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A few years ago, the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country was once harassed by the Devil Race, and at that time, it was the two from the Devil Race that brought the members of the Gold Armored Sword Sect and the Ghost Killing School over, but they were all killed, and now that Chen Xiang had been sealed, the Demon Charming Association retreated, and the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country did not have any protection, but had many mines, which caused the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country to be targeted once again.

The Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and the Icy Wind Valley were together, and the person in charge was two women, one was Chen Xiang's wife and the other was Chen Xiang. In the eyes of some people, no matter how strong or how talented these two women were, they were still women, and they were all very weak and would not be that strong.

It was precisely because someone thought so that they would risk their lives to seize all the mines in Divine Weapons Heavenly Country.

As a result, the people who came to occupy the mines all thought that the other party had been scared off, and then called over a lot of elites to guard, and even mined a lot of resources. But just as they were feeling extremely proud, the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country's people arrived, and the people who came were all powerful experts, and one of them was the legendary white-haired beauty.

Leng Youlan was truly beautiful, able to topple cities and overthrow nations. However, when he killed people, he was like someone from hell, incomparably savage. That kind of berserk attack caused people's hair to stand on end.

As long as it was a power that had seized any mines in the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country before, they would be settled eventually. Most of their sects would be exterminated, and the Gold Armored Sword Sect was one of them.

Not only that, the Super Martial School experienced this kind of thing too and after that, the Super Martial School also used the same method of action as the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, which was to completely eliminate all of those powers.

It was only then that many outside powers realised that the big sects above Chen Martial Continent had joined forces. As long as one side was bullied, they would not fight when they could not win, and would immediately run away, requesting for reinforcements from the other big sects. After quietly gathering all the strong warriors, they would go back and kill everyone.

This way, many great powers were exterminated by the great powers of the Chen Martial Continent on fair and square grounds, and they were even robbed clean.

Their movements were all very secretive, and no one would be able to see through them. As a result, those powers that attacked Chen Martial Continent, it was equivalent to facing off against multiple powerful forces, and not getting wiped out.

With these previous examples, all the powers that wanted to attack Chen Martial Continent knew that if they wanted to take down Chen Martial Continent, they couldn't do so by themselves, because that would be like facing a huge monster, unless they joined hands.

However, there were people secretly scheming, causing some of the powers to be at odds with each other, unable to join hands. There were even many forces that had started fighting, and this kind of good thing was obviously done by the Duan Clan.

Ever since Chen Xiang was sealed, the New Imperial Heaven World became extremely restless. Originally, the demons had been attacking the Human Realm, but many powers in the Human Realm were staring at the Chen Martial Continent, thus allowing the demons to take advantage of the opportunity and gradually expand the territory of the Demon Realm and the Demon Realm.

Chen Xiang also guessed that it would be very chaotic outside, so he wanted to leave even more. He had already planned to stabilize his foundation with Di Tian in order to be able to safely ascend to Heaven Realm, if he wanted to make this place stable, he would have to first increase the strength of his Dragon Subduing School and the Chen Martial Continent, then he would have to kill off the demons inside the Demon and Devil Realms.

In ten days, Chen Xiang would separate the Grain force from the Gold dragon ice's powder and the separated Grain force would enter his dantian. There was originally a Grain force Orb in his dantian, although he did not need it now, when he wants to set up a powerful array in the future, these Grain force would shine brilliantly.

Gold dragon ice were top-grade profoundbing. After the pure energy within was separated out, it was actually equivalent to a Qi Shen Dan refined from five thousand sets of medicinal herbs.

To have such an effect made Chen Xiang very satisfied, because he had quite a few of these profoundbing. He had not used a single one of the profoundbing he got from the Fire Divine Palace's warehouse.

"Fire Divine Palace, since you have already taken action against me, and even want to use my closest kin to threaten me, don't blame me." Chen Xiang was furious at the thought of this. He hated it when people threatened him the most, especially when people threatened his woman.

The Fire Divine Palace had yet to do so, but he had already made this decision. It was just that the time was not here yet, and the Immortal King in charge of the Fire Divine Palace was extremely patient. He had to wait ten years before he could confirm that no one really came to save Chen Xiang.

If no one came to's rescue during these past ten years and the seal did not have any movement, then it was time for him to make his move.

Chen Xiang knew that the most important thing the Fire Divine Palace was doing was reviving that Ice Emperor, and Chen Xiang found out from Lv Qinlian that the Ice Emperor was not a good person, so he decided that if there were no other urgent matters, he would immediately head to the profound Cold Ancient Realm to destroy that Ice Emperor, or else he would not be able to resolve the hatred in his heart.

The profoundbing Pellet was pure white, and although the name Chen Xiang's Qi was profoundbing Pellet, it did not contain a very strong freezing energy, only a weak cold Qi.

The profoundbing Core in Chen Xiang's palm was refined from that large piece of Gold dragon ice powder, and this was equivalent to the sum of the five thousand sets of Qi Shen Dan medicinal ingredients used to refine it.

After eating the profoundbing pills here, Chen Xiang began to refine them. What made him happy was that for some reason, the profoundbing pills were refined very easily, and entered his dantian very naturally, entering the five Beast statue s to condense the core embryos.

"Oh right, this pure energy has been influenced by the Grain force, and the Grain force is also known as the power of nature. Over time, the energy in the profoundbing also became like this, possessing the spirituality of nature, thus I am able to cultivate so easily."

Chen Xiang was very excited, he never thought that refining profoundbing would produce such a great harvest, at the moment he was full of confidence. If nothing unexpected happened, and he successfully passed through the heavenly tribulation, he felt that he could definitely get rid of this seal within ten years.

Year after year, Chen Xiang had been sealed for eight years.

In his eyes, he only felt that it was like he had stayed here for a few months, and that it had been eight years without him realizing it. Furthermore, when he was refining pills, he would always fall into a crazy state, and wouldn't feel bored or bored, and would always be in high spirits.

In this period of time, he had already refined more than eight hundred profoundbing. One must know that many of these profoundbing were giant high quality profoundbing s, and even though they all looked like exquisite ice sculptures, he did not pity them at all.

At this time, he had already gathered a few more Grain force s. Over the past few years, he had gathered enough Grain force s to set up a huge defensive formation.

"There are still two years left. It would be best for you to leave earlier. Otherwise, when the time comes, something unexpected might happen." Long Xueyi warned.

Although Duan Chong had returned, his strength was limited and his Chen Martial Continent was not small. If he was attacked by a few other strong forces that were similar to his own, then his Chen Martial Continent would definitely fall.

If Chen Xiang left, as long as there was someone who could force the Fire Divine Palace's Immortal King to leave, he would have a way to weaken the Fire Divine Palace's power and even eliminate him. This was because the Fire Divine Palace was already angry at him, and he wished that he could let out all of the Magical corruption gas and Drunk god powder at once.

Of course, that was only a thought that came out of his anger, and that was undesirable. If it was discovered, his good days would come to an end, and he might even implicate many people.

"The core embryo of the Heaven Pill is almost complete. Eating these ten high quality profoundbing pills should be able to help me form the seventh core embryo in one go." All these years, it was only because the Philosophic stone gave him guidance at the most critical time, allowing him to breakthrough bottlenecks time and time again.

What he was most worried about was whether the Nirvana Tribulation would arrive. If it did, what would happen? That was because he was currently in a very strong seal.

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