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"Prince Imperial Dragon, you despicable and shameless fellow, don't blame me for being merciless!"

Looking at the seven injured Great Leaders on the ground, he struck them with his palm, turning them into meat paste, then ran towards the door, chasing after Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was running frantically in the passage. This was still the Chaotic Mountain, other than feeling the door, it was hard for the mountain to penetrate into the human body, if he did not play with it, he would not be able to obtain three boxes at all. Originally, he planned to take all three of them, but the Super Yuan Sect Leader was very cunning, he had a hand up to guard him.

What made him laugh was that the Super Yuan Sect Leader did not manage to identify him, but Chen Xiang felt that it would be good if he continued to doubt him.

Super Yuan Sect Leader was very angry, he had to kill this cunning Prince Imperial Dragon, because he had already fallen out with him, and had just tried to kill him, so when Prince Imperial Dragon went out, he would definitely expose the truth, and at that time, those traitors would come looking for him, so he would die even faster!

Killing Prince Imperial Dragon was indeed very risky, and that was only after Dragon Emperor found out about it. He felt that Dragon Emperor wouldn't know that he was the one who did it.

"Can you open those boxes?" Chen Xiang gave the chest to Su Meiyao and the others.

"No way!" Long Xueyi said: "It seems like you need something to open it, but there shouldn't be any formation inside, you can split it with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword!"

"Alright, I'll tell you when I'm safe!" Chen Xiang's speed was not slow either, using the Shrinking step to coordinate with the spatial travel, he increased the distance between him and the Super Yuan Sect Leader in the passage.

Half an hour later, in the dark tunnel, Chen Xiang saw a door in front of him. He immediately passed through space, only to see a strong light appearing as he left the Chaotic Mountain!

Outside of Chaotic Mountain were the elders and a few young men. When they saw that someone had come out from the mountains, they were shocked that it was the Prince Imperial Dragon, because they believed that the Prince Imperial Dragon was already dead!

Just as Chen Xiang came out, that Super Yuan Sect Leader also quickly followed. Furthermore, he gave him a palm, and a mountain sized palm appeared, directly smashing towards him with extreme speed!

Everyone was even more shocked, the Super Yuan Sect Leader was actually trying to kill the Prince Imperial Dragon!

"little maid, run! This Super Yuan Sect Leader will definitely kill all of you!" Chen Xiang anxiously transmitted to Ji Meixian.

When the Super Yuan Sect Leader saw the news of Chen Xiang, he immediately looked at the group of people. His attack on the Prince Imperial Dragon had already been seen by the people, and the only people who could come out of there alive were himself and the Prince Imperial Dragon. Now that the Prince Imperial Dragon had disappeared, if these people spread word of it, it would be difficult for him to avoid all kinds of suspicions.

Ji Meixian quickly realized something and immediately hid into the forest, then quickly left the place where the group of people were gathered at.

Not long after Ji Meixian left, a giant handprint that was condensed from the power of primal chaos suddenly came crashing down, blasting all of them to death.

Chen Xiang appeared by Ji Meixian's side, grabbed her, and placed her inside the ring. After that, he used up most of his energy and traveled through space, distancing himself from the Super Yuan Sect Leader!

"What happened?" Ji Meixian was overwhelmed with shock. If she had been even a little bit slower, she would have very likely been severely injured.

"All dead!" Chen Xiang explained everything that had happened. He was already very far away, but he could still feel the power of the Super Yuan Sect Leader's random attacks.

"You …" Ji Meixian was extremely speechless. Chen Xiang was just too daring, but this move was indeed beautiful.

"Hehe, as long as you go back alive, it'll be fine to tell others that this guy killed the Prince Imperial Dragon and told them everything that happened to me. As for my matters, I won't mention them at all, because at that time, no one will believe the words of the Super Yuan Sect Leader." Chen Xiang was indeed a little worried that the Dragon Emperor would come to find him, but right now, he could clearly sense the terrifying power of the Dragon Emperor.

A dragon's roar shook the horizon, Super Yuan Sect Leader immediately recognized that it was Dragon Emperor's roar, his heart was filled with shock, he immediately thought that just now, he had already killed Prince Imperial Dragon, that was why he angered Dragon Emperor!

The reason why he was so ruthless just now, and even killed his own Super Yuan Mountain, was to prevent this matter from being leaked out. Now, no one saw him doing it with their own eyes and would definitely not suspect him.

Chen Xiang was still inside the Chaotic Mountain, sprinting frantically all the way. He still had to avoid the Primal Chaos Beasts and the Primal Chaos Barbarians, he used the Transformation Techniques and turned himself into a bird beast, making the journey much safer. The Sacred Dan Realm being hit by the Dragon Emperor's attacks all day also made him frightened.

"No one saw that I was the one who killed the Prince Imperial Dragon. If the White Tiger can return, maybe I can get Ji Meixian to help clear my suspicions." Chen Xiang could feel the anger of the Dragon Emperor at this moment.

After more than ten days of trekking, Chen Xiang had finally reached the city beside the Chaotic Mountain. He remembered that Du Hai was right here!

"little maid, Dragon Emperor is a supreme expert who cultivates the divine way. You should know that he might be able to search your mind for what you are seeing. I'm worried that he will see through you!" Chen Xiang said.

"Don't worry about that. The divine clothing on me is very powerful and can protect you and me from any flaws. I can seal some memories, but I can do it myself."

Ji Meixian came out from the ring, and right at this moment, a group of people wanted to leave Chaotic Mountain. Because Prince Imperial Dragon died here, they were worried that if Dragon Emperor got angry, they would destroy everything in this place!

Ji Meixian would follow this group of people to teleport across the Blood Devil Forest, and Chen Xiang would look for Du Hai!

Previously, Ji Meixian had said that everyone would have the Promise of Ten Years. When the time came, they would gather at the altar and open the altar to return to Di Tian.

Du Hai understood Sacred Dan Realm the best, so he could only go find him.

"Elder Du!" Chen Xiang whispered to a slovenly old man at the entrance of the city.

"Little bastard, you've stirred up a disaster!" Du Hai was very sure that the Prince Imperial Dragon was chopped off by Chen Xiang.

"Don't worry, Dragon Emperor won't think that I did it!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Du Hai: "Hurry up and take me to a safe place."

"What wouldn't think you did it? The entire Sacred Dan Realm knows that it was you who did it! " What Du Hai said was true, because Chen Xiang was the only one who could have such a possibility.

Chen Xiang didn't want to talk much with him, so she urged him to bring her to a safer place.

Of course Du Hai was helping him, and Chen Xiang had even told him that Super Yuan Sect Leader's son was already dead. This made him more happy, because Du Yanyao would not be forced to such an extent!

Of course, Chen Xiang would not tell him that, if Ji Meixian's plan succeeded, it would be the time when the Super Yuan Mountain's clan would be annihilated!

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