little Pearl, look at the depths of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm's sea. Can this deep sea develop immortal medicines or holy medicines? Have you seen any immortal medicines or holy medicines in the deep sea before?" Chen Xiang asked about the pearls in the ring. He looked around at the pill shops and realised that the herbs were also purchased here, but they were rarely sold.

There were so few Alchemist s here, why did they still purchase medicinal herbs?

Chen Xiang suspected that there was someone here who would purchase high grade medicine ingredients at a very low price before going to another sky to sell them, or go to another sky to request Alchemist s to refine pills.

Although the pills here were expensive, there were still people who could buy them and earn a lot of Holy stone s. If they were to often see people doing business in the Heaven Realm, they would definitely think of this.

"This kind of deep sea environment is much better than Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea's. There must be deep sea medicinal herbs, I've met them before and they were all eaten by me. Are those medicinal herbs suitable for concocting pills?" She was extremely surprised when she found out that Chen Xiang was a high level Dan Immortal.

"Of course."

Chen Xiang did not ask about the price of these medicinal herbs. If he were to use these deep sea medicinal herbs to refine pills, the pills he would refine would be self-made.

In order to allow people to live on the surface of the sea, this place had also simulated black and white clothing during the day. It was already getting darker by the day, so Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi found an inn to stay at before they discussed how to take revenge for the old man.

"We have to steal all of their Golden jade fish. There should be thousands of them there, and a hundred thousand per Golden jade fish would be equivalent to hundreds of millions. We have to fill in all the Holy stone that we have eaten today." Long Xueyi said, "The pearls will raise this kind of fish, I will have something to eat in the future."

Long Xueyi had asked Pearl before, whether this kind of Golden jade fish would really need to be raised for ten thousand years. The pearl had said that there was no need for it, as long as there was enough Holy Spirit Water, there was no need for it to be raised for that long.

Chen Xiang didn't have any plans, because Long Xueyi had said that he would leave everything to her.

"Let's talk about the main point. How do you plan on dealing with that pair of brothers?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Capture them first, but you have to be very clever in capturing them. Don't let them find out that they've been captured." Long Xueyi laughed, "Don't worry, I had already thought about this a long time ago. I will give them an illusion and then lock them in your Demon God Suppressing Pagoda."

"You'll have to release them in the future." Chen Xiang didn't know what Long Xueyi was thinking, but he was extremely interested in this.

"Un, you and I will impersonate them and then reek of their reputations. In the end, release them and let them experience that feeling as well." Long Xueyi laughed sinisterly: "At the same time, screw up that shop. When it's about time, release those two fellows and let them take the blame."

"In order to impersonate them more, I still have to use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on them to search their memories." Chen Xiang laughed, Long Xueyi's plan was not bad, and it was actually quite fun.

Deep into the night, the inn was closed. The two brothers stayed in the hotel, but Long Xueyi and Long Xueyi did not find the owner.

"Be careful, there are many Saints here. It's best not to alarm them." Long Xueyi warned Chen Xiang again, that she and Chen Xiang had already snuck into the hotel.

Long Xueyi had scouted the place out before, and now she was bringing Chen Xiang to the place where the two brothers slept. They slept in two separate rooms.

"They are sleeping. It would be best if they were. I will make them sleep even more." When Long Xueyi came to the bedside of the big brother, although she did not know what method she used, the big brother was still deeply asleep and did not wake up no matter how Long Xueyi kicked him.

"Let's begin." Long Xueyi smiled at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the other party's memories, then nodded towards him.

"He will sleep like this for a long time, so you should put him inside the Demon God Suppressing Pagoda."

Next, Long Xueyi used this method to deal with the other one, and it was very easy for her to succeed, thus she changed into her big brother's appearance, while Chen Xiang was his second brother.

These two brothers were surnamed Di, their eldest brother was called Di Wei, and their younger brother was called Di Wu. These two brothers' surname was Di Wei, their elder brother was called Di Wu, these two brothers had a bad reputation, but their background was very good.

Di Wei Di Wu was a Saint Lord and a member of the Yue Clan in the Sky Sea City. Their father was once an important figure in the Yue Clan, although he was already dead, but his brothers' talents were not bad, so they had a pretty high status in the Yue Clan.

The owner of this hotel was the Yue Clan's Ninth Young Master, Yue Changteng. He had earned a lot of Holy stone from this hotel and those Golden jade fish.

"No wonder that old man couldn't beat this hotel." Long Xueyi became Di Wei, model Di Wei's voice said.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi knew the art of transformation, and with Di Wei and Di Wu's memories, there would be no flaws in impersonating them.

"You really have mastered the methods of that Golden jade fish." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Long Xueyi: "You better not reveal anything."

"Don't worry, it's just making a few fishes. I will." Long Xueyi laughed and said: "I will go practice tomorrow, but we will mainly disgrace the name of the inn and Di Wei Di Wu, making sure that Yue Clan's Ninth Young Master cannot continue to earn Holy stone s because of this."

At dawn, Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang would go to the pond in the backyard to fish, and then try to cook that delicious Golden jade fish in the secret kitchen.

Chen Xiang had to admit that in terms of food, Long Xueyi was extremely talented. She had been extremely serious when she had secretly learnt it, the moment she started, she had already made it seem like she was pretending. The taste was almost there, at least he could not taste anything different from before.

Long Xueyi did more than twenty of them consecutively, and Chen Xiang had tasted every single one before. They all tasted pretty good, he only needed to taste a few of them, and the remaining would be left to Long Xueyi to settle.

Originally, Chen Xiang was still a little nervous, afraid that he would be discovered, but when Yue Changteng walked in, he anxiously said: "There will be some big figures coming to eat the fish later, you must make sure to cook well for me."

"What big shot." Long Xueyi asked.

"The fifth young master of the North City's Lin Family, after hearing about the mysterious woman yesterday, he decided to come and see if he can meet her and then eat her conveniently. He knew that the Golden jade fish was delicious, but he and I had some conflicts, so he must be very picky right now."

"Don't give him a reason to start a fight." Yue Changteng said to Chen Xiang and in a serious tone.

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