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She was actually very calm. At this moment, she could feel the power of the Master-servant Contract, and if Chen Xiang was willing, she could be tortured to death at any time. She was currently trying her best to accept this cruel reality.

When she was in the Heaven Realm, although she was chased out of the Imperial Feather Race, she made a name for herself with her own strength, being called Yu Yi Immortal Fairy by others, many of the big shots of the Heaven Realm had to curry favor with her, but after being heavily injured and almost dying, she had no choice but to rebirth and come to the Mortal Realm.

She wanted to commit suicide now and undergo rebirth again. However, Chen Xiang would never let her die, the Master-servant Contract had a lot of power, if she wanted to die, Chen Xiang would feel that it was possible to stop her even from a hundred and eight thousand miles away.

Lan Cang looked at the Leihun fruit in Chen Xiang's hands, and wanted to snatch it away using a barbaric method. However, he was a good dragon, even though Chen Xiang was a black-hearted little bastard in his eyes, but he still had a good impression of Chen Xiang.

"Honestly speaking, my strength has been sealed by an old man. If I were to fuse with this Thunder soul, I would definitely be able to unseal it. I really need it!" Lan Cang said. He had lived for a long time, his strength was definitely not weak, it was just that he was helplessly sealed, which caused his strength to be equivalent to the peak of the human Nirvana Stage.

"If I had unsealed it, it would have been much easier to fill the pit." Lan Cang said again.

Chen Xiang laughed: "This is for the best, big brother, have you thought of something to exchange with me?"

Brother? He's already called big brother, and he still wants to trade? Lan Cang secretly despised Chen Xiang. Although he stayed here all day, he had interacted with many humans before, so he was very clear on the value of this Thunder soul. He had always wanted to find something like this.

However, the reason why Chen Xiang was willing to trade with him now, was all because of the good relationship between them. Otherwise, who would be so stupid as to trade the Leihun fruit for something else? Lan Cang thought so.

Lan Cang walked back and forth, obviously thinking about what he wanted to exchange with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Are you hesitating about what to trade with me? Brother Lan, it looks like you're quite wealthy? "Why don't you take out some of the best items for me so that I don't have to worry about it!"

"I'm not going to do anything stupid like that. Don't you know you don't want to show it? If I get targeted by a black-hearted little bastard like you, I won't be able to sleep well. " Lan Cang immediately shook his head.

Ji Meixian slowly stood up, the gold divine robe was kept inside her body, her current expression was a little haggard, her arrogance had weakened by quite a bit, and she currently had a different kind of charm, causing Chen Xiang to repeatedly nod his head. He had gained another beautiful female slave, but this female slave was something that he used his strength to conquer.

"Smile for me!" Chen Xiang laughed and shouted.

Ji Meixian turned his head, grunted, and did not do as she said.

Chen Xiang knew that this female slave would only listen to him after she had been taught a good lesson. For things like this, he would leave it to Su Meiyao and the others.

Ji Meixian was also captivated by the Leihun fruit in Chen Xiang's hands. She realized that the things that Chen Xiang possessed were definitely things that neither Su Meiyao nor Bai Youyou could give him.

Chen Xiang touched her beautiful and mature face, but there was a trace of coldness on her jade face, and laughed: "As long as you are obedient and follow me, I will make you drink spicy wine, I guarantee that you will be better than me in White Sea Imperial Land!"

What he said was the truth. For a rich pill user like him, eating high level pills was like eating sugar beans, and Long Xueyi, this little white dragon, was made into a big breast by him.

"I will give you some of my more precious items to choose from. You can only choose one of them!" Lan Cang said with a heavy tone: "I can't choose too many!"

After Lan Cang finished speaking, he took out four things. One of them was a pearl that emitted a dense amount of vitality, and with one look, one could tell that it was the beast core of a strong beast, even more so than the Dragon Pearl that he had obtained previously.

The second item was a horn. This horn was ten feet long and looked very sturdy. It should be something from a beast's body.

"This is the Sacred Horned Dragon's horn!" Ji Meixian cried out in alarm, and the three women inside the ring also recognized the item at the same time.

"That's right. This horn can become very large. Being able to grow it to the size of a mountain is a very good thing." Lan Cang said.

Chen Xiang felt that Lan Cang's origins were not small. If he wasn't sealed, he would definitely be strong, and the beast core and dragon horn was definitely something he had obtained himself.

Seeing this, Ji Meixian frowned and said: "It's a deity spirit, a type of spirit body with a very strong spirit power. If you tame it, you can control this spirit body, and can go up to heaven and hell, and go into the ocean to inspect some things for yourself!"

"You human girl, you know quite a lot of things! You guys were fighting to the death before, how are you going to reconcile now? "Could it be that you two are husband and wife, having a fight at the head of the bed?" Lan Cang was suddenly curious.

"She lost, she's going to be my slave!" Chen Xiang laughed, causing Ji Meixian to wave her jade palm, wanting to slap her, but thinking that she was Chen Xiang's female slave, in order to avoid being tortured by her soul, she had no choice but to put her hand down.

Lan Cang smiled and gave Chen Xiang a big thumbs up.

The last item was a large, square jade box. When Chen Xiang opened it, a blood-red light flashed and a dense blood Qi leaked out from the box. There was a small blood dragon inside, half of it buried in the blood soil!

"This is …" Blood ginseng, Holy level Dragon medicine! " Ji Meixian was so shocked that her beautiful face paled. The Holy level dragon medicine, even in the Heaven Realm s, could make many big shots go bankrupt in exchange.

Furthermore, it was the rarest Blood ginseng!

Without waiting for Su Meiyao to speak, Chen Xiang threw the Leihun fruit over to Lan Cang.

"I want this." Chen Xiang was the Alchemist, so as long as the Blood ginseng was in his hands, he could copy it and enlarge its value infinitely.

"This is truly out of my expectations. You actually want this broken root?" I thought you might want that Celestial Spirit or the horn of a Holy Horned Dragon. " Lan Cang was also very happy that he had obtained the Leihun fruit.

"To be honest, I think I'll take them all." Chen Xiang was also very happy at the same time, because Su Meiyao had told him just now that this Blood ginseng was the main ingredient to recover their strength, and it was much more precious than the Jade Dragon Flower.

Lan Cang quickly kept the things. He felt that he had earned a lot from this exchange, the Blood ginseng was useless to him.

However, it was extremely useful to humans. Blood ginseng could only grow from absorbing the dragon's blood essence from the blood dragon, and later on, it could absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth to produce the most powerful dragon blood.

"Could it be that this guy has evolved into a Blood Dragon?" But it doesn't look like a blood dragon! " Long Xueyi mumbled. When she saw the Blood ginseng, she also found it hard to believe, because this kind of thing had not appeared in the Imperial Dragon Race for a long time.

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