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Chen Xiang who was in the distance listened to the conversation between the Thunder Emperor and the others using the spatial wiretap.

"Elder Hou, could it be that it's someone from the Hou Clan?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked Dongfang Xinyue: "How strong is the strongest guy in Hou Clan?"

"Very strong. The Vermillion Bird Ancestor said that the old man from the Hou Clan is one of the strongest experts in the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm. He is as powerful as the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables was back in the day." Dongfang Xinyue said.

"In other words, the Evil Emperor was taken away from them, as well as being not with them." Chen Xiang laughed: "This Evil Emperor must be very angry."

If they had to fight, Thunder Emperor would not want to fight him too, but to Chen Xiang, the Evil Emperor was an extremely easy opponent to deal with, especially after seeing Chen Xiang instantly exterminate the Hell Devil Troop. Even the Evil Emperor was secretly shocked in his heart, because Chen Xiang was also a huge threat to him.

"I wonder if this fellow is still here. Let's go look around. If he's alone, we'll finish him off." Long Xueyi said.

In the Purple Leaf Forest, one could use the cold wind to determine their approximate location. If the cold wind was strong, and made people feel cold, it would mean that they were close to the Cold Wind Forest. One could choose which location in the Purple Leaf Forest they wanted to move to through the cold wind.

Right now, Chen Xiang was in the middle of the Purple Leaf Forest, carefully observing his surroundings to see if there were any traces of a herd of beasts.

"There's a footprint down there." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

Chen Xiang immediately dove down and arrived in a sparse forest. He landed on the ground, looked at the huge footprints, and started to frown.

The footprints were very large. As he laid on them, he felt that there were still a lot of space left.

"Warm Moon, aren't all the Holy Beasts here small?" Chen Xiang looked around, only to realize that the footprints were only there, as though the gigantic thing had suddenly appeared and walked a distance away, and then suddenly flew away.

"That's right, but there are giant beasts as well. There are only a majority of the smaller beasts. It's very difficult to breed large beasts in this place, even though flowers, plants and trees are all giant." Dongfang Xinyue was also very puzzled.

"Judging from this footprint, it's four-legged, a bit like a lion …" Long Xueyi replied: "It shouldn't be a lion, right?"

The big lion that Long Xueyi spoke of was Qi Shi.

"No, he is not here." Chen Xiang shook his head and followed the footprints. He found something strange, it was that the soil inside these footprints were a little black.

Chen Xiang grabbed them and threw them into the Serene Jade Ring, letting Long Xueyi and the others have a good look.

"How strange, this soil should have just turned black. I don't know why it turned black but there's no color at all." Dongfang Xinyue was very suspicious, following that, she released a flame and set it on fire.

What surprised the girls was that after it was burned, the soil turned into a black paste.

"This is a very evil power. However, it has been concealed very well and will not emit any evil aura." Long Xueyi's voice carried a kind of fear, which was extremely rare.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"I don't know, I only know that those who possess this level of evil power are all very strong. Could it be that the new Evil Emperor, isn't this fellow a human? Long Xueyi was even more suspicious.

"Could it be the Primordial Evil Lion?" Pearl said, "Legend has it that there were many powerful beasts in the ancient times. They were all lion type beasts."

Kong Bailing also nodded: "For example, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and Super Old Fire Beast, I have heard of stories about them."

Dongfang Xinyue asked, "Sister Xue Yi, do you know anything about the Primordial Evil Lion?"

Long Xueyi was silent for a moment, then said: "I have heard of it, this guy does indeed exist, it's just that I have never seen it before.

"This guy rarely appears, but he's actually very strong and mysterious. Back then, Qi Shi and the Great Flame Lion wanted to find him and kill him, but they couldn't find him no matter what. If this footprint is his, then why would he appear here?

Right now, Chen Xiang was even more vigilant than before. He felt that this legendary Primordial Evil Lion was not something that could be dealt with using the Devil-suppressing kungfu, because he could not feel that evil energy at all. It did not have the slightest bit of Evil Qi, but it was terrifyingly evil.

"Qi Shi and Old Jiang are both here. Go and ask them, it would be best if they could even find the big white cat." Long Xueyi said, "The Primordial Evil Lion is not someone you can deal with."

Chen Xiang became even more vigilant now, in case he got ambushed by this Immemorial Evil Lion. What he did not understand was that this Immemorial Evil Lion should be able to maintain its human form, so why would it suddenly transform into a beast form?

Just as Chen Xiang was considering to leave the Purple Leaf Forest, a lion's roar came from afar. It was not loud, and came from a far distance away.

"That's Qi Shi's cry …" Just as Long Xueyi finished speaking, another lion's roar came, this time with a much deeper tone.

"Two big lions, could it be that Qi Shi has met the Primordial Evil Lion?" Chen Xiang immediately rushed in that direction.

When Chen Xiang was on the road, he originally thought that there would be fighting soon, but it was extremely quiet in front of him. He had already felt Qi Shi's aura, and also felt a very faint presence with Qi Shi.

"Don't tell me they know each other." Chen Xiang thought in his heart. He had already seen Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng and there was even a black-robed man beside them.

When Chen Xiang got close, Qi Shi and the others noticed, and immediately looked over. However, Chen Xiang quickly traveled through space, and appeared beside Qi Shi.

"Brat, you're still in Purple Leaf Forest." Qi Shi was surprised to see Chen Xiang here.

"Yeah, I want to stay here for a while longer." Chen Xiang looked at the black gowned man and asked: "This is …"

Qi Shi laughed: "An old friend, he and I are both from Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm. I thought he had gone to Gods Realm, I didn't expect him to be here."

Jiang Sheng laughed: "Old Black, you aren't here to kill this brat in exchange for Divine Deity right?"

The black-robed man shook his head and laughed. "Of course not. I just heard that you were here, so I immediately came. You didn't fight with those guys. It's a pity. Have you become weaker?"

Chen Xiang did not ask further, but he was wary of the black-robed man, because the black-robed man had an extremely terrifying demonic power.

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